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Facepalm 1 Year Anniversary Hunt

Faceplam has moved to a new location and is having a 1 Year Anniversary Hunt. All you have to do it to buy those 50 pumpkins for your gifts in the 3 stores they own side by side.

This is one of the pumpkin that you can't miss. And btw, Kitty could not find #33... Maybe it did not exist... :)

Start your hunt now:


Petit Chat's Womanly Charm

The Womanly Charm is the fourth outfit to be featured at the BOSL Fashionweek and it is a nice combo of a sweater and a short skirt in nice leathery finish. There is also a pair of leather high boots to go with it and it is all wrapped in straps!

This most catchy feature of this outfit is perhaps the high boots and I am sure you agree that it steals the show most of the time. The leather straps and buckets are so realistic that you feel like undoing it right?

The item is nice and especially in sims where there is good lighting and you can see it reflect off the top in perfect harmony. Kitty fit nicely into the Womanly Chamr because there are 6 sizes and more in slink and fitted alternatives.

Look at Kitty walk down the catwalk of the Halloween stage. Do you like how the sound the boot make on the hallow stone. It's time to show your womanly charms Kitty!

Grab this item at the BOSL Event:

Petit Chat Regan

The Regan is a horrot themed dress from Petit Chat for the BOSL Fashionweek and for this Halloween! The dress can be soaked in blood or all clean and clear, entirely up to you.

In additional to the dress, Kitty is also wearing a thorn crown as well as holding a crucifix in her arms and wearing another as a collar. Is this outfit scary or not?

Alone in the graveyard late at night, what have you got to be afraid of? Ghosts? There is no such thing as ghosts! Well, except than the one looking at you behind you!

This is a perfectly scary outfit especially in sims with bad lighting. Kitty is sure going to be scary some guts out this Halloween as the Lady in White.

Get your Regan dress at the BOSL event gallery at:

Petit Chat My Way

Petit Chat My Way is a simple dress with a pair of shoe, but there is nothing simple about the look and beauty of it. This is one of the featured outfit Petit Chat has brought to the BOSL Fashion Week.

Although it is only 1 piece of dress with a alpha it doesn't look any less than other dresses in sl. The tweed short dress is attached to the wool cardigan and it is really pretty on its own. But what's more there is a pair of matching color shoes to go with all these.

Here is a close up of the dress and you would agree with me this is a nice and comfortable dress to be in during this Autumn, be it just walking, sitting or even eating a bowl of popcorns.

The dress will still be available at the BOSL event gallery and you can find it easily on the second floor with this link:


Bare Rose Budtunic

The Budtunic is a silky smooth mesh tunic that comes in 3 colors - brown, green and emerald from Bare Rose. It even comes with alphas and a cute pair of walking shoes.

The first color Kitty would love to introduce is the Emerald which is a cross between blue and green. It is very shiny though and truly stands out in the crowd, especially on a sunny day. Because the dress is mesh, you will find that it is much more detailed compared to normal dresses.

The Budtunic comes in green too and it is a good outfit to be in when taking a little walk in the forest and stream. Of course, what Kitty is doing is not the best advice as you never know if the shoe is waterproof. However, notice the little cap on the head and the waist band? Those comes with the outfit too! Green is the perfect dress to be in playing hide and seek among the grasses.

The last color os brown, but it is hardly dull as dark as one would expect with a color as brown. It is almost silvery in the right light and with the same amount of detail texture on it.Here is another good look at the "artist" cap which Kitty calls. Doesn't it look cute on Kitty? I would on your too! If you are not convinced, then let the little length of cap on the shoulders convince you.

Budtunic is available on the New Release boards at Bare Rose now at $190L with all 3 colors. That is almost like getting 3 dresses for the price of one. There is also a flat version for you girls with smaller bust size too! So what are you waiting for?

Visit Bare Rose to buy this fantastic outfit:

Bare Rose Halloween Masquealace

Bare Rose is a very unique store that has very cheap outfit at under $200. Well most of them anyway. Kitty has known of Bare Rose even in the days when Kitty is at Freebies Dungeon. But today Kitty has bought a lot from Bare Rose because they do have many unique Japanese style outfit and they look really good. Kitty has one good news to share. She is finally blogging for Bare Rose starting today and her first outfit would be the Halloween Masquealace, a pretty dress made for this Halloween with a Masquerade style mask and a scarf that comes in 3 colors!

The dress itself is made from good quality texture that definitely shows when you are dancing with it in a ballroom. The high stockings and boots is best fitted especially if you have long legs like Kitty. She can show off the skirts so well in a dance and the cute little mask could hide her true identity.

Here is a close up of the dress showing its vibrant colors of purple, orange and red. Can you feel the laces on the skirt? The complete outfit comes in almost 20 pieces including alphas from the nice boots all the way to the mask and gloves. This is a must for this year's party if you do not want to look scary like everyone else, but something different, elegant and pretty!

Here is a close up of the beautifully hand-made top with buttons and laces. You can even see the mask in good detail in this picture. Even of having such a pretty Masquerade outfit? This can be yours as this item is for sale now on the Bare Rose Mani HQ at $190L. This is the Halloween special edition, so do not confused this with the normal Masquealace there!

Get your own Halloween Masquealace at:


Free Bird Name-the-Dead Gravestone Gacha Free-For-All

Free Bird is having another Free-For-All Gacha event and this time they are giving away gravestones literally! There are 23 designs to get and you can pick up one every 4 hours! This will run until 27 Oct, so hurry!

Grab yours at Free bird:

Bare Rose Sugar Awakens Mini Hunt

Bare Rose has a new hunt up and it is call Sugar Awakens! Meet cute sugar characters and have a adventure through 4 hunt locations plus a bonus right at the end. As always, Bare Rose hunt is always with a nice story.

If you are clever like Kitty, you will be able to solve the additional bonus location and you get the Sugar Saber, the cute character head dress as well as the Rolcake floater. Perfect for the Halloween as well without the risk of Diabetes!

And here is Kitty with the float and complete outfit!

But do not wait too long, the hunt only last until 6 Nov! Start now at Bare Rose:


Brii Gabriele Demon

The Gabriele Demon Style is a full red, hot and sexy outfit from Brii Underground Wear. It comes complete with accessories including shoes, horns, wings and tail! This is the perfect outfit to be hot and wild this Halloween. And guess what? This is now FREE from Brii as a member's gift!

Normally, it would be a problem wearing only bra and panties and walking around. But not in this case, since this is too sexy and hot to be judge so. The wings and tail are really realistic too. This being red means that it will never grow old. This is good for Halloween, Xmas as well as Valentine's Day! That makes it good for the whole year around!

The tattoo are also what makes this outfit so bad. That is bad girl in a good way! It won't be fun to have a goodie demon would it? Save this picture, it will last forever and stop staring at Kitty! :)

Get this outfit from Brii Underground Wear today before its gone:

Petit Chat's Dream On

Dream On is a new dress from Petit Chat that feature a long red gown with a entwined black scarf over the top. It comes with a full set of accessories including necklace, bracelet, earrings and ring. All of which are in black pearl. Kitty feel this is a rather familiar look similar to dress of India.

The Black on Red combination always works and even better for Kitty. Look at how elegant and mysterious this is on the cool dark evening! If you look under the moonlight, you can even feel the pale moonlight reflect off the silky texture of the dress.

This is another picture showing you how smooth and detail the texture of the dress looks under even the dimmest of light. Kitty is literally bathing in the moonlight wearing Dream On.

Did I mentioned that there are lots of Black Pearl on the accessories. This show you just how much there are on the necklace, earrings and bracelet! The accessories goes well with the Dream On outfit, but it does not limit you to just wear it with Dream On. You are more than welcome to wear it with the rest of your dresses!

Dream on is one of the dress sold at the BOSL International Fashionweek and will be here for 1 month.

Grab your Dream On at :


The Femdom Hunt VI

This is the 6th run of the Femdom Hunt and Kitty maybe had done it before and maybe not... The item as concentrated on Femdom items and many of them are furnitures. However, if this is your first hunt, I would suggest you try something else as this Femdom is consider quite hard for some locations.

But if you decided not to take my advice and continue anyway, here is some tips for this hunt:

  1. Make sure you check if there are teleportors around. Some locations are hard because you are searching in the wrong place. You might actually need to use the teleportors and they are not as friendly as other hunt where they will tell you that you actually need to tp.
  2. When you are sure you in the right area and still cannot find the item, make sure you look INSIDE some of the furnitures and items. Some can be open etc. There are quite a few locations where the hunt item is hidden in other prims.
  3. According to the hunt regulation, the item should be 30m from the sign. Which shouldnt be hard at all. Except, which sign? If you cannot find the item nearby, check for another sign. It could be 30m near THE OTHER SIGN!
Kitty may or may not do the next one next year if there is one because some shops is threatening to ban people who derender items during the hunt. Kitty feel that it is totally not fair that they can hide the hunt item inside other prim and yet players are not allow to derender prim. Btw, like as if they would know in the first place. The overall experience was just pretty hostile even from the admins.

So if you ask, Kitty would suggest you go do another hunt and have more fun instead, except Twisted though, those people did not want you to win the hunt either!

Locations, Hints and Info:

Premium Member Halloween Gifts

There are new Halloween gifts for Premium members being release and it is a drone and ghost avatars (male and female). Grab them from one of those Kiosks listed here:

But even if you are not a Premium member, there are other FREE gifts too... Time to grab them off the marketplace now:

There are also fun rides and LL has picked up one of them here:

Free entry and who knows, you might catch Kitty there!


The Haunted Mortuary Gacha Tag

This is a must join event and it will only have an hour or so at most if you quickly go through it. Unlike other treasure hunt, this one, you do not need to spend much effort in finding the item. It is usually right where you land or at least near by.

The Urn is the item you need to click. But before all that let's go back to the start on how this all begins...

It all started on a stormy night and Kitty got an invitation to the Mortuary (well actually I do not think anyone would turn up, but Kitty is always curious)... By the way, there is a place to hang your coat and you can get a umbrella for the rain inside...

It turns out that there is a funeral... And Kitty is invited because she is... Death... Well let's get to it... but wait that is this? A HUD? To visit more places? Kitty wonder where does all these places lead to... And there is a torchlight too... Cool. Great for making scary faces and blinding your friends with it.

It turns out that the HUD leads to stores which run gacha and at each store, if you click the urn, you will be tag and given a "trick" prize of a "trick" prize. Well there are some exception. But each avatar is only allow to play through this once no matter how many HUD you have.

And that is not all. Each location has running gacha where you can play and buy. You might get rare coupons too! After you complete all the locations, go to the bonus room to collect more. Wow the bonus area is cool right?

Seems like there is still a need to visit the coupon area which is conveniently a cemetery... This is where the rare coupons comes in. Find the tombstone of that vendor, hold your coupon and claim your prizes.

Kitty can only say.. WOW. What a Hunt! Trust me, this will be one very unforgettable hunt!

Gacha that you can (pay and) play:

Full instructions on how to start and what to do:


The Kinky Halloween 4 Hunt

This is a 43 stops hunt and all the stops are verified working by Kitty. There are lots of nice, naughty and kinky items for grab for this coming Halloween. It will never be bored.

However, take note that #1 and #16, there is only 1 prize and the 4 hints leads to 3 decoys and 1 exact prize.

LMs and Hints:

Start you hunt today before its it over:

Medieval Fantasy Hunt XIV - Story of Salem

This is a high quality hunt which has ran for the 14th time and Kitty manage to finish this before it is over in Oct. Well, you can too if you hurry.

To help you out, Kitty had realized that the following stops are not working:
#14 #20 #33

The prizes should be very very nice and Kitty so wish to show them, but there are too many hunts and too many Halloween celebrations... so off to another hunt she goes...

Hints and LMs:

Start your hunt here:


PrimPossible The Limitless Living Room

The Limitless Living Room from PrimPossible is a 1 Prim Living Room including sofa, love seat, tables, lamp, books on top of the rug with shadows. On top of this, the adult version comes with 600+ animations too! There are 5 main category of design and multi more variation under each, so there is surely one that you will like!

The Limitless Living Room comes with a nice detail rug and you can easily put it into a corner of your house like what Kitty did. She really enjoy having these much furniture at just 1 prim!

The Love Sofa, if Kitty must use 1 word to describe... It would be comfortable! See how Kitty is relaxing on the big sofa on her own!

Of course if you prefer a  brighter design, you can try this one which Kitty is using now. And guess what her friend shared a secret with her... There is no animal hurted in the making of the rug... It is not REAL zebra skin! :)

There are many poses around the living room and not all of them have you sitting on the sofa all the time. Enjoy the rug too, it is soft and warm even in the winter. Sit around and have nice chats with your closest friends!

Well, if you enjoy lying around and purring with friends like Kitty, then you will love this living room a lot. Kitty can spend her whole day lying around and joking and giggling with her friends about everything! 

There are other items you can rez including laptop and other stuff. Of course, one good idea is to have the sofa at the TV. Kitty is enjoying a scary horror flick with her friend for this Halloween. Plan to join us?

You can get this Adult Version of the Limitless Living Room at the marketplace at a discounted price of $950L now:

Check out a life demonstration at the PrimPossible store:


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