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Petit Chat Chocolats Fins

Everyone loves Chocolate and that is why the Chocolats Fins from Petit Chat is going to recreate that feeling for the chocoholic in all of us.

The Chocolats Fins comes in 2 version, a close box as wells as the open box showing you all th 16 pieces of realistic chocolate.

Enough said. It's time to dig in and nom nom... Aren't they just too delicious?

Get the Chocolats Fins at the Petit Chat store:

Bare Rose Siro Azami C3

Siro Azami C3 is another variation that comes in a purple lined on the white dress, complete with hair ribbon and a signature big ribbon on the back.

Whether you want to use it for a culture performance or just a walk at the temple streets, the Siro Azami C3 is perfect for that, giving you the traditional kimono look, but with a model touch on the tall socks and boots.

Here is a closer look at the flower prints as well as the butterfly ribbon hair clips. Everyone is worried that the butterflies may fly away anytime!

Find the Siro Azami C3 as well as other variations from Bare Rose today and join kitty at the festival before it is over;

Bare Rose Blue Chamel Lady

The Blue Chamael Lady makes a angelic entrance for the latest addition to the Bare Rose Maitreya series of outfit and it comes complete with the wings as well as the angelic sword.

Even in complete darkness, the angelic halo will bring light to this world. You can see the holy rays shining on Kitty even in the night. Notice how realistic the wings are.

Here is a close up view of the angelic armor on the Blue Chamel Lady and you can see how there are little wings deco on the gauntlet as well as chest plate to give it the perfect angelic touch.

Get you very own  Blue Chamel Lady from the Bare Rose Maitreya section:

Bare Rose Siro Neene

It's the year of the mouse and its a perfect time to be putting on something for the theme. The Siro Neene from Bare Rose is the a mouse theme Japanese style kimono made for this festival!

Themed with flowers all over and the beautiful Lilies petals all over, this Siro Neene is the mouse to be, even if you do not need to sneak around for food. Come enjoy some nice tea of coffee mousey style!

From the back, you can see the big yellow ribbon and black clothes making the perfect contrast an giving you the chance to be mouse and yet beautiful at the same time.

Enjoy the good times an be merry. The Siro Neene is perfect for even dancing and joy for the festival.

You can get your very own mouse Siro Neene from the Bare Rose Maitreya store:


Bare Rose Red Valletta

The Red Valletta is another cute looking Christmas outfit from Bare Rose. This doll like dress features many wings, in fact 2 pairs on the back as well as on the socks. There is also a mtching headband for this outfit too!

Here you can see the whole outfit in a Christmas themed sim where Kitty naturally fits in. The red and white colors matches all the set up for this snowy land. Can you see the 2 pairs of wings on the back? This is an unique feature of the Red Valetta.

You can see the matching necklace and headband where you can use it with this outfit as well as on its own because they are designed as separate items. Notice all the soft fabric and wings like straps on the top dress too to match the angelic feeling of the outfit.

Get the Red Valletta from Bare Rose main store:

Bare Rose Red Buthaifly

The Red Buthaifly is an outfit from Bare Rose which is themed over the signature butterfly 
 on the chest as well as on the long sock. The red overtone is the perfect outfit for your Christmas this year!

The outfit comes with a nice butterfly head ribbon which is optional and from the top to dress it is made in black and red which is the classic colors for Christmas. As you can see that the long socks and the little red shoes is just the perfect touch for the holiday! 

Here is a closer look at the details on the long dress featuring highly reflective shine in the right light. You can see that even the butterfly attachments on the socks and chest pieces glows in the faint light. This is definitely the outfit to shine in!

Visit Bare Rose today to get the Red Buthaifly:


Petit Chat Old Sled

Petit Chat has release a snow sled for FREE for the Shop & Hop event and it can be changed to any of the 4 colors.

The Old Sled is small and compact and does not take up too much space as the perfect decorations for this holiday!

The Old Sled is for sales at the Shop & Hop section at Petit Chat:

There are other items on sale up to 50% off too!


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.