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A&A Akari Hair

The A&A Akari Hair is a unique set of hair that comes in a cute pony tail but what makes it really stands out is the line of lights twined on it.

Here is a proud display of that pony tail in light brown with the pink running lights. It doesn't have to be Christmas to look good and Kitty can have this all year long!

And here we can see the front feature as well as the thick side fringes on the hair. Notice that not only does the hair comes in around 24 colors in each pack, the light color can be changed as well!

Get your very own Akari Hair at A&A today:

Petit Chat Snowly Bumpy Ground

Ever had that need to have some nice bumpy and realistic snow out in your courtyard or all over the sim? Petit Chat had the Snowly Bumpy Ground in 3 different sizes with realistic piles of snow to make your sim looks the best for the winter.

Kitty is having some snow right in her balcony and you can even see the piles goes up against the doors of the house in lumps. Now Kitty is wondering what to do with them... Should she build a snow man?

Get your Snowly Bumpy Ground at Petit Chat now:

Petit Chat Table with Logs

There is always a need for some tools and a sturdy table to put down your logs and buckets and Petit Chat has you covered on this with the 

Whether you like the bucket and logs on, below or anywhere near the table, this is possible because there are separated items in this package where you can place and rotate to your fancy. Now, you can be a tidy girl or simply someone who doesn't care like Kitty...

Find the Table with Logs at Petit Chat today:

Bare Rose Red Entronorp

The Bare Rose Red Entronorp feels like a very grand uniform that looks formal and comes complete with shiny boots and even a beret to go with it.

It is always a pleasure to be well dressed for welcome the guest or even making sure nobody sneaks into the party. The Red Entronorp could be the one made for this! The red dress is flashy and nobody could ever have an excuse for not seeing you on the way in. Hi you, stand right there! Where is your invitation?

That said, the Red Entronorp can still be a enjoyable outfit to be in despite how formal it looks. Look at Kitty having a break at the comfort of the flowers and greens. The outfit fits well, especially with the help of the AutoHide which make it snap into your Maitreya perfectly with a single click.

If you have not, then this is the perfect time to check out the Red Entronorp at the Maitreya section of Bare Rose now:

Bare Rose Purple Metalorica

The Purple Metalorica from Bare Rose is a pretty armor made for girls and it combines the best of agility and protection in one outfit!

Dragon or not, the Purple Metalorica is well prepared. In fact, the outfit even comes with a long katan when you need it. That would be about now, I supposed.

But a piece of armor is not always about the protection and bulky looks. It can be sexy and fashionable as proven by the Purple Metalorica as you can see from the back. That makes this armor looks great on your too!

Grab the Purple Metalorica and other variants of it from Bare Rose:


Petit Chat Wall Shooting Star Lights

Who doesn't love shooting stats and I bet it is even better when there are wall lights! Petit Chat presents a series of Shooting Stars Wall Lights in 4 different colors and 2 shapes with mirror to choose from.

Here is a random display put up by Kitty to depict a meteor storm. The shooting stars are bright even with this size and can you tell that there is only one turned on? And do you know which one is that?

And the great news is that this is available at a hunt via  I Heart the Cart - Wintertide right now! Go find the christmas hat that only cost $2L now:


Bare Rose Orange Arcadico

The Orange Arcadico from Bare Rose is a shiny armor for girls and it comes complete with the chest plate all the way to winged boots all in black and orange which shines like the sun even in the night!

The Orange Arcadico is a beautiful battle dress that comes with not just all the armored parts but also the shining bits and pieces making this fit for a warrior princess. You will find the black dress lined in bright yellow a testimony to your glory and the various pieces shines like the light in the darkest time, especially the grand crown which is the iconic piece of this outfit.

The Orange Arcadico is not just for battle and you can see Kitty having some fun with her unicorns in the forest. Here you can see the beautiful crafted boots which also carries the design of the outfit tipped with bright orange.

Here is a close up of the Orange Arcadico which  you can see the bright rivels on the chest plate shoulder plate as well as the metal crown. The bright orange design carries the protection of the Arcadico and it also makes you stand out in the crowd making it easy to lead your army against the enemies!

Get your Orange Arcadico and by the Light today at Bare Rose:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.