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Bare Rose Momo Nurarihyon

If you want to stand out in the crowd, you should consider looking at the Momo Nurarihyon from Bare Rose which is bright in peach red and it comes with a whole assortments of clothing's pieces that is all designed to turns heads!

The long dress comes with its own complete set of attachments which can be optional depending on how much you want to put on, there are several pieces of the dress where you can customize to your preference. But the most significant of this Momo Nurarihyon is the cages that comes with it, one that add as a mask over your head and the other 2 over the pairs of eyes what floats around. The eyes themselves are optional as well.

When Kitty mentioned the dress is long, she does mean it. It is a really stunning display of how a kimono can be and from this photo you can see how much it can stretch behind. In addition, did you notice the long black hair and extension? That is actually part of the outfit as well. But if you prefer something else for your hair, it is obviously optional. 

Here is a close up of the hair, but with the pink version which is also included in the Momo Nurarihyon outfit. With the cage mask removed, you can see Kitty much closer and clearly with the blindfold which is also a part of the outfit as well. Also notice the iconic black ribbon as the waist belt, this is the perfect addition in contrast with the pink overtone of the outfit.

Get Momo Nurarihyon  and other fantastic Maitreya outfit from Bare Rose:


A&A Mikhaila Hair

The Mikhaila Hair from A&A is available at the Hair Fair now and it is a short hair which flows like waves coming in 8 different colors options each packed with around 24 colors in it.

The Mikhaila Hair is great because it feels free but tidy. If you have a special pair of earrings, this would be a good choice to show it off and not get it covered by long fringe of hairs too. The Mikhaila Hair feels cheerful with its light colors and that is what Kitty tried immediately. 

If you prefer something darker in tone, there are so many colors on the other side of the rainbow that matches and feel free to experiment with them. The blue tint of this Mikhaila Hair is surprising very good on Kitty and there are 6 different style you can try out too.

You can never go wrong with the sweet pink and it proves to be correct on Kitty. Look at how the sweet pink shows itself despite all the rainbow colors, it stood out and the most important thing is that it feel nature too!

You will find it at the Hair Fair at:

A&A Sossity Hair

The A&A Sossity Hair is a set of hair that comes in a wide range of colors each with its own HUD for about 24 colors and it comes with 6 build in styles!

The best thing about the Sossity Hair is that it suits most avatars and it is easy to put on. Kitty uses Maitreya here and there is no adjustment require to get the wavey hair onto her mesh. Moreover with the wide spectrum of color to choose from, it will take a while before she cycle through all of it!

If you prefer something lighter, there are always other options such as this light brown. You can also adjust the brightness and resize just with a click on the provided HUD. It doesn't get any easier to look gorgeous than with this!

Kitty always feel it doesn't goes wrong with the classic black, but today she feels just a little fun to have some white to goes into it. Notice the style of the hair is different as well. There are 6 different styles to choose from for the Sossity Hair and you can definitelt find something you love.

Get the Sossity Hair from A&A booth at the Bundles event today at:

Bare Rose PW Tonbly

The PW Tonbly is the latest addition to the range of fantasy based outfit from Bare Rose and this time you will be a wonderful magenta tonbo or dragonfly with a full sets of 3 pairs of wings!

The PW Tonbly does not just comes with wings, but 3 pairs of them spreading open like a big flower behind your back and you can say that rally would catch all the attention! There are matching decorations on the boots. dress and even hair accessories to match the wings in color harmony.

Here you can clearly see the hair accessories and the red and white dress really shines despite all the colorful flowers in the background. Why be just a butterfly among flowers when you can be a dragonfly!

The huge wings comes in 2 separate pieces and you can choose to have them both or just the 2 smaller pieces as necessary. You can be sure that it does not just look good, it will take you into the air when necessary and it moves on its own based on the Bento attachment!

You will find the eye catching PW Tobly at the Maitreya section of Bare Rose:

Bare Rose Yellow Magical Cupid

Even want to use a bow and arrow to shoot something else instead of a prey? This is your chance to be a cute cupid for once and you get to do it in style with the Bare Rose Yellow Magical Cupid!

The Yellow Magical Cupid comes with all the necessary parts for you to be the cutest cupid around including the soft cotton candy wings and lovestruck arrows as well as pink and white softness from hear to toe, including the high boots with hearts and wings.

The cupid will not be completed without a nice set of bow and arrow for you to put some love into the world as you can see it sling nicely behind your hips. The bow comes decorated with colorful jewels and the arrows are tipped with love and ends with a nice trails of flurry feathers.

Whether you are hard at work spreading the love, or simply just taking a break, the Yellow Magical Cupid never lets you down with all the lacey ribbons from the head dress to the collar piece. You can also see the cute yellow wings on the boots that makes you travel faster because love always strike you when you less expected it!

Get the Yellow Magical Cupid at Bare Rose today:


Petit Chat Festival Bar

There is nothing more refreshing than a drink bar for any occasion in this hot summer and Petit Chat has one right here for you! The bar consists of nice cold drinks in 3 different favors and if you prefer, it also comes in a full crate as well as a plate of olives for the bites!

There is also a strings of optional lights right in front of the table depending if you are in the mood for it or simple go without it. Look at all the cold dew on the cans! Don't you want to have a slip?

Whether you are the host or the guess, there is also a place for the Festival Bar for everyone. Do not be shy! And the drinks is on the house!

And the good news is that if you are early, its on sale at the Secret Sunday right over at Petit Chat:

Petit Chat Surfboards

Its Summer and finally its time to hit the beach! And you will need your surfboard with you. That is why Petit Chat had you covered with surfboard in 3 colors and you can not just put them up for decoration, but you can actually surf on it with the build in animation as well as carry them around almost like a fashion statement for the beach!

Here is a showcase of all the different colors you can get just by a simple click on the surfboard to change. 

The water is blue and calm and the surfboard is floating beautifully. Ready to surf? 

Get your Surfboards from Petit Chat now at:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.