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Bare Rose Red Valletta

The Red Valletta is another cute looking Christmas outfit from Bare Rose. This doll like dress features many wings, in fact 2 pairs on the back as well as on the socks. There is also a mtching headband for this outfit too!

Here you can see the whole outfit in a Christmas themed sim where Kitty naturally fits in. The red and white colors matches all the set up for this snowy land. Can you see the 2 pairs of wings on the back? This is an unique feature of the Red Valetta.

You can see the matching necklace and headband where you can use it with this outfit as well as on its own because they are designed as separate items. Notice all the soft fabric and wings like straps on the top dress too to match the angelic feeling of the outfit.

Get the Red Valletta from Bare Rose main store:

Bare Rose Red Buthaifly

The Red Buthaifly is an outfit from Bare Rose which is themed over the signature butterfly 
 on the chest as well as on the long sock. The red overtone is the perfect outfit for your Christmas this year!

The outfit comes with a nice butterfly head ribbon which is optional and from the top to dress it is made in black and red which is the classic colors for Christmas. As you can see that the long socks and the little red shoes is just the perfect touch for the holiday! 

Here is a closer look at the details on the long dress featuring highly reflective shine in the right light. You can see that even the butterfly attachments on the socks and chest pieces glows in the faint light. This is definitely the outfit to shine in!

Visit Bare Rose today to get the Red Buthaifly:


Petit Chat Old Sled

Petit Chat has release a snow sled for FREE for the Shop & Hop event and it can be changed to any of the 4 colors.

The Old Sled is small and compact and does not take up too much space as the perfect decorations for this holiday!

The Old Sled is for sales at the Shop & Hop section at Petit Chat:

There are other items on sale up to 50% off too!

Bare Rose Red Steam Maid

The Red Steeam from Bare Rose is a new outfit that comes in red with either black or white for the sleeves and stockings. 

Do not mistaken Kitty for a Christmas toy, although she might look exactly like one with the Red Steam Maid. The outfit is made with steampunk theme and it has all the signature buttons and clock works too!

The Red Steam Maid comes in both black or white version and here is the black version which has both of Kitty's favorite colors. You can see that even with the black version, it doesn't seems out of the Christmas theme.

The most important part of this outfit is perhaps the ever runnign clockwork key on the back that makes this outfit so unique. This is rarely seen on any other outfit. It just makes you want to wind her up doesn't it?

Get the Red Steam Maid Maitreya at Bare Rose :

Bare Rose Merry Dolldre

This is the season to look merry for the upcoming holiday and Bare Rose has one which makes you looks sweet like a desert with lots of icing as accessories and it is themed in white and red!

The first look may make you think you are looking at a Christmas cake and that is exactly what most people might think. The Merry Dolldre is a full dress filled with sweet little attachments which makes you look perfect for Xmas!

Together with this outfit, there is also a set of ribbons for your hair to add to the happy feeling of this winter. 

Here is a good view of the full dress from top to bottom and you can find the theme of sweets, red ribbons and white overtone overwhelming on the design to make it perfect for the snowy white holiday.

Be the merry girl inside you today by getting Merry Dolldre at the Bare Rose store:


Bare Rose Vigilante Knight Lady

The Vigilante Knight Lady is a uniform looking outfit from Bare Rose where it comes with modern accessories including a visor and baton stick.

Kitty imagine this could be the perfect police officer uniform. Do you think Kitty looks good in it when she patrol the street with this. It has all the features of a law defender!

Let have a look at the back of the Vigilante Knight Lady.  Oh dear... someone has put graffiti even on the book store. Looks like this is a job for  Vigilante Knight Kitty!

Get the Vigilante Knight Lady from Bare Rose Maitreya store:

LR City Hair Comb

 There is another comb at the We <3 Roleplay event from LR Weapons and it is a city style weapon. The City Hair Comb is similar to the Nordic except the graphics and style will be different.

The included HUD allows you to change the texture colors to one of the predefined settings and you can easily resize the comb through the menu.

With the City Hair Comb sheathed, it is simple to disguise it as a harmless piece of comb. but rest assure it will get pass any security.

The sharp double sided needles will give you all the stealth and fatal advantage when drawn. Strike silent, strike fast and strike hard with the City Hair Comb.

Get the City Hair Comb as well as other offer items at the We <3 Roleplay event:

LR Nordic Hair Comb

LR released a few weapons for the We Love Roleplay event and one of them is the Nordic Hair Comb which would be a favorite with girls because this is one of the few weapons designed for us and also it is very compact but deals real weapons such as sword or dagger.

When sheathed, the Hair Comb sits harmlessly on your hair just like any other hair accessories, making it very nature and the last thing people would suspect as a weapon. Perfect tool for assassins.

When drawn, the comb goes into your hand with the sharp needle right between your fingers. Even drawn, the comb is well hidden and act as a deadly weapon where you can strike quick and fast. Always start watching for any sharp objects, especially in Kitty's hand!

Visit the We <3 Roleplay event for a special discount on this Nordic Hair Comb:


Smooching Serpents Tangle Touch

At some point of time, there will always be the question of playing with a tentacle monster and the Smooching Serpents Tangle Touch is one of the newest answer. It is a highly customizable tentacle monster which provides menu for both solo as well as couple to play with.

The Tangle Touch comes with all the latest features from Smooching Serpents including support for EXP and capture for RLV. You can easily get your victim onto the monster with just a few click.

If green totally turns you off , there are plenty of options to change the texture to many different colors for different story play.

If you just need to deliver some punishment or story play for the victim, the Tangle Touch can participle with its own set of actions. This would be one of the unique point of the Tangle Touch where you will not find on other similar furniture.

Otherwise the Tangle Touch can be your best friend in helping you restrain the victim while you can carry out your punishment in various way from the menu. There is no escape from the huge fearsome monster.

The Tangle Touch carries 2 main set of menu of which actions are divided into lying on the ground or being hosted upright. But one thing is for sure, both set of actions are high quality and you on't be disappointed.

Get the Smooching Serpents Tangle Touch from the marketplace :

Or visit Smooching Serpent store for a demo and other furnitures:

Smooching Serpents Serious Seat

The Serious Seat from Smooching Serpents is a nice Antique chair that is not just a chair but comes with a whole set of poses in its menu for single and couples including everything from cuddling to sex and bondage.

The Serious Chair is well suited for indoors, but nobody will stop you if you decide to just have some really kinky scenario of having the chair out in the cold. The chairs comes with a set of cuff and is compatible with some of the cuff out there to give you that bondage look when seated.

The best part of the Serious Seat is perhaps many of the action poses are not just highly realistic, but based on the chair and as such there are many unique action which you will only find available for this chair.

Whether its for the dom or the sub, there are plenty of realistic action as well on the facial to fit the situation. And the most important thing is that there is almost no requirement to adjust the position if your avi is of normal height.

There are plenty of poses from seated to kneeling and moving around the chair on the menu which is simple to navigate with just clicks. There is nothing better than to have something small and compact where you can enjoy the company almost anywhere you wish to.

The Serious Seat is available on the marketplace :

Or you can check it out at the Smooching Serpents store before purchasing:

Petit Chat Chambery Seats & Tables

The Petit Chat  Chambery Seats & Tables consists of 2 versions of tables as wells as a sofa seat which comes with color changing option.

The tables comes in 2 version and you can slide the smaller into the larger table if you want to have some creativity. The Chambery Seat comes in a few colors and you can easily change it by clicking on it without using a HUD. There is also matching Christmas decorations which Kitty will show you in another post.

The Chambery Seats & Tables is available at The Snow Day event:


A&A Achelois Hair Autumn Colors

The Achelois Hair Autumn Colors comes with 16 colors choices with a wide spectrum of colors for you to choose from and it is a easy fitting hair which goes well with most outfit.

The dark colored hair goes perfectly with Kitty's dark theme and you can easily see the curls and details of the hair even from a distance.

If you prefer something more colorful, there are plenty of options such as this magenta version which is fiery hot, especially in this winter landscape.

You will find the Achelois Hair over at the A&A Store:

Petit Chat Chambery Christmas Decors

The Chambery Christmas Decors from Petit Chat is compliment to the Seats and Tables set which is idea decorations for the coming holiday.

The Christmas decorations contains 3 items. There is a Santa display, a box of balls and a snowman snow globe. Which decorations do you like best?

The Chambery Christmas Decors will be on sale at the Snow Day Cart Sales and Hunt:

Petit Chat Calm Shed

The Calm Shed from Petit Chat is a beautiful outdoor shelter which comes with a series animations for single or a couple to enjoy.  It also comes with cushions which you can change the texture or colors easily by clicking on it.

The Calm Shead actually kind of look like a nice little shelter where you can be protected from the weather and you can see Kitty enjoiny a little shade from the sun while she is doing her thinking. This is a very low prim item which has only 1LI.

You can the Petit Chat Calm Shed over at the Evil Bunny Black Friday Bazaar 2 event:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.