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StoraxTree Antique Ballet Doll Display

What is an antique and dances and has a cute ballet doll? The answer could very well be the Antique Ballet Doll Display from StoraxTree on sale now at the Dazzle event.

The Antique Ballet Doll Display comes in 6 different colors for the dancing dolls and you can easily resize it by just clicking on it because it comes with a resize script. From putting it as a standalone to being a display on the bed post, it is entirely up to your imagination!

Even if it is just a decoration on the table to amuse your bored guest while you get the food prepared it s a  great idea. The dancing doll is sure to captivate anyone looking at it because it is just too cute to be ignore. And what's more, this only cost you 5LI which means you actually do not need a huge sim to put this in!

You will find all 6 colors of the Antique Ballet Doll Display at the StoraxTree booth for the Dazzle event today (although the big doll is not for sale though :P) :

Bare Rose Maqura C5

The Maqura C5 is a new release from Bare Rose for the Maitreya that not only makes you feel magical, but you literally feels like a birds, with wings!

The Maqura comes with everything you see here from the headdress, fantasy looking top and wide dress, to high stockings and boots. At the same time there are little ribbons on the stockings and arm pieces and even a little pair of wings to complete the magical bird look.

Here you can see the golden arts pieces on the chest and shoulders showing off sensual flowers in shiny golden linden. You will also see the pair of cute little angelic wings sticking up your back.

The whole piece of Maqura makes you feel gentle, mild and cute like a little birdy outside the window. Well, Kitty is literally outside the windows!

Instead of dreaming of a little magically birdy, you can be that with the Maqura C5 today:

Mani Pedi All the Jazz

There is a new nail polish from Mani Pedi and its all about the music with All the Jazz! The paint comes in 6 fabulous colors that outshine even the rainbow itself!

Here is a show for the violet All the Jazz paint and you can see how the paint splits the nail into 2 sections but both equally bright and shining. And it stays this way through without fading! Out of the 6 colors, there is definitely something that looks good for any of your outfit!

Here is the red version which is not just colorful, but sexy to look at. The red paint would usually never go wrong in any case. But if you feel more adventurous, there are still 4 other colors to try on!

Don't hesitate too long because All the Jazz is an exclusive to the Dazzle event only:

P.S. There is a black color version Backbeat by the floor which is a gift for $10L only!


Beloved Jewelry Violette Bracelets

The last piece of the Violette series from Beloved Jewelry is the Bracelets which carries similar stunning jewels like the other pieces from this series and it comes separately as left and right, allowing you to customize them individually.

No matter what sort of mood or outfit you are in, there is always a reason to look good with a pair of bracelets on your hands, especially such a pair as sweet as this where it is not overwhelming thick, but the jewels will still get the attentions anyway.

The Violette Bracelets is available at the Beloved Jewelry booth at Dazzle event:

Beloved Jewelry Violette Necklace & Earrings

The Violette Earrings and Necklace are two more pieces from Beloved Jewelry from the same series featured at the Dazzle event.

Kitty decide to do these two piece together because they are so perfect together as a set. Look at the beautiful rows of jewels that totally steal the show, be it the on the chest of under the ears. In fact there are  33 different jems to choose from so you should always find a few you would like anytime!

You should be able to find the Necklace and Earrings and another 2 pieces from the Violette series at the Beloved Jewelry booth at Dazzle August:

Beloved Jewelry Violette Choker

The Violette series from Beloved Jewelry is available at the Dazzle event and the first one Kitty is going to show you is the beautiful choker.

The Choker contains a whole array of beautiful jewels that sparkles and there are customizable using the provided HUD giving you so much options you cannot finish going through them in a month! Kitty feel this pinkish color she had selected goes well with her hair and it is something nobody would miss. Hopefully it does protect against vampires though. :)

You can find the Violette Choker at the Dazzle event today:

Bare Rose Black Rubia

The Black Rubia is one of the latest outfit from Bare Rose for Maitreya and it comes in a suit of shiny black leather

There are some optional items including the earrings, which is entirely up to you if you want them on, but otherwise the black skirt and cloak is the main part of this outfit and it is as heroic as you wanted it, but of course nobody says this cannot be a outfit for an anti-heroine such as cat woman. Kitty think this is perfect for a night or darkness based heroine.  

It would not do justice to the Black Rubia if Kitty do not show you how cool the cloak looks like. It feel like a really heroic back cape but it shines a lot more than the usual ones and it definitely would make a really stunning appearance.

The Black Rubia includes a pair of shoes that comes with it and even without the cloak, it is a stylish black outfit that brings out the dark mysterious side of you anytime.

What are you waiting for? Get your Black Rubia today and own the night:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.