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Bare Rose Violet BabeStar

There is always one of those days where you find yourself in a very nice mood and ready for a fun day at a really fun place such as a theme park. Whether you are a staff or just a visitor, is it always great to have a fun shiny outfit for the occasion! The Bare Rose Violet BabeStar is made for that. It comes with all the shiny buttons and even a bright golden chest piece with the moon and star to brighten up your day!

Welcome to the park and you will be greeted by Kitty the most cheerful girl in the theme park. Look at the radiant violet and you will be sure to be smiling the whole day. 

It is not all outfit that you will find a nice hat with shooting stars and moon to go together with this BabeStar. In fact, you will get it all from the hat to the boot all in one package from Bare Rose. Enough starring at the fun hat, are you ready for the coaster ride? Let's hope aboard!

Get the Violet BabeStar from Bare Rose today:


Bare Rose G Spacecraft General Lady

Ever dream of being a captain of a spaceship? No, why stop as a captain, dream bigger and you might even be a general or admiral in control of a space fleet! If that is the scenario you find yourself in, Bare Rose has the solution for that!

The Bare Rose G Spacecraft General Lady is the perfect uniform for the Military heart in you. Be the grand general of the Imperium Fleet or the Brave Commander of a Rebellion. Only your imagination limits you. See how well the uniform fits into the sci-fi environment. Even the cape is perfect and does not gets in the way of the teleporter! Now, beam me down!

The Starfleet uniform looks plain but grand with the detail decoration making it formal, yet majestic. With the cape, you can be sure that even a simple inspection at the engineering bay will feel like a walk of glory for you!

Get the Bare Rose G Spacecraft General Lady today at Bare Rose:

Bare Rose Orange Scale Mermaid

The Orange Scale Mermaid from Bare Rose is the perfect outfit for any girl who wants to experience the joy of being a Koi Hime as this comes in the perfect golden shade of the goldfish and who doesn't want to be a mermaid, at least once?

There is nothing more dreamy than having a huge tail and fins to swim about in the big oceans and this outfit works perfectly giving you the gestures and realistic movements in water. Look at how Kitty enjoys herself in the underwater kingdom.

If being a full mermaid is not really your thing, keep your legs! This outfit comes with both modes so that you can do just that and it works like a regular swim wear complete with the golden scales nevertheless. The beautiful hear piece still makes you looks aquatic and Atlantian at the very less.

Being a mermaid does not hinders you at the very less with the Orange Scale Mermaid from Bare Rose because you still can enjoy your favorite activities such as music and piano just like Kitty. The AO is realistic and does not deform your avatar just because you are a mermaid now. Now, Kitty is wondering if she can be a Siren too with a enchanting tune.

Get your Orange Scale Mermaid today at Bare Rose:


Bare Rose Ikusa Otome Ryo

The translation of Ikusa Otome literally means Young Warrior Girl and this is no surprise that the Bare Rose Ikusa Otome Ryo is a battle outfit that is shaped very similarly to the samurai armor, but fully in green which is not so common and with added long horns and wings to give it a fantasy tone.

It would not be a surprise that this warrior outfit also comes with a authentic long samurai sword that is as long as the horns on the wings if not longer. This give the whole outfit a fearsome look in addition to the horns which looks like antlers to break normal shapes.

A good view from the back of the Ikusa Otome Ryo shows you the majestic wings spreads and you can see the beautiful decoration on the green battle dress. This is almost like a oriental version of an angel!

Get your Ikusa Otome Ryo from Bare Rose today:

Bare Rose Electric Sheep

The Electric Sheep is one of a kind of outfit you probably would not find anywhere else because it combines the beauty of the electrifying blue into a ram outfit that is fit from medieval to cyberpunk!

The Electric Sheep outfit comes with everything complete but the most unique must be the round fence you see on your waist that is almost like a force shield that protect the inner sheep in you. Not only is it fancy to look at, it also rotates on its own around. Just for that is already one of the greatest reason to get the Electric Sheep.

Here you can see the outfit in a close up, with the huge ram horn which is iconic to this outfit, almost like a jester but it will definitely brings out the cheerfulness in you. Notice how the blue and black skirt goes very well in contrast to the white outfit but with the golden edges to being out the highlights.

Get the Electric Sheep from Bare Rose at:


Petit Chat Things & Stuffs Pedestals

The Things & Stuffs Pedestals from Petit Chat is another exclusive for the The Liaison Collaborative-May Round and comes in 2 different packs for Light or Dark wood, but otherwise, they contain all 3 different configurations of the Pedestals from single, double and a wide edition.

As you can see the contrast between the Light and Dark version is very significant and you might even want to have both of them to make sure you have the right mix for your display.

The Pedestals are designed to be strong and sturdy and therefore you are welcome to sit on it! This would be a great idea to lay around your house for decorations as well as a fence between different sections if so desire. Kitty also thinks that if you add a water bowl fountain for the birds, it will be fantastic on the wide Pedestal. what do you think?

Get the Things & Stuffs Pedestals from The Liaison Collaborative-May Round here:

Petit Chat Things & Stuffs Tables

The Things & Stuffs Tables is a new series from Petit Chat which features 2 different type of wood on the simple yet elegant tables which varies in height, size as well as a double layer option. 

As you can see the Things & Stuffs Tables comes in varies height where you can even sit on it and in a way, nobody can stop you from using them as a bench! You can even stack them up when not in use to save space. (Not LI though, there they are very low on LI between 1-3)

There are 2 main different wood which are sold separately. You will get all 4 different tables in each pack though. They can be easily rotate and placed wherever you want them. 

This is an exclusive item from Petit Chat for The Liaison Collaborative-May Round which you can find here:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.