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Bare Rose White Nene

Welcome to Kitty's Horror Night and this time, Kitty is going to bring along this white innocent looking White Nene from Bare Rose and show you how it can look fantastic in a eerie environment.

With a good lighting, the pure White Nene can shine even under the pale moonlight and with the cute ribbon, Kitty will not be scared even in this spooky town alone. What? What little girl? There is no little girl! Run!

What is an innocent girl like Kitty doing in a horrifying town like this? But at least the other girl you saw is not following. Aha, a coffee shop, maybe we shall have a cup of coffee here. I am sure the boss will give Kitty with the white ribbon on her hair some discount. What? Oh No! You mean that WAS the boss hanging there! Gross... Luckily the White Nene is not easily stained. Let's go before a zombie pops up.

Ok, this must be the way out. Kitty move easily among the tree in the White Nene easily because it is well fitted for the Maitreya and she glides so gracefully someone might mistaken her for a ghost actually. But does ghost's gown reflect light? The back of the White Nene is both graceful but it can be ghastly if you want it to be in the poor light. What no legs? Kitty has no legs? No! Does that mean? (To be continue... No not really)

Join in the fun and get yourself a nice piece of White Nene at Bare Rose Main Store:

Bare Rose Cirque

The Cirque from Bare Rose is a new fabulous looking outfit, great enough to join the parade at a magical castle and it even comes with its own wings if you need it.

Even in the tranquility of the night, you can feel the shine from this cheerful outfit in white with blue and red strips all over. The colorful yellow ribbons is all over the dress that you cannot miss it. The pair of little wings is covered in blue with red sides, giving it a very unique look which is perfect for this outfit. You even get a cute little hat with this outfit, but because these are separate items, you can always decide to have them on or not.

Let's have a bad view of the Cirque dress and you see yet another huge ribbon which is iconic of many outfit from Bare Rose. It decorate this cute dress with a magic girl feeling. Are you ready to join the parade with Kitty?

You can get the normal version of Cirque here:

Or the Maitreya version (Mr) at:

There is also a C2 version too!


LR Traveler Mace

LR has a rather unique weapon for the We Love Roleplay event this month. Yes, it is not one of those sharp weapons with blades and cutting edge. In fact, it is the Traveler Mace. It comes in a pair complete with a HUD for adjustment.

As you can see the HUD allow you to make adjustment for size and color of various parts of the mace. The belt can be on or off for this special mace too!

When sheathed, the pair of mace sit comfortable by you side almost harmlessly. But if you happen to be an undead, this is going to be a very bad day for you!

The Traveler Mace looks light, but trust Kitty that it hits really hard and you will suffer more than just a few bruises. There are rows of spikes on the hitting end of the mace to make sure it does some extra damage when required.

The Traveler Mace is on promotion at $450L instead of $600L now at the We Love Roleplay event until end of the month:

StoraxTree Patio Furnitures

StoraxTree has 6 new furnitures with the Patio theme and 3 of them are very essentials pieces such as the chair, sofa and the coffee table. Kitty believe every home should have a set, if possible. So why not it be the Patio set?

This is one way you can put all of them together, including the 3 side tables and plants pieces which Kitty will show you later. The first thing you will notice is that the main coffee table has the distinctive "Palm" written on it, so you won't miss the palm theme, especially found on the seat texture as well as the table itself.

From over head, you get the full view of the beautiful tropical texture. This almost makes you feel like you are in a safari house.

The other 3 pieces consists of side tables with the option of having either a green candle or a potted plant beneath it. There is also a unique piece of palm tree with lighting on it.

The side table also have similar texture for its top to go together with the rest of the Patio series. The palm tree will definitely add a wild touch to this furniture set.

If plant is not you fancy, there is always herbal candle in a totally fire safe cage to add to this set. Kitty also notice a secret, the candle is magically and never exhaust itself, meaning you will never need to spend another cent of candles!

The Patio set available at the Dazzle event, at which StoraxTree is also a sponsor of. And this set is also exclusive to this event:


StoraxTree Rug Factory

StoraxTree has a set ofnew rugs and each of them are wildly colored with amazing textures! There are 4 sets of 3 rugs each in the pack, a total of 12 different textures.

Nothing like a sunny afternoon to lay out the rugs so that Kitty can get some tanning done. From flashy red to eco green, there are plenty off choices to choose from. 

This seems like a good selection. Maybe Kitty will just have a sweet nap on it. All the rugs comes with a menu accessible via a click to grow or shrink and even remove the scripts to reduce load.

These amazing rugs and many others are available at the StoraxTree Rug Factory now:

A&A Charis Hair

The Charis Hair from A&A comes in 10 different packs each with its own HUD for selection containing about 16-30 colors each.

How can anyone resist their curiosity to try out the Vampire colors? This comes with quit some selection and this red with black definitely send Kitty to the wild side!

The Rainbow pack come with many shiny colors and there is always no harm trying something different like this blue. Notice how thick the hair is. There is definitely no issue covering your mesh well with the Charis hair.

There are plenty of traditional colors as well and here you can see the cute pony tail of the Charis which require zero effort to maintain.   

Get your Charis Hair from the A&A booth at the Dazzle event today:


Mani Pedi Disco Safari

It is that time of the year to get into some new paint which is not just funky in flashy colors, but themed with animals prints with the Disco Safari from Mani Pedi.

There are a total of 12 different prints and colors and this is one of Kitty's favorite in bright blue. There is also a time to take a walk on the wild side and this is so simple that it is just a click away from the HUD provided.

Like something a little darker? How about the Zebra print here which still shins with neon overtone? I bet even the horses behind is jealous because thy would never have zebra's stripes.

This is an exclusive for the Dazzle event and it is at $130L:


TRS Designs Avril Dress Heart

TRS Design has a new dress at the Dazzle event and it is the Avril Dress Heart which has a nice cute heart design on the chest that nobody will miss on the black back color.

Here we have a really good view of the dress that clear shows the red heart on the black dress and you will also notice the golden stripes near the edge of the dress. Good thing this is in black, I suppose the gas won't fill itself...

Whether is a outing in the sun or just a short bicycle ride along the harbor, there is always a reason for the Avril Dress as it is cheerful and protects you well from the wind and sun. I guess it is also a plus that it is in the 2 favorite colors of Kitty : Red and Black!

The Avril Dress Heart is an exclusive to the Dazzle event of March, so get it soon:


Emerald Couture Wild Side

The Wild Side mini dress from Emerald Couture comes in 7 fantastic colors and this is going to take you on a swing to your wild side with the dashing design.

There is nothing better to be in than the Wild side on such a sunny day by the water front. Can you see the details of Wild Side even from this distance?

If you prefer something darker, you can always consider the Purple Wild Side which is similaryl dashing but with darker prints. Here, you can observer the strings and side of the outfit which give the outfit plenty of depth, but yet perfect for tanning.

If dark is your preference, the Black version would be perfect. Look at how sexy the Wild Side can be! Better get your Wild Side and join Kitty quickly over at the fire pit now!

Check out the other colors available for the Wild Side at the Dazzle event now :

Smash Zebra Whisperer Lipstick

Smash has a new lipsticks and it is really a ride on the wild side with the Zebra Whisperer thats comes in 6 colors for the Catwa head.

Do you think this Blue goes well with the dress? The selection of colors in the Whisperer pack ensure you have something for anything you wear!

You can always try out other colors such as the red here. The Zebra Whisperers comes with white strips just like the Zebras in Africa and you can see how the red colors matches Kitty's eye shadows!

Get the exclusive Zebra Whisperer Lipsticks from Smash today over at the Dazzle event:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.