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Sweet Dream Are Made Of This Hunt

This is a rather unique hunt as it has a very special and different theme from the rest of the hunt you had ever seen. Its about sweet dreams! And it is not surprise that the item you are suppose to look is actually a pillow!

There are quite a few stops where the intended shop does not exist anymore and a few where I simply could not find the item. Well, perhaps its because I had started too late and the item had been removed.

Well, as you can expect there is a big mix and match of soft toys, furnitures and of course pajamas. Let the sleepy time rolls... Meow!

A simple, yet sexy sleeping gown.

Black never fail, especially with some makeup tattoos.

Otherwise, just feel like yourself and let it go with a simple pajama. 

Or when you want to be special, there is always red and a sexy wing to top it off.

There is almost no end to the number of sleeping outfit you can find in this hunt. So, if you like to sleep like Kitty. This is your chance!

Let's do the hunt before its all over!
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Old Egypt Hunt

Crazy Bee had organized another FREE hunt and this time its Old Egypt!

Feel like being a Mummy for a change?

There is no lack of good Egyptian silk like this Cleopatra outfit.

You can look just "normal" Egyptian even if you are not into royalty.

And who said that Kitty can't have elephants in Egypt? Well, anyway, the elephant really does not come in this hunt...

Match yourself against the gods of Egypt and see who are you closest to. Guess which god is Kitty?

Well, there is nothing like a nice cruise along the river Nile and enjoy the night breeze. 

Well, don't hesitate because Egypt doesn't happen twice!
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Rozena Spring Sale 50% off

Rozena is having another 50% sale once again! And this time it is only 4 days! So do not miss it, especially if you like what Kitty looks like. Her skin is from Rozena!

Go now!


e! Eclectic Apparel Closing Down Sales

It is rather sad that there is another store closing down and this time it is e! Eclectic Apparel. Everything in the store is going at L$75 and there is even a final goodbye gift here. Well, Kitty is wearing it and it even comes with a HUd for changing the ribbon and band on the dress!

So, come see for yourself and grab this gift:
Hint : It's just behind Kitty...

Botanica’s A “Mazing Easter” Egg Hunt

Kitty just can't wait for the next Botanica hunt to start and the good news is that is it here now!

And the grad prize is in fact a full Easter Bunny avatar!

 There are also smaller and cuter bunnies for you to grab along the way like this fluffy one which Kitty just refuse to put away.

How about a fancy yellow easter umbrella for the sunny day stroll in the park? Although it does not match Kitty's blue Kimono, the umbrella does serve its purpose on this sunny day.

Whenever you are down, nothing cheers you up better than some balloons and there is some in this hunt it so happens to be. Happy Easter everyone!

After all the Xmas tree we seen... how about a Easter tree? Kitty has one right in front of her house now and you are welcome to come take a look at it anytime!

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.