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Bare Rose Rose OA

The Rose OA from Bare Rose is a cute dress in red and white and it is the perfect dress for the lovely month of February. 

The first look, you will notice how many ribbons there are on the dress from the hair tie, to the neck tie, to the shoulder gloves and a few more on the side of the multi fold dress to makes it perfectly cute!

Here is a close up of the dress where you can see all the little details in the bright line. If there isn't a better time to be cute and lovely, this would give you the perfect reason to do so now.

Get your Rose OA today at the Maitreya section of Bare Rose:

Bare Rose Currant Guntromantica

The Currant Guntromantica is a dark themed outfit from Bare Rose which comes with the Maitreya version and it is in red and black which are Kitty's favorite colors!

Kitty can't wait to try out the outfit in a dark Gothic theme. The outfit comes with a tiara for your hair, a nice dress with detailed medieval style lining. Complete with long sleeves and gloves with matching colors. A long cape runs from the shoulders down almost reaching the floor. 

In the brighter light here, you can see the royal golden lining on the gloves and the red boots below the long black dress piece. You can see that the dress is not only majestic, it is also mysterious in its own way.

Get your very own Currant Guntromantica today at Bare Rose now:


Petit Chat Romantic Dinner Set

Valentine is around the corner and Petit Chat have the perfect item for your home! The Romantic Dinner set consist of the basic Table and Chair, but also comes with a Candlestick and Placemat add on!

Here is a overview where you can just have a romantic setup right at your balcony. The chairs comes with lots of love on its heart shaped backrest and the colors are just sweet on its own!

A close up of the placemat which comes with a dining set as well, complete with a heart shaped plate and a pink glass for your favorite drink. Optionally you can grab the Candlestick as well which adds some romantic light to the meal.

Get your Romantic Dinner set from Petit Chat Main Store;

The Canlestick is available at the SL Shop & Hop event for free now:

Petit Chat Student Corner

Petit Chat Student Corner is a new additional to make your study a comfortable place to do your reading or research in peace. It even comes with a tablet for that purpose (or for you to watch cat video...)

On the table, there is a lamp which you can change colors, a chalkboard for some inspirations as well as a comforting chair to lie back on.

The study is not perfect without some food. How about a box of chocolate and a cup of coffee to keep you awake. And there is a big tablet for all the cat video you can watch!

Get the Student Corner today at Petit Chat Main Store;


Petit Chat Chocolats Fins

Everyone loves Chocolate and that is why the Chocolats Fins from Petit Chat is going to recreate that feeling for the chocoholic in all of us.

The Chocolats Fins comes in 2 version, a close box as wells as the open box showing you all th 16 pieces of realistic chocolate.

Enough said. It's time to dig in and nom nom... Aren't they just too delicious?

Get the Chocolats Fins at the Petit Chat store:

Bare Rose Siro Azami C3

Siro Azami C3 is another variation that comes in a purple lined on the white dress, complete with hair ribbon and a signature big ribbon on the back.

Whether you want to use it for a culture performance or just a walk at the temple streets, the Siro Azami C3 is perfect for that, giving you the traditional kimono look, but with a model touch on the tall socks and boots.

Here is a closer look at the flower prints as well as the butterfly ribbon hair clips. Everyone is worried that the butterflies may fly away anytime!

Find the Siro Azami C3 as well as other variations from Bare Rose today and join kitty at the festival before it is over;

Bare Rose Blue Chamel Lady

The Blue Chamael Lady makes a angelic entrance for the latest addition to the Bare Rose Maitreya series of outfit and it comes complete with the wings as well as the angelic sword.

Even in complete darkness, the angelic halo will bring light to this world. You can see the holy rays shining on Kitty even in the night. Notice how realistic the wings are.

Here is a close up view of the angelic armor on the Blue Chamel Lady and you can see how there are little wings deco on the gauntlet as well as chest plate to give it the perfect angelic touch.

Get you very own  Blue Chamel Lady from the Bare Rose Maitreya section:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.