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Petit Chat Calella Set

The Calella is a new set from Petit Chat and its going all green for this series consisting of the painting, the table and sofa seats to the carpet. Its also comes with the tray and assorted tablewares but most importantly, it comes with... Chocolates!

There is no better way to enjoy life than to have a little picnic on her own with the Calella set. Kitty had placed a simple table and seat and the carpet, well, she is definitely going to use it as the picnic mat. It doesn't get dirtied anyway. Kitty is going to have nice hot chocolate on the table as well as on the floor too! And of course, lots of chocolate on both places.

Here is a close up of the table were you can see the texture of the wood even in bright like. The spectrum of green on the carpet makes it perfect for the sand because at least Kitty is not going to lose it in a patch of green grass or something...

Lying down and enjoy a cup of chocolate is one of the greatest joy in life. But of course having more solid chocolate bits is going to be even better, right? The hot chocolate can also be keep warm in the flask but Kitty doubt it would get any colder in this hot weather.

We are missing the center piece which is the beautiful painting to set the mood. Kitty is not going to put it on the sand, so she would put it near the picnic area so that she can look at it while she is having her chocolate. But for you, this might sit well on the plain walls of your hall or even the shelter walkway where a little zen from the greenery would add some enlightenment to life.

You can find it, try it and buy it all at Petit Chat Main Store:

Bare Rose Suireen C3

The Suireen C3 from Bare Rose is a beautiful fairy like dress with little wings and every themed with blueish water and lotus flowers.

There is no better place to have it showcase right over the waterfront for the Suireen C3. The dreamy dress us mainly in blue, with some white on the sides and top. The outfit comes with a pair of petal like wings which matches the lotus style on the dress and a lotus flower headdress to complete the look. This is the perfect water fairy outfit for the scene.

Here is a close up of the sleeves, the hem pieces as well as the cute little wings on the back. You can tell a lot of effort had been put in to make this outfit goes together with the lotus flower theme throughout.

You will find the Suireen C3 at the Mesh section of Bare Rose today:


AvaGirl Autumn Fairy

The Autumn Fairy is the latest release from AvaGirl and it is an exclusive release for the Dazzle event. The outfit consists of a main top with a leaves dress, bundled with a pair of leave like wings and vines for bracelets!

The Autumn Fairy is a complete outfit that stands out even among a sea of flowers and here you can see the Autumn leaves on the dress totally shines with the flaming red among the yellow little petals. The wings of the fairy is bento compatible and it will animates accordingly to your bento poses or AO.

The dress is made of a curtain of red and yellow leaves which is both sexy and original. You will also notice the vines on arms as well, which give the feeling that you are actually a living plant! This is the perfect look for a poison ivy cosplay!

The back view of the outfit fully display the 2 pairs of leave like wings which flaps in its full glory at any times. The adds more realism to the fairy look of the outfit.

The Autumn Fairy is an exclusive and is only available at the Dazzle event now from AvaGirl:

AvaGirl Modern Chic and Diamond Ring Collar

AvaGirl bring 2 new collars to the scene at The Darkness Event and both of them comes with 26 Bento animations!

The Diamond Ring comes in a nice selection of colors for the belt as well as the ring changable from the simple HUD above.

The Modern Chic collars comes in Gold or Silver with or without the chain. The design is simple and does not over complicates any outfit you may already be wearing. If the gold is too shiny, you can always try out the silver version instead.

The Diamond Ring comes with a simple belt holding a center ring together. It is simple, but with the selection of colors, you should be able to make everyday a colorful one without much repetition. Both collars supports the latest 7.3 OpenCollar and RLV.

You will find both collars for sale over at The Darkness event today:

AvaGirl Harley Dress and Heels

AvaGirl has a set of new release for The Darkness event and it is the Harley Dress which comes with a matching Heels and they come prefitted for most of the mesh bodies.

The user friendly HUD for the leather dress comes in 10 colors it is a wide spread which spans from white to black and many colors in between.

The Harley dress comes with a stringed side which makes the dress extra sexy and paired with the cross laced heels it just radiates a sexy aura of power. Kitty loves this black combination, but this is not the only color she love.

Try something brighter and lighter and you may find yourself in a different mood altogether. The simplicity of just have 2 pieces and you have a complete outfit is tempting without the complexity of fitting and putting on so many pieces.

The Harley set is available at The Darkness event so make sure you get it before its gone:

Beloved Jewelry Walkeri Choker and Necklace

Beloved Jewelry has 2 new jewelry for you on your lovely neck and it is a beautiful choker or necklace or maybe even both! As before, the Walkeri comes with a big selection of gems, pearls for the big gems and little bits. You can also change the metal of the jewelry piece from the HUD or simply by clicking on the item itself.

 The Walkeri Choker is a simply but attractive piece which you can see here, even despite all the confusing outfit and background. The gem in red simply out shine everything else. In additional, you can clearly see the little leave shape which is just the thing for this season!

If you prefer something lower than the choker, try the Walkeri Necklace instead. It features the same leave shape piece with the center gems, but in 2 chains that goes well around your neck. Alternative to red, you can try other cool colors such as blue or black which gives a much cooler feeling to the Autumn wind.

You can get the Walkeri Choker and Necklace as well as other jewelry pieces from this series from the Beloved Jewelry booth at Dazzle event:

Beloved Jewelry Walkeri Bracelet and Bento Ring

For your beautiful hands, Beloved Jewelry has 2 treats that will make them even more stunning with the Bento Ring and the Bracelets, both featuring the Autumn leave design, a center piece gem with a big selection of 33 gemstone, 22 pearls and even 12 options for the metals!

No matter what color you choose, there is always something stunning about a bracelet which wraps around your hand gently and a display of little but precious pearls around the center piece. 

Here is a close up where you can see how the beautiful bracelet compliments the plain smooth skin on your hand. If you look closely, you will notice that there is another piece of the other hand, which is the Bento Ring! 

The Bento Ring sits comfortable on the finger and it supports Bento move of course. It radiates a calm and smoothing feeling in blue green and it goes really well with the nail paint. There are so many choices of gems to choose from that you will definitely find what you need!

There are 5 pieces from the Walkeri series, can you guess which one Kitty did not tried? Find the Walkeri Bracelets and Bento Ring at the Beloved Jewelry booth at Dazzle now:

Mani Pedi Harvest Moon

Its pretty nails time again with Mani Pedi with the new Harvest Moon and it comes with 6 colors with little imprints of falling leaves in all shades of Autumn!

If bright red is not really you thing, try a lighter red and you can see that even that it is shiny and pretty especially for this Autumn. What's more is that changing the color is so simple that you can completed it within a few click! 

Who can forget about the leave like green when it comes to the season and Kitty is trying the dark green so that it matches all the green swamp behind her. Her would say it is subtle but definitely not dull.

It would not be any justice if Kitty did not show you the close up of the little leaves on the nail to full showcase this nail polish! Do you love it?

Its time to harvest and you can get the Harvest Moon nail pain from Mani Pedi at the Dazzle booth today:


StoraxTree at Dazzle September 2019

The last 3 pieces of the items from StoraxTree for the Dazzle event is a piece of rug with pumpkins on it, a grand looking cabinets of Autumn plates display and a side table with a illuminating lamp. These are perfect for you little display for the season by anywhere in your living area!

Here is a display of them put together and if you notice, even the purple chair is from StoraxTree actually. The plate display is perfectly placed by the wall and you can lie down to enjoy them seated or even lying down while the table lamp gives you the perfect lighting for examine the beautiful handcrafted plates in details.

Find all of the StoraxTree sales item at the Dazzle event booth now until end of the month:

StoraxTree Purple Autumn

StoraxTree has a long table with a potted plant with purple candles as one of the piece for sale at the Dazzle. Along with this, there is a purple color chair too. Kitty decided that these should be put together. Whether you plan to use them together as a work bench or even if its a simple decorative furniture, the purple pieces goes together as what Kitty named "Purple Autumn".

Look at the beautiful purple going together. The candles even starts to smell of lavender! Now, all is to complete this is some great food on the table.

These 2 pieces from the "Purple Autumn" is available at the Dazzle event from StoraxTree (who also sponsored the event!):

StoraxTree By the Fireplace

Kitty calls these 3 items "By the Fireplace"  set because they are just perfect together. The warm fireplace with optional fire by the corner with the accessories stand, followed by a soft warm chair where you can enjoy your evening, with your latest gadget while your lazy cat just lies in front of the warm flame for her nap, forgetting time.

This is how Kitty pictres it can be placed and sure enough you should agree they fits perfectly. Well, the good news is if you do not agree, you are still free to buy them separately!

Get all the furniture in this "by the Fireplace" set at the StoraxTree booth for the Dazzle event now:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.