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LR Heilung Bow

The Heilung Bow from LR is a customizable bow that offer many texture options for the bow the bow as well as the quiver.
The HUD comes with the standard options of resizing as well as the various texture available.

When sheathed, the Heilung Bow sit nicely  on your back with the optional quiver which comes with unlimited arrows. It does not affect the performance of the arrows sas it comes with the LR quick draw and other options.

When drawn the Heilung Bow can be clearly seen with the spikey ends and high detail finish of the various parts of the bow which you can change. Kitty guess that Heilung must mean Black Dragon in fact and this bow definitely live up to the name.

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A&A Carlotta Hair

The Carlotta hair from A&A  is a short hair that that comes in various different palette and packs to choose from. the hair comes with a simple HUD where you can change the color with a simple click.

You can always try out the adventurous  rainbow pack where there are many flashy color such as this magenta version which gives some fantastic colors to the dark outfit.

There is always the vampire pack which has the black and red color to bring out the darkness inside you.

If you feel just like just having the usual colors, there is always the choice of from the variety packs where you have all the usual colors. every pack is clearly shown and comes with its own set of colors to give you more options for this beautiful hair.

Get the Carlotta Hair from A&A:


Bodycult Tattoo Blessed Cross

The Blessed Cross is a top body tattoo that is laced with Gothic designed with skull, crosses and lots of roses.
There are various different version of HUD for different type of mesh body, but for the Maitreya, Belleza and Slink, it comes together and you can choose between 3 level of darkness to cover your skin accordingly.

Here is the front view of the Blessed cross and you can see that there is indeed a hanging cross all the way from the top to your belly. Along your arms and shoulders there are fully covered with the detail art. This almost feel like a piece of outfit itself.

The back view of the Blessed Cross features a center piece skull expanding to the side along your shoulder and arm. The word Blessed is lined along the spine all the way down. This is certainly a piece of art.

This beuatiful Blessed Cross is available at only $150L at the Dove Halloween fair:

Bodycult Face Tattoo Spider

Bodycult has a pretty face tattoo for this coming Halloween and it is a fantastic spider perfect for that little mix of scare and sexy feel to your costume.

The HUD is simple and you can choose from 3 different darkness settings for a different feeling to your skin.

Here is Kitty with the beautiful spider web over her right eye. Does she looks more sexy, scary or a little bit of both?

Check out the Face Tattoo Spider and other face and body tattoo from BodyCult at the Dove Halloween event:


StoraxTree Plate Display Set at Halloween

StoraxTree has 2 fantastic plate display set for this Halloween at the Dove event! As you can see above, the cats themed set as well as the houses themed plates are just so detail, creepy and perfect for Halloween!

The Cats plate set is nicely seated on a display shelf for easy viewing and this rest well anywhere from the corner of your house to the living room for guest to admire and be envy of your collection. Kitty cant tell you how much she love this cats set that she might just keep it around for a long while.

The other set with houses on the plates is also well suited for the Halloween with the orange and dark colors and tone. Kitty have this beside the fireplace and you can rest assure its fireproof and heat resistance!

You can grab these at a discount of only $60L (That's $10L per plate with a FREE shelf!) at the Dove Halloween event today:


WitchCraft Witch's Familiar Tattoo

The Witchcraft has a beautiful tattoo call Witch's Familiar which features a crafted cat surrounded by moon phases as well as rose, seems perfect for the Halloween!

They say seeing is believing and here is the Witch's Familiar Tattoo on Kitty just to show you. The friendly HUD allows you to set different opacity so that you can have the best contrast on your body.
This Halloween is the time to show some body art!

Get the Witch's Familiar Tattoo from Witchcraft booth at the Dove Halloween event:

BelovedJewelry Xyris

The Xyris Jewelry set from Beloved Jewelry is available at the Dove Halloween event and Kitty is here to show you 2 of the pieces which she loves.

The Xyris Choker and Forehead Tiara is just the perfect pieces for Kitty's vampire outfit and you can see the silver metals and red gems combination goes perfectly with her outfit. The pieces can be changed easily via the HUD provided to many combinations of gems, pearls and metal, giving you so much choices.

In this collection, there is a set of bracelets too which has the matching Gothic metallic design and 2 big gems to complete these high quality pieces. 

Even if Kitty selected the dark colored gems to go with her costume, it is a outstanding piece that goes nicely on her hand over the Maitreya mesh. Well, there is no excuse not to look good with offers such as this over at the Dove Halloween event:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.