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Petit Chat Marisa Stools

Stools might be simple pieces of furniture, but they can be so necessary when you want to just have a good sit down and relax in the balcony or by the living room to enjoy the wind and the TV. Petit Chat has you covered with the Marisa Stools which comes either with blanket or without and they can be changed to the 6 colors on the seats and another 6 different colors on the blanket. That would be... Quiz Time! How many combinations are there?

Looking at the Marisa Stools itself is a comfort especially due to Kitty's feline nature to want to ly down and sleep on warm blanket. It would be perfect for another cat, but maybe a bit too small for Kitty. Nevertheless, the stools are cute and makes a great addition to the plain balcony anyday!

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Answer : It's 36 combinations! Did you get it right?

Petit Chat Boheme Sofa

The Petit Chat Boheme Sofa comes in 6 fantastic colors and each of them are fully equipped with the blanket, cushions and pillows in their matching colors. There are also many siting poses for you and your friends. It is a must have with only 8LI.

You can always get more than a set and see what Kitty had done to merge two set of the Boheme Sofa together for a nice set up. Notice how different the texture of the pillows and cushions are and each of them are exclusive only to the set they comes in!

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Petit Chat Brooklyn Chest of Drawers & Chiffonnier

The Brooklyn Chest of Drawers & Chiffonnier is the first in the new Brooklyn series of furniture from Petit Chat and it features 2 set of storage either in a tall column of 3 or a total of 6 compartments for all your storage needs.

Here is the relative size of the drawers and you can see that it is about waist height allowing you to put items onto the top for decorations as well.

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Petit Chat Knitting Basket

The Knitting Basket from Petit Chat comes with 4 balls of strings and you can customize each ball individually giving you a good selection of strings to work with.

Here is a close up of the knitting Basket. You can tell the size and even from this distance, notice the woolly texture of the fine strings. They will make very good items I am sure, subjected to Kitty's skills of course.

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Bare Rose Banessa

The Banessa from Bare Rose is a attractive red dress that is made for the little devil in all of us with the red and black theme. 

It doesn't matter if you are wearing this for the modern or medieval settings. It is timeless and the red dress is perfect for all type of purpose. The pair of red and black wings can be taken off separately as well depending on your needs. The outfit gives it a playful and mischievous touch and the cute little red boots just completes that picture. 

Here is a back view of the Banessa and you can see the full beauty of the wings which looks natural and majestic with the red and black toned feathers. In addition, you will notice the signature Bare Rose ribbon in black, complimenting the simple but elegant red dress.

Whether you want to be the little devil or not, the Banessa would still be a good choice to add to your wardrobe from Bare Rose:

Bare Rose Tora Necco

The Bare Rose Tora Necco is a outfit that would definitely bring out the wild side of your personality with the orange and black strips which reminds you of a wild leopard on the move.

The Tora Necco is comfortable and fits easily just like all other Maitreya with the Bare Rose AutoHideV4 which fixes all the alpha with one simple click. You can sit, sleep, jump or go what pose you can imagine without having the avatar breaking into the outfit. The top comes with even a school badge which would make this outfit perfect as some type of uniform and the stripes tie completes that image.

The back of the Tora Necco is spectacular as well with the animated tail for this cute Kitty. The outfit also features a pair of cat ears and ribbons for the hair along with the laced dress with making strips with the tail. Nobody would even guess the tail is part of the outfit...

Here is a close up of the school badge and hairdress which was mentioned earlier. In addition, you will notice a nice little collar for the Kitty as well. She is a good Kitty, so she does not need a bell!

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Bare Rose Golden Sylphide

The Golden Sylphide is a new Flex Skirt from Bare Rose that resembles a fabulous display of shiny golden fabric on sexy outfit that reminds you of golden fish or dragonfly.

The outfit of Golden Sylphide comes in several parts and it can be put on separately to your desire. With a huge head crown that reminds you of the large feelers of a majestic insect. You can tell that beneath the outfit, there is also an applier for you to cover up to make sure you are good for all sort of poses on camera.  

The Golden Sylphide is great for all sort of scenes, from a fairy tales to just another insect damsel who enjoys the waterfront. The outfit looks good no matter its standing or sitting by the water.

Oh look, there is a beautiful unicorn. It must be attracted to the Golden Sylphide because of all the golden sparkles. Or is it because of the strange and hypnotizing view of the outfit even from the back where you can see the huge corn like back hood and all the wings in its translucent beauty. Kitty could even pass off as a golden flying fish!

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.