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Petit Chat Beach Fun Set

Summer time is the perfect time for Beach time! And there is no better way to enjoy it than to have floats and not just float, it is colorful floats from Petit Chat!

The Beach Fun consist of the fish floats and the mattress floats that comes in 6 bright cheerful colors! And nobody can stop you from putting all of them out too!

And it is not just the mattress that you can lie on, sit  or have fun with. Even the fish float comes with its own set of poses including many relaxing poses to totally take the summer heat away! 

Feel like a fun day on the water? Or just to be lazy around and watch the water flow by, there is always a reason to get these cute adorable floats in the Beach Fun Set from Petit Chat.

Get your own Beach Fun at Petit Chat today:


AvaGirl Bloom

The Bloom dress and heels from AvaGirl is a fresh look at the summer this year at the Summer Vibes event and the best way is to put them together in a outfit!

They say a girl with red shoes is always very attractive and this is the true especially when Kitty is showing you here. The red heels is striking fiery hot just like the summer. And it doesn't get in the way of your beautiful toe paints at all!

The Bloom dress is a white based silky feel dress, textured with flowers of the pink and brown to give it just the touch so that it is far from plain. Bundled with a cute red belt with a ribbon knot, what else can a girl ask for? Just by the look of the dress, it is always feeling so cool even in this hot season.

The Bloom dress and heels are available at the Free Dove Bundle Summer Vibes event today. Here is a fast tp to the AvaGirl store:


Bare Rose Victorian Lacy Sailor C2

The Victorian Lacy Sailor C2 from Bare Rose brings the best of Lace, Sailor and Victorian together in a grand dress that comes with blue, purple and red for various parts of the outfit.

The Victorian Lacy Sailor C2 can be used for formal events, dinner and dances. The dress is made in the traditional Victorian style with the multi layered dress but lined with shiny gold lining so that it would never be dull even in dim light.

The dress and top comes in various color and this is the nice purple version which Kitty thinks is as pretty as the red dress. But the most important feature from the back is the huge black ribbon which should catch your eye immediately.

Lets have a closer look at the ribbons on the chest as well as on the hair. They comes in different colors as well to match the outfit perfectly. But nobody said you cannot mix them though.

Get the Victorian Lacy Sailor C2 from Bare Rose today:

Bare Rose Emerald Crownola

The Emerald Crownola from Bare Rose is a nice fairy looking outfit that has all the royal looks put together in a green dress with matching accessories.

From head to toe, you can see the green emerald outfit shining with golden threads with a light black overtone for the dress and the boots. The highlights are in the beautiful details of the textures on the dress and various accessories pieces.

A close up will show you the details of the various mystical designs of the arm pieces, the necklace and graceful tiara. This complete you fairy princess look.

You can easily find the Maitreya version of the Emerald Crownola, which also comes with a HUD for the applier as well as Autohide for Maitreya, which is really handy. Get it at:


Bare Rose Ao Mini Samurai

The Ao Mini Samurai is a full outfit for girls and it is themed in the dark blue and black with selected gold lining on the armor.

No matter which god you are a big fan of, there is always the need to have protectors and this is the outfit made for girls who would put their lives in protecting what they believe it. The armor pieces resembles closely to the guy's version of the samurai armor, with protective shoulder pads and Japanese style knitting to whole the pieces together.

Needless to say, even with a good piece of armor like Ao Mini Samurai, it is not complete without a weapon. That is why the Ao Mini Samurai comes with a Katana which is equally fearsome for this purpose. Now you will be ready to do some serious butt kicking.

You will find the Maitreya version of Ao Mini Samurai at Bare Rose Maitreya section:

LR Spartan Combo

The Spartan Combo from LR Weapons bring the amazing Spartan Spear which can do Klaive or Polearm damage. Together with that, there is a huge Spartan Shield to protect you.

As seen here, the HUD is easy to use, and provides functions to let you change the texture as well as resizing it to your avi.

The Spartan Long spear is really long and as you can see it when sheath on Kitty's shoulder. Well, you can always resize it, but they say the longer it is... the longer the reach!

The Spartan Shield is well known for being big and protective and Kitty feels totally safe behind its protection. In fact, if you have a few friends to crowd around, you can probably pull off a tortoise formation.

Get the Spartan Combo while it is still on sale at the We <3 Roleplay event:

LR Elfin Bow

The Elfin Bow is a beautiful bow, even if you are not buying this for a weapon. The bow, quiver are all nicely crafted and there is a easy HUD for you to make changes to it.

The HUD is easy to use for resizing and setting the color and texture on the various parts of the the bow set.

From the back, the bow is clearly seen and Kitty had chosen a high contrast color set where you can see the craving on the bow. The gold waves craving on the quiver lies beautifully on the black background.

But do not mistake this as a toy. Once the Elfin Bow is drawn, it is a deadly weapon which the best performance. Even if you do not buy one, you should run away from someone who is holding this...

Get you very own Elfin Bow because there is only a few days left at the We Love Roleplay event:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.