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X-clusives Animations Free Bed Giveaway

X-clusives Animations is giving away free beds just by having you at the store! Well its that simple. Except you should not be afk there. To Kitty's surprise, the prize is actually not just a bed... But this!

It is a complete Bedroom! Kitty now need to find a place to rez all of these.

In any case you should drop by at Xclusives Animations  and check out  their offers too:


X-Clusives Animations Memorial Garden

X-clusives Animations is having another great gift now at their store and this time it is a Memorial Garden. This was usually at $1000L but now it is free! Kitty should get one for Winnie...

Anyway, this is your chance to own it for free:

Petit Chat Fizz for Sneak Peek

Petit Chat has released another dress for this month's Sneak Peek and this time it is a very fun dress!

Why do Kitty say it is very fun! Because wearing the dress make you feel so cool and refreshing like you are wearing a bottle of cola on you! And this is also why this dress is name Fizz! Look at all the fizzing bubbles, do you feel it like Kitty?

The dress comes in 3 color as of now and the first one is name aqua which make it look very watery. Kitty love enjoying a good breakfast in such a cooling dress. She doubt the day would even get hot at all for her, even in summer.

The next variant is called Cherry and it is of course Red in color and makes Kitty feel real fruity. Its feel more being submerged in a juicy fruity fizzing soda.  

Here is Kitty showing off the nice detail fizzing texture on the dress. I bet you feel like touching it... But no-no.. It is for look only. Get your own to touch it! :)

The third variant is named Sand. And it is Yellow. Kitty doesn't have a lot of yellow dress and this is one of the rare one. Yellow by itself is a stunning bright color and has no difficulty standing out in the crowd.

One thing Kitty really love about this dress is the back. Look at the interlaced of colors and the nice pieces of strings on the shoulders. It is fun, just like Kitty said so earlier and looks pretty and cute at the same time!

This dress will be at the Sneak Peek event, so go take a look for yourself.

Visit Sneak Peak Event at:


Brii Cassarah Rocker Style Blue

Brii has a new gift in their shop and it is a bright Blue dress with matching necklace, tattoo and even a pair of blue tinted sunglasses.

Kitty decided to try it out in the sun for you and look at how awesome the leg tattoo looks, especially on Kitty long and pale legs.

Beside the kickass skulls texture on the dress that is of high detail, so are the tattoos. Can you see how beautiful the naked mermaid look on Kitty's back? 

Kitty can't help enjoying herself in the sun, feeling the warm sunshine and clear water from the sprinkles. The blue outfit simply stands out in the grass field, don't you think?

Grab your gift from Brii while it last!

Brii Belinda Biker Style

Brii Belinda Biker Style is another outfit from the Brii Rock and Cute Hunt and it is again, naturally in Black.

The Biker Style outfit goes perfectly with Bikes naturally. But naturally the bright smooth leather texture outshine the bikes and Kitty can feel it is very sexy too as you can actually see her underboob if you try very hard. Now, stop bending down....

Although it is a leather outfit, it doesn't mean Kitty cannot relax in it having some chilling time on the beach resort with it. The tight fitting shorts is really comfortable and it is a good way to show off her long legs.

Kitty took many photos in this outfit because she just love it (partly because it is Black too). This is one of her favorite photo and she could not find a reason not to include it. Look at those heels and you will realized just for the Heels, this is worth buying. But of course since Kitty mention it is a prize in the hunt, you can get it at $1L.

For information on the hunt, you can read Kitty's previous post:

Start looking for your own Belinda Biker Style at:

Brii Aretusa Casual Style

In the Brii Rock and Cute Hunt, Aretusa Casual Style is one of the hunt gift you can find. Kitty had talked about the hunt in her previous post :

Brii's is really good in making outfit in black and Aretusa is not exception, especially when it can be sexy and black at the same time. With the included makrup, Kitty can become sexy without even the slightest effort, even just be sitting around. 

The whole idea of being casual is that it must be good for most casual occasions, such as a little walk or just chilling out on the balcony. If you have sharp eyes, you would have realized that there is a matching pair of sandals for this outfit too, for Slink High Feet.

But it is not just black that makes this cute black dress stands out. It is the kick ass texture on it. Here is a close up for you. Notice how the tangled skull seems to fly in the wind?

What are you waiting for? Grab this prize at the Brii Rock and Cute Hunt at:


Free Bird Stained Glass Suncatcher Gacha Free-For-All

Free bird is having another Free-For-All and Kitty was very surprised that there are 2 cute cats in this one! These are suncatchers which will making the great bright sunlight feels even more cheerful!

There are 10 designs with 3 roses, 2 cats and a few other uniques. Kitty can't wait to show you how they look on her glass doors.

It took Kitty a while, but she manage to gather these together with her friends' help. Don't they look nice on the wall? Especially the cats right?

The usual time limit applies, so do not hesitate, grab yours at:


Brii Rock & Cute Hunt

Brii had started a new hunt name Rock and Cute! And there are 20 outfit at $1L each which you will not regret buying!

There are 10 stunning outfit at the main store at:

And another 10 in the RD Style Mega Store here:

Petit Chat's Entwined Red

It turns out that Petit Chat's Entwined does comes in Red too and Kitty had blogged about it and where else but Embryo would do justice to such a stunning and bright dress! This is a special request from a friend who said she would love to see this dress in red.

Kitty had blogged about the other Entwined dress here:

To take a bath or not... is not the question, but Kitty doesn't want to take off the cute and adorable Red Entwined dress...

The only thing here that is Red is Kitty... I mean the dress on Kitty. So tell me how can she not stands out in the crowd like a Red Phoenix...

You can find the Red Phoenix.. I mean Red Entwined dress at Petit Chat :P :


Petit Chat's Whisper of Roses

Whispers of Roses is a new gown from Petit Chat and Kitty want to make an appearance like the movie poster of "Versus" ... But anyway, Kitty think this is the BEST way to showcase the gown because of its beautiful texture from the back. (Not that the front is not good...)

Even the red roses on the altar is out shined by the beautiful Whisper of Roses which seems to blend right into the natural. By the way, Kitty is here to remember a friend she had lost not long ago... Although it has only been barely half a year...

Look at the outstanding head dress and cute bracelets which comes with the gown. By the way, did you notice the Whispers of Roses was based on photo taken from Embryo! Yes, Kitty thinks it is the most beautiful place in SL. Trinity's next exhibition will also include artwork for this. See more of it at:

The gown is available at Petit Chat Main store (someday) :


Petit Chat Chemistry Water

Petit Chat has a recent (you will find it near the LM I given just behind the new release) version of the Chemistry Gown and its Water! This is a must for anyone who love blue and its really stunning especially in the dance floor when everyone else is dressed in dull and boring dresses.

Although the gown say its Water... It doesn't mean you cannot go horse riding with it... And look at how beautiful the gown is... Even the horse is impressed.

The gown comes in different size and Kitty is wearing the "S" size today, but look at the detail of the texture, even in the small size, it is so detailed and stunning.

The peacock can try, but his tail is not even as beautiful as the Chemistry gown... Do you agree? Kitty need to watch out for peahens running around though... :) hehe

Grab your Water at Petit Chat:


Photo Tryout at The Headquarter

There is a photo contest running for the whole of May in Headquarter and Kitty decided she would try for a photo shoot there.

Well, it did not start with a sunny day, so lightly is crazily weird... Almost spooky. But Kitty is dressed up as a funny chef, which makes everyone neither laugh nor cry.

Kitty stood at the balcony of the building and wonder if she can find a good view of places.

It seems to be a good spot, so Kitty take one more close up shot and just smile into the camera.

Kitty tried near the fountain too. But the picture turns out more sexy then she expected.

Another building, but its kinda dark. OMG, did you see something in the background?

Kitty and the Greenhouse. I doubt this will win any awards though...

Kitty wasn't very pleased with the photos she got anyway and decide she could try again. It is not good in general to send in bad photo, especially in a contest...

I hope she has better luck next time.


Free Bird Horseshoe Decor Free-For-All

Free bird is having another Free-For-All now and its all about Horseshoe this time! Well, there are flowers too! And Cactus, but that would be a rare.

Free Bird has even provided a wall to show all the collectible items! But do hurry as this will end on the 5 May and you can get one every 6 hours!

Grab yours now at:


Brii Black is My Color Hunt

Brii Underground Wear is having another hunt this month and its all about Black! That's right, the hunt is Black is My Color!

If you love black and whether its for casual (or even funerals), you are sure to need one black dress someday and this is a chance to get 10 fabulous ones at $1 each!

Start your hunt here:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.