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Petit Chat Festival Set 1

Yes, it is that time of the year again! And there is no better way to celebrate it with some friends (in SL of course) drinking from a vintage style over the barrels with high stood. This is the exact settings for the Petit Chat Festival Set 1.

Seated by yourself or with a group over the nice barrel tables that comes in 5 different colors. The chairs are nice and clean with light colored shaded wood pieces as you can see here. Do not be shy, take a seat here with Kitty!

Here is a better view of the barrel. Do not worry, these barrel are clean and they are even sealed as you can even see the caps on them. You can arrange them in anyway you want. Or actually, this is going to turn into a paint ball session right after maybe the 5th jugs of liquor... Now the barrels would be perfect obstacles. But what is missing here is just... a lot of wine!

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LR Elfen Sword

The Elfin Sword is a set of double sword which can be equipped separately and it comes with various options which you can customized with the help of the HUD.
There are many parts which you can choose from the 3 colors texture. making this sword very unique to your fondness. 

There are 2 versions of the sheathed sword, one with the belt as shown above or without the belt. In both case, it is equally stunning and safe especially with the protective sheath holding the sharp blade within.

Do not be mistaken as the Elfin Sword is not only sharp, but strong and quick. With all the familiar features of LR Weapons, it can be quickly drew into action.

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Bare Rose Yellow Crownola

The Bare Rose Yellow Crownola is a grand dress made with golden yellow material and comes with 3 different trim colors.

The outfit is a full dress that is great for dances and all sort of royal events. Combined with a nice pair of boots and lied with little jewel pieces which glitters with the right lights. The purple trim gives this a slight difference tone from the all yellow background.

Here is a close up of the pink trim which you can see clearly on the dress. Together with the nice fantasy texture, this makes it almost the perfect dress for a Elven princess. Complete the outfit with the tiara and build in necklace, making this a complete outfit without the need to hunt for accessories.

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Bare Rose Pink Riden

Even want to ride hard in the wind like there is no tomorrow? Well, it is even better in a leather jacket, but in Pink! This is the concept behind Pink Riden from Bare Rose.

From the Pink jacket, to the cute high skirt and the leather boots makes this is perfect riding outfit. This bring a little feminine touch to the biking scene. 

Here is a close up of the outfit. You can see that despite the cool black of the bike, the sweet pink outfit stands out none the less. From the lace edges of the skirts, to the pink ribbons on the black stockings. And a cute necklace on the choker, this is the perfect female rider! When you see a pink shadows riding in the wind, you will know, that is Kitty! (Or someone in the Pink Riden outfit!)

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Bare Rose CopperSpec Diacloak

The Bare Rose CopperSpec Diacloak is a full outfit for the pirate dream come true, with the fancy hat, a long sword and a sexy armor to fully immerse into that experience.

Whether you are robbing the rich for the poor, or simply just enjoying the fun of taking down enemies vessels, here is always the thrill of hearing the cracking wood on their ship as they sink miserably. But in case someone decide to be stupid to board you, there is this sweet long saber that comes with this outfit to teach them a lesson. Complete with a armor that looks good enough for any battle, this is a great start for the stormy sea!

Here is a close up of the nice armor pieces. In fact, it kind of remind you of Xena the Princess Warrior, does it not? Well, just cooler with a cape! The armor comes with a neck guard and even a little jewel piece. No reason not to look good, even if you are robbing the sea!

Bare Rose has a lot of wonderful outfit, but the CopperSpec Diacloak would be the one that makes your pirating dreams come true:


Petit Chat Ibiza Set

The Ibiza Set from Petit Chat is a set that comes with a canopy, complete with a base platform, mattress, ottoman and table. You can have it outdoor obviously, but it doesn't mean you cannot have it in door, like at a balcony or yard. 

Here you can see the various pieces of the Ibiza Set. However, Kitty wanted it to be just lying around in a lazy manner and here she throw everything together. But nobody says you have to have then orderly right? You can see the mattress Kitty is sitting on as well as the table and ottoman just within reach. And all of that under the canopy with the base.

Here is a close up where you can see the texture better in the light. You do know that the texture is changeable as well! Yes, just by simply clicking on it. It is that simple. Well, that means you do not even need to change covers like in RL! How Kitty wish things were so easy...

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LR Elfin Dagger

The Elfin Dagger is a pair of dagger from LR Weapon that is on sales over at the We <3 Roleplay event and it is a nice weapon with 7 custom parts.

The easy to use HUD allow you not only to change the texture on the various parts of the dagger, but also quickly resize the weapon. You do know that, if you oversize this, you actually get a big knife for the price of a dagger!

Sheath the dagger is easy. There is a pouch on each size of your thigh to hold the dagger firmly in place. And even this pouch can be changed at the HUD.

Because the dagger are actually 2 different pieces of weapon, you can actually custom their color separately. This is what Kitty did to get a silver and gold pair, which is good for anything under the sea for the mermaid. From cutting net to free marine life to defending herself from evil shark men, the Elfin Dagger proves to be a real useful companion to bring along.

Again, this is released at the We <3 Roleplay event and is not on sales for a discount for $450L only:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.