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Bare Rose Red Veilqueline


The Red Veilqueline as the name suggest is a Veiled mysterious outfit that is, not black, but red in color! The haunting of the red silky feel of the outfit is definitely sometime unique this month!

If it catches the unicorns attention, it should catches your! The Red Veilqueline stands out on its own and even if it looks like a royal ball or dinner gown, it is perfectly suited for outdoors and being bright red, it will shines in whatever light conditions you find.

Here is a closer up in the dim light, but you can already feel that even the sparkles in the river does not out shine the beauty of the Red Veilqueline. You can tell that even when the outfit is purely in red with no major mix of color, except the black piece on the hood. But well, there is nothing wrong with Red!

Bring out the mystery girl inside you and find the Red Veilqueline at the Bare Rose Main Store:

Bare Rose Pink Tama Tefutefu

Ever dream of being a butterfly? Well how about a Butterfly Lady with Ribbons Wings? This fantastic combination is what makes the Pink Tama Tefutefu a possibility from Bare Rose and it is fully textured with Japanese Kimono material to make this not just grand, but beautiful.

This is the frontal shot which show you how cute and beautiful the material on Pink Tama Tefutefu looks. The ends of the huge ribbon wings are covered in eye catching texture where you will find in expensive kimono. The cute little red shoes are doll like and comes with tiny ribbons as well. Lastly, looking past the beautiful kimono and ribbons, you will notice the flower head piece to complete this wonderful outfit!

Whether in the grand castle or out in the wilderness, the Pink Tama Tefutefu iss perfect because it feels like you are part of nature like you are a pixie or fairy. Do not worry as the outfit is perfect waterproof and you can be anywhere, even in the stream! 

Get the Pink Tama Tefutefu from Bare Rose today:

Bare Rose PW Erinys

Feeling a bit on the playful side? The PW Erinys from Bare Rose might be the outfit for you. It comes with a pair of bat like wings which also integrates with the Zhao II Bento Wings AO provided as well as a pair of horns and matching pieces, white with bat wing alike red patterns all over.

The PW Erinys gives the feel of joy and cheerfulness from head to toe. Even the little red shoes shines with happiness just like the wings as it moves with the AO. The pieces give your body the best tanning and yet is is a enough to make protect your arms and legs from excessive shine.

The PW Erinys outfit is perfect for a princess or vampire or even both as it comes with its own sense of playfulness and defiance against traditional outfit. Grab your very own PW Erinys and have some fun in right at the start of the year at Bare Rose Maitreya Section:


Petit Chat Gourmet Set


With Spring coming, it is a good time to get into the mood for some nice food! The Petit Chat Gourmet Set will definitely give you a head start!

The Gourmet Set comes in a cart where there are 2 comfortable layers for you to put many great pastry such as Rousquilles and Cakes. The Set also come complete with the cake server, plates and spoons as well as napkins just in case you make a mess of it!

The carts comes in 4 fantastic colors and there are also 4 sets in different color for the various tasty food including this cake which Kitty can't wait to dig in. Are we done yet? Let's eat!

Come get these tasty treats before its all gone at Petit Chat Main Store:


Alli and Ali Wear Your Crown


Christmas is the best time to be having fun and wearing this "Wear Your Crown" from Alli and Ali is exactly it!

The crown sits beautifully and it is so filled with fun that Kitty even mistook them for M&Ms chocolate sometimes. But the flashy light is always something for the inner cats in all of us.

Wear Your Crown for only $50L at Alli and Ali today:

Petit Chat Comfy Moments

The Petit Chat Comfy Moments comes in 4 different collections which are sold separately and it comes with options of plates, cups filled with marshmallow or hot chocolates as well as hot towels for  the chilling weather.

There are simply too many options to show you all, but Kitty has nicely selected some of her favorites, all colorful and bright to light up the mood. Well, what are you waiting for? Let's dig in!

Get the set you want, or ALL of them? Find them at the Petit Chat main store:

Petit Chat Grandpa Christmas Socks

Missing some socks over your fireplace? Petit Chat had you covered on this!

Hang them over the fireplace or anywhere you would love Santa to put all your presents into! The Grandpa Christmas Socks comes in 4 different color tones and it low in LI.

Get them free by joining the Petit Chat group today:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.