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Petit Chat's I'm A Pumpkin

Who would like to be a Pumpkin this Halloween? Yes, everyone I know. And you will get your chance this year because Petit Chat has a dress named "I'm A Pumpkin"!

So, what do you think of the outfit? Oops sorry, din't know you are missing a head...

This outfit comes in 4 color combinations and it is nothing to laugh about. Well, if you do, you are going end up like this monster , with a kick in the balls.

While you are wondering what is a nice pumpkin like me doing here... I am thinking : "How did she get up so high in the tree in the first place...?"

"What's cooking?" I asked. "If there is any pumpkin in the soup, I dun want it!" 

As you can see, this pumpkin outfit comes in several colors and dun worry, Jason is not going to hurt any pumpkin...

This is one of my favorite. No, not because I am in front of the cemetery, but because it has a good dark shade of green vs orange.

I know this may not be the best color to be in now, but what do you think of a game of hide and seek in the corn field?

I'm A Pumpkin is an exclusive item for the Pumpkin Town 2014 event. Do grab it before its over.

Visit Pumpkin Town:

Petit Chat's Miss Tick and Spider Jewellery

Miss Tick was the exclusive item in last year's Pumpkin Town 2013 event and you will get your second chance to grab it again this year one more time. It is a red/black witch like dress with a bi hat that is the fairy tale of every girl's dream.

Kitty would now demonstrate to you how stunning this outfit can be, especially in a high contrast place among the pumpkins. 

You can examine the details of the dress, all the side laid with laces and ribbons in the center with a line of string to make it fit nicely to your body. The big pointed hat comes just like any other witches' one would be except it has a big red ribbon on it and the under layer is nicely flooded in red.

 You may also notice that there is a set of jewelery that Kitty is wearing and it is for a good reason named "Spider" because of the nice spider design on it. It comes with a collar, arm bands, bracelets as well as a pair of earrings.

Look at the nice pairs of arm bands and bracelets close up in details.

The collar is also highly detailed and look at how beautiful it shine even in the dim light.

These items are for the Pumpkin Town 2014 event coming soon. Do not miss your chance to grab them there.

Visit Pumpkin Town 2014:

Petit Chat's Innocence

Feel like going a bit bloody and gory for this Halloween? Well, here is the perfect dress and outfit for it. It comes with 5 sizes to fit all and all the knife and gloves are also included. What's more, there are plenty of blood tattoos for you to customized how much blood you want on your body.

The dress is cyan on the front with potty dots on the background with lots of blood splatter for your thirst of blood. You can have them on your hands, legs and even face. Yes, don't you think Kitty looks so lovely especially when she is holding the blood dripping knife. Would you care for a cup of tea in her Bird House behind...

Knife, what knife? Oh those are tomato sauces I am sure. Not to worry, just wait right here and dinner will be served. What's on the menu? Let me think... How about "you"?... Hahahahaha

This item is an exclusive for the Pumpkin Town 2014 event coming soon and the dress will be in Petit Chat's store from Nov to the end of the year. Grab it while it is available.

Pumpkin Town 2014:

Petit Chat's Store:

Petit Chat Essences for Pumpkin Town 2014

This year, for the Pumpkin Town event, Petit Chat had rolled out 3 special version of the Essences Dress, with orange background and a custom texture of either web, skull or monsters for the Halloween holiday!

Scarecrow or not, Kitty is ready in her awesome Monsters Essences dress. 

The skull makes Kitty looks just like The Punisher, except maybe more blood. Ka-poo. Another heads pops.

A close up of the Skull Essences when Kitty is playing the piano to string up a haunting tune for the lonely ghosts.

Pay attention to Kitty and not those 3 bodies on the ceiling. This is the Web Essences dress and although it doesn't make Kitty Spider-woman, she still manage to catch her preys.

More hanging bodies with the Web Essences. I think Kitty is making a certain ring to it.

Shhh... Just be quiet and we won't need to end up slaughtering the butcher in the background... The Monster Essences add as a perfect stealth outfit for Kitty...

Many o these picture are related to a rather scary hunt Kitty had posted about. You can see more of the Essences at work there too:

This outfit is only available at the Pumpkin Town 2014 event which will be announced later. These outfit will be at Petit Chat's store from November until the end of the year at Petit Chat-Moumou's Square:

Elvis Lives 3rd Annual Halloween - Dead Town Hunt

Kitty came upon this unlisted hunt and she is immediately attracted by the poster... So off she goes on a plane and...

it did\t goes very well... The plane crashed landed onto a town, with nothing alive in it... But it doesn't mean nothing is moving!

Kitty is not very sure if she is a friend, but creepy looks and scary doll, sounds about right...

To make it worse, the weather really looks mad... Well, its just Kitty and her combat shotgun and her trusty bow and arrow vs the rest of the town now...

In the process, Kitty had to locate 14 treasure items based on a hint list and defend powerful and scary monsters along the way.

Crashed a few vehicles along the way, but at least those monster babies and creepy zombies would be easy target from up here...

The final question would be: "Would you dare to take a ride with her even if that is the way out?"

Experience the horrifying journey though dead town:

Note : This hunt is really scary, so if you are really jumpy, Kitty suggestion is to skip this.

Halloween 2014 Market and Hunt

There is a new hunt at Impertinences where there are stores set up for Halloween as well as 20 gifts spread all over the sim for you to discover.

Kitty is here with a gift from the Kiyomizu hunt and she is immediately caught by the giant spider web here. Well do not imagine it is because of the spinach that Kitty ate, but due to the eerie lighting at the hunt and fair.

How about a Wishing Well to collect some $L.. but I won't bend too far out to look into the pool though...

Or a beautiful cauldron to cook your most delicious holiday treats... What are you cooking there Kitty? It's all mushy and green!

Or embrace the irresistible glow of the star tree which radiates with a warm feeling in the coming winter. 

Always away from home and no one to look after it? No worries a random drifting ghost is in this hunt to help keep your house safe.

Feel like celebrating Halloween BIG time? Well, why not when you have this huge banner that you can flag all over your house.

Quench your thirst from the blood fountain, all your vampies out there. No true blood here. 

Hug some cute bat babies if you feel lonely. They won't bite. YET.

If you have the space, there is even a complete graveyard and tub where you can bath in peace.

A pumpkin umbrella that rains blood. Well, not much use for it, but it certainly looks cool. 

There are other companions such as this bouncing ghost and cat too.

There are lots of FULL PERM textures too, but Kitty is not really into those stuff. 

Join the market hunt here:


Kiyomizu Autumn Treasure Hunting 2014

Kiyomizu Autumn Hunt 2014 had started and would run until 12 Oct this year. Kitty is not too late this time because she knows as usual there will be less and less ninja kittens if you are late because some store "sold out". So this time, at least she managed to get 72 out of 73 possible ones.
And Kitty did manage to take some random picture along the way this time during the hunt in the 73 shops...

Kitty arrive at the Little Car Mall by coach...

There are lots of store and Kitty notice the big cube above her immediately.

Not all the stores are in Little Cat Mall and so some travelling around is expected. So is giant bunnies.

You can follow the tips Kitty gave last year here:

Good luck and start your hunt here:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.