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Petit Chat Joystick Lamps

Who said you cannot put a little fun into your desk light? The Joystick Lamp from Petit Chat combines the game console joystick as the base for this colorful neon light collection that comes with 8 different colors, 2 in each separate packs for sale.

Look at  all the cute combination of the lamps that comes in all the cheerful and fantastic colors that you will find typically on a game console. Now that Kitty got the lamps, it is time to finally get a game console to match the color!

Get your own Joystick Lamps from Petit Chat booth at Nerdcon today:

Bare Rose Gara Suisei

The Gara Suisei from Bare Rose is a comfortable outfit that comes 3 happy colors of blue, green and pink and Kitty is going to use this as a swimsuit for this hot summer sun!

The big secret is... Gara Suisei is also a bikini if you want it. There are flexible pieces for the top, bottom or body so you can mix and match with other pieces if you want. Here is Kitty in the Pink bikini pieces, don't they just look so ready for the waters? Anyone, join her for a swim in the cooling lake?

The summer won't last forever! So get into your Gara Suisei soon by getting it from Bare Rose today:

Bare Rose Pink Flight Jay

Pink Flight Jay from Bare Rose makes you dream of flying in the skies a reality by providing you with a cute flight jacket in pink as well as fashionable wears with skirt and socks. Who said anything about flying must be boring? There is also a suitable UV flight sun goggle to protect your eyes high up above!

Can't wait to get the wings and sun on your skin soon. Yes, today you will be flying with Kitty on this fabulous plane and the beautiful Pink Flight Jay of course! 

Here is a close up of Kitty in the Pink Flight Jay. You can see the clean white scarf around her neck to keep her warm as well as the multiple pockets on her jacket. And most important, the flight glassess doesn't even get in the way of any hair style you might have!

Ready to fly? Get your Pink Flight Jay and wait for Kitty at Bare Rose today:

Bare Rose Blue Nanan

The Blue Nanan is a oriental based looking outfit that comes primary in light colors combinations of cyan, white and a tint of pink as an option.

Kitty love to play chess or read a book at a cafe and the Blue Nanan is one very comfortable outfit to put on for such times. The light cheerful looks is shining with rays of happiness and at the same time the bright colors from the outfit just make you feel so relax whether you are in the outfit or looking at one.

Well, actually Kitty is also working at the cafe! But the Blue Nanan does seems like the perfect outfit for the job. With a cute oriental buttons as well as a shining head piece, it is surely going to get a lot of customers. The other piece can come with white or pink lining, depending on which version you like today. So what would you like to order today?

Get the Blue Nanan from the Maitreya section of Bare Rose today:


Petit Chat Small Cart


The Small Cart from Petit Chat is the group gift for the month of June and it is a cute addition to your garden or shed.

Look what Kitty found at the broken shed! Kitty is afraid she would have to book this in for illegal parking, but it is so cute! Maybe she can just let this slip for this once?

Join the Petit Chat group and please put your Small Cart in their proper area:

Petit Chat Pastoral Fridge and Bathroom Washstand

Petit Chat has 2 new additional to the Pastoral series and the first is a modern looking fridge that comes with 6 colors for the main body and the door.

Couldnt find a wall socket? No problem. This cute fridge will work even without electricity! Place it anywhere! Kitty have this right in her bedroom for easy access to all her favorite snacks and beverage event in the middle of the night!

Usually nobody will check what is behind the fridge, but the Pastoral Fridge even have radiators build in to solve any potential heat issue!

You will find the Pastoral Fridge at Petit Chat Main Store, but if you are early on the 20th June, you might want to check to the left and grab this from the Secret Sunday Sales:

The second item in the Pastoral series is not from the Kitchen but the Bathroom! This is the Washstand which comes with a detachable basin and jug.

Kitty love how simple the layout for the Washstand is and sometimes simple is all she needed. It looks clean and elegant and would brighten the day especially when this is the first place she would visit to brush her teeth to start another new day!

This is available at the Uber Hometown event at 20% off now:

Petit Chat PicNic Case

Good News! Petit Chat has a new free gift at the SL18B event and it is a color set of kitchenware all packed in a cute little red Picnic Case for carrying along! 

Don't believe the poster! See the actual item for yourself and you will find that it is as adorable as the poster if not more! Who doesn't need another set of eateries, especially when its FREE!

If you are lucky, you will find Kitty there picking up her Picnic Case! You will find it right at the SL18B event:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.