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Medieval Fantasy Hunt

I wanted to do this hunt ever since I saw the poster a long time ago, but the problem was when the holiday season started, I got carried away with too many holiday theme hunts. But I am glad I did not forget and came back to this again and manage to complete it.

As I did not have time to really open up all the gifts due to the holidays, I will leave you to check out the official blog and see for yourself. Hurry, its ending soon!

See the links and hints:

Christmas at Mirai no Sanctuary

This year had been fast and there are simply far too many hunts going on for this Christmas that I must say that I wish I could had completed more. But whatever the case, Christmas is all about the spirit and I did my very best to decorate and make my humor home a nice place for the holiday!

Using one of snow emitter I manage to make my Linden Home snow and its really look great even outside. The Christmas Tree was a grand prize from a previous hunt and I even had a sign post with dance poseballs in case anyone wanted to dance on it.

As I did not have much prims, I had to make full use of it and this fireplace is a fine 6 prims only, excluding the log and fire and the stocking! But the good news is both of them are free and low in prim as well.

With some help from marketplace, I manage to find some cheap and low prim items to decoreate the rest of my place, including the floor mat, the snow emitter (different from the one outside, but still 1 prim) as well as the snow prints on my windows.

I know this post may be late, but anyway, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Tentacle Addicts Hunt 3: Leave Nothing Untouched

Just completed the this hunt with lots of naughty tentacles fun items for prizes. For a detail on the prizes, please see the link below.

I really apologize for posting this so late because I had been away for the holidays on other commitment, but just like the TAH2 and 1, the hunt items are somewhat of a certain good quality that will not disappoints you.

Start hunting now, 1 day left!

Thanks for the Mammaries Hunt

This is a rather weird hunt as most of the stuff are meant for girls with really huge boobs... But in any case, its one of my freaky Fridays, so I did the hunt and I best try to look good in some of the gears.

As usual, there is always a red dress.

Now at least this tight fitting black seems alright for me. Sad to say some of the outfit, I had to skip because they are simply design for very huge rack.

This New Year Eve gown is perfect for tomorrow!

And some nice lingerie are in the hunt too. Basically do not expect any nice and clean prizes. Everything is naughty and fun for this hunt!

See the links, hints and prizes all at one place:

Kiyomizu Winter Treasure Hunt 2012

Once again Kiyomizu is running a Winter Hunt for 2012 with the ninja cats hiding all over the stores. I only manage to find time for it today and completed it coming in #12 place on the list. 

Well, sometimes its not all about winning especially when some of the cats had been withdrawn meaning that 76 is the max I could get now. 

I would love to post some pictures of the prizes, but I had too many post stacked up so I would leave this here as it is, but trust me the prizes are good especially since many of them are from Japanese designers. I would post the prizes in another post when I find the time.

Start you hunt for this here:

Look for the big cube with the hunt logo and open the webpage after clicking on it.


Last Chances for Calendar Gifts

Many stores offers gifts for the past 12 or 24 days and rolling out each day a new freebie item. But some stores are rather better, they do allow you to get all the items you missed as well, so on the last day before Christmas, I had a list here for you!

This will be your last change to grab then while you can!

[dirty.little.secret] - Watch it, some items are not free, but $10L


Timeless Textures

#24 (2 of them) is here:

Kittycat Mainshop

KittycatS Winterland


Free Christmas Gifts from Petit Chat

Petit Chat is giving away 3 sets of swimwear for this Christmas and I thought I will cover them briefly here.

The first set is red flashy pair which is great for the season, although do note that Kitty's nipple slip is by no means deliberate. 

There is also a simple striped blue tank top for covering you while you are not in the water to prevent against catching a cold. In fact this blue tank look greats with the green bikini next.

Last but not least, a nice bikini set is included as a gift and I think for once something green look good on Kitty.

And where would you expect to find presents? Under the Christmas Tree silly! Merry Christmas and do not forget to grab your gifts here.

Get them beneath the Christmas Tree at:

Petit Chat's Down by the Water

Once again, I get to model for a long skirt from Petit Chat. The fact was I won this from the store and although dated, it still a nice dress for any occasion. 

I had decided to pose this with this custom backdrop for the first time because I think it is nice to have this dress against sometime warm, especially in the cold winter.

It seems that Kitty has a rather small waist and I had edited the dress for her and this is a close up showing the full outfit in its best. Down by the Water also comes in a Babydoll version as well as a miniskirt version from the store.

See all of them at :

A Very Demonic Christmas Hunt Part 2

I promised I would do one more post to cover some of the great items of this hunt and here it is, however, I find myself unable to cover even 50% of it. :( But at least there is a page to link to in order to see all of the prizes. Maybe I should write to them and ask if they want Kitty to model for them? 

Yet another full Winter scene with reindeer, Xmas tree and snowman. A must for deco unless you are a prim poor girl like Kitty.

And why not a nice Xmas tree to add t othe night. Doesn't it looks fantastic in the dark?

An inferno seat to chill up or should I say heat up the evening with your friends over some cold, maybe hot beer? 

This is the outfit call Scrooge. I am not sure if it was designed for a girl, but Kitty certainly looks great in it!

And this photo is a mix of a few prizes together to form an outfit. NTocie the tattoo on my tummy, that is a prize too and it comes in a few options.

And there is nothing more hot and Kitty in a hot outfit!

I do wish to cover more of this hunt, but I really love the prizes. In fact, maybe I will, but due to the fact that Christmas is drawing near and I had lots of commitment for SL and RL for Xmas, I tend to be too busy. Not to mention that there are lots of other hunts ending soon and I wanted to complete them. 

So check out the other prizes at:

And start your hunt here:

A Very Demonic Christmas Hunt Part 1

I had seen this poster since September and that's the problem, I do not really remember it until now. But I am glad I remember because the prizes are really nice and good for a change from the traditional Christmas gifts for the season.

Here are some of the prizes:

This snow scene with poseballs is one of the prizes but it took 47 prims to rez which I can barely afford.  

Another picture of the snow scene, but its a great addition if you have a homestead and above for this coming Christmas.

And yet one more Santarina costume, but with a twist.

A cute snowman Pyjamas is one of the gifts as well.

A nice Christmas theme black gown and a hollow wreath are 2 of the prizes given.

For some reason, #19 seem not to work for me, although it was shown as working on the links. Take note.

See the official pages for prizes:

Check out the hints here:

There are simply too many prizes to list and I will leave some to other posts to save loading time.


A Very Happy Holiday Kitty!

Wishing Everyone a Very Happy Holiday!

Have you seen this doll in sl?

I love Red Flowers too!

Hurry, before someone else see me...!

OK, I Love Penguin too... Merry Christmas! May 2013 be a better year for EVERYONE!


EOL of Phoenix

The once famous Third Party Viewer - Phoenix is finally coming to the end of life. It's not that I hate it for any reason, but I had been preaching for people to upgrade to Firestorm because Phoenix totally ruined SL because it will display avatars with bald head and single color outfit where people had spend $L buying the beautifully MESH accessories. OK, maybe I hate Phoenix. :) But at least I have a valid reason to.

While Phoenix had served the public for years in the past, technology had finally caught up with it and they support team finally made the decision to drop all support for it from 1st Jan 2013 onwards including the download links from the main page. It will however be still downloadable from their wiki. Of course you can still change to another viewer besides than Firestorm.

See other 3rd Party Viewer:

Here is their official statement:

To be clear
-We are ending support for the Phoenix Viewer on Dec 31st, 2012.
-If you are a Phoenix user we recommend you migrate to a peer-to-peer help group created for Phoenix users:“Phoenix Viewer Self Help.”

- We are NOT forcing you to use Firestorm! If you don't want to use Firestorm, there are a few V1 alternatives out there. Check out theLL Third Party Viewer Directory.
- We are NOT telling you not to use Phoenix Viewer.
- We are NOT blocking Phoenix Viewer from logging in.
- We are NOT breaking Phoenix!
- You MAY continue to use Phoenix as long as you want, but be aware.. it will become more and more deprecated over time.
- LL is not intentionally killing Phoenix but be aware, there are changes coming in the new year that will break some key aspects of its usability.

I would like to stress that the last point links to a Avatar Baking service will be rolling out in 2 months time. While this feature will improve the baking of avatars for everyone else, it is likely for Phoenix that avatar will no longer bake properly or even bake at all! This is a might good reason to dump Phoenix for good.

While Firestorm has its cons too, it seems like a might great reason to upgrade your PC too. Currently on Windows 8, I can assure you that Firestorm works properly on it. In terms of graphics requirement, I found that a ATI HD 6670 is a really good buy because not only is it great for SL, it is also able to handle all the features (not extreme graphics though) on graphically intensive games such as Guild Wars 2 etc.

Read about the ATI Radeon HD 6670 here:

I do not know about the exact price, but it seems from NewEgg that this card is available from USD$69.90 onwards. Of course if you can afford more, go for the HD 7770 or a even higher card! Yes, crazy Kitty spend a LOT on her HD 6970...


Leather or Lace Erotic Xmas

I had noticed this poster for a long long time before it actually started... I think that is one problem with hunts which announced too early. By the time the hunt started, everyone had gotten tired of waiting or had totally forgotten it altogether. In any case, I only recently completed this hunt, whatever that is working that it. 

There are a lot of broken links and many shops are not participating in the hunt as agreed, so I strongly advise everyone to keep to the webpage for all links because that should be the latest and most updated links. P.S. Although there was no mentioned about the last location broken, I was not able to find the prize there. 

Although you should already know, this is a ADULT only hunt and it will bring you to adults sims and stores. If you are not comfortable, you should avoid this hunt. Let's see some of the hunt prizes!

Red, Lace and Christmas. What could go wrong? Although I already had like 5 Santarina's outfit, I do not mind having one more.

I did warned you there will be some nudity in this post. Oh, I didn't? Ok, then the warning starts now. Anyway, this blue lacey semi-nude lingerie will definitely set some hearts pounding very quickly. 

If you are more into tight fitting lingerie, there is one in the prizes which makes it looks like you have laces all over your body. A perfect way to show your bf why he should give you those $L for getting a perfect skin. :)

If you are into just bras and panties, there is a green set here that looks good on most people, except Kitty, because somehow she doesn't like green. But in any case, she tried her best to show you how the outfit will look like.

And for those will a little more exotic taste, there is always black with nice leggings and gloves. Just look at all the laces and detail textile. I think its worth every cent buying this. Wait, tis FREE now! Hohoho :)

Well that is not to say everything in this hunt is naughty. Some of them are decently sexy and you can wear them around in sl like this red complete outfit with boots. Everything that needs to be covered are.

There are a few more red outfit and I will show one more here. Do note that modeling in the middle of the road is dangerous. Kids, do not try this at home.

For those naughty days at the beach, there are more semi nudes beach wears such as the above. I guess the effect seems to be there, but I do not think the original design was not to show your nipples at the nude beach, but you get the idea.

This black sophisticated outfits is perfect for dancing and a full lacey stockings is probably going to get your anyone's attention you desire.

For the more SM loving fans, there are suits for mistresses as well. Now, adding a whip to this would be the perfect touch.

Do not slam me for animals cruelty, but there is one leopard skin as well in the prizes and I must say this must be such a controversial picture with Kitty wearing fur! This is sl. No animals (in RL) is harmed in the making of this outfit (I hoped). And thanks Ars for this picture which was contributed by her. Kitty looks sexy, don't you think so? 

Hunters, start here:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.