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Brii Jaciema

The Jaciema might be simple as it comes with only a few pieces, but nevertheless it is a complete outfit from Brii Underground Wear and it is suited for most casual occasions.

The Jaciema comes with most mesh bodies and 5 sizes to fit everyone. It also comes with a pair of Slink shoe and best of all, this is a FREE gift now at Brii Underground Wear.

 Close up, the little golden studded pieces on the dress shines beautifully and accompanied by the Inifinity Belt Chain, it is perfect.

Grab this free gift while it last at:

Brii Jucana Black

The Jucana from Brii Underground Wear is a nice summer style black outfit with lots of accessories and full support for mesh body and Slink high feet.

The dress is cooling and give you plenty of room to show off you nice curves and long legs. There is even a pair of sunglasses for you too look cool even under the hot sun.

I did mention this is cooling and you get to tan you back actually, except for the little laces across it. Its time to get some toning done!

Find Jucana Black at Brii Underground Wear or look out for the Pink and Choco version as well at:

Otogi Emaki - Japanese Fairy Tales Quest

The Otogi Emaki is a Japanese Fairy Tale Quest which is held at the Milky Kimono Sim and it features all the favorite and well known fairy tales which you can now be part of it and you get to have many nice prizes too!

First, you need to grab yourself a FREE HUD to start. Choose either Japanese or English here:

Then you will need to look for sign boards like this one which starts one of the 8 stories in the quest.

In your quests, you will be part of many fairy tales and you will even help the crane makes clothes.

Or fight the ghosts with the dog, monkey and pleasant as Momoko! (You can't expect a girl like Kitty to be called Momotaro right?)

Ride the turtle to the fabled under water palace and lost 200 of your years!

Dance with the underwater princess... bear? LOL

Do some community work and help clean up the sakura petals!

Start your hunt today at Milky House:

Official Blog (in Japanese) :


Brii Jenifari Pink

The Brii Jenifari is a Punk rock style complete outfit which comes in Black, Blue and Pink. Today Kitty is going to show you how much a rebel Pink can be!

This outfit comes with complete accessories as you can see here and you can totally tell this is all ready to ride. 

This is a mesh friendly outfit and it fits into most mesh bodies with appliers too. AS such, feel free to relax and it doesn;t exhibit prim issues in almost all poses. So just enjoy yourself and be free!

Get the Jenifari Pink from Brii Main Store:

Brii Jaciaba Red

The Jaciaba is a Post Apocalypse outfit from Brii Underground Wear and it comes in 3 different color including Red, Black and Blue.

The Jaciaba is a sexy outfit with chains,bands and high boots with other accessories which you can optionally put on of off. The great thing about this outfit is that it comes with support for most mesh bodies like Omega, Slink etc. 

Can you see how well this fits into post apocalypse theme whether it is just a dress up party or roleplay. This is a definite reason to be making good use of your mesh bodies and it comes in different sizes too to fit otherwise.

Get the Jaciaba from Brii Main Store:

Petit Chat Daisies Necklace

Ever want to have a chains of cute little follows on your neck? Now is your chance with the Petit Chat Daisies and it is FREE. Yes! This is a free gift at the ROSS Event!

A picture says more than a thousand words and this is exactly the case. Do you want to look cute like Kitty or not?

Visit the ROSS Event and you cna check out the Sophia Heels if you have miss it too:

Visit ROSS and grab your free gift:

Petit Chat Love Paris Dress

The Love Paris is a set of dress from Petit Chat for the WomenStuff 2016 Event.

The first look you should understand why the dress is named "Love Paris". There is a big Eiffel Tower right on the dress and Kitty is going to show you the dress in the various color available starting with this Peach.

Serenity is a peaceful blue/purple color which is cooling in coloring and definitely for the summer! 

And Rose is such a sweet name that it has to be one of this light reddish color in the serie. Kitty feels the tower really stands out on this color.

Limpet Shell is a favorite from Petit Chat and it is a nice cooling color like Serenity but more vibrant and can you spot the nice texture of the dress in the setting sun?

If there is a color for those coffee break, then it has to be Iced Coffee which is lighten that the typical Americano, but definitely coffee looking. This color goes well with most dark color accessories too. 

Grey does not have to be dull and boring as proven by Love Paris and in fact might just be the right color if you want to be just subtle under the bright sun. 

Brick is exactly what bright red under the sun would be and you can expect nothing less, but it is cleverly accompanied with a lighter tone dress piece so that the color is not just uniformly just red. 

The last color is Anthracite which is nicknamed "Panda" by Kitty because it has Black and White on it and being naturally contrasted, it also makes the top stands out well. The Eiffel Tower is in golden tint to make it visible on the black top. You bet this is one of Kitty's favorite!

Get your favorite "Love Paris" at the Womanstuff 2016 event and tell Kitty what is your favorite color:

LR Gone Fishing

LR Weapons brings you a big surprise this month. Their new product is featured at the Secret Affair and it is... Yes, you would have never guess, a Fishing Rod name Gone Fishing!
Before we even go into the rod itself, lets take a look at the HUD that comes with it and you can start to imagine how many variations of colors you can have with the rod and you get to easily resize and change it anytime you like with the HUD and as often as you want to! The Rod, Handle and Wire as well as the wraps comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from.

The first thing you will notice about the Rod is that there are a lot of colors and you can even customize the size to fit your avatar.

This Pink/Blue color scheme is one of Kitty's favorite which is more feminine and it really makes the whole fishing experience more cute.

But there is more! You actually get a set of LR Divian Bracers to go with this purchase and it comes with its own HUD for resizing as well as coloring it in various colors. The Violet Bracers is pretty on Kitty don't you think?

When sheathed, the Gone Fishing Rod fits nicely on your shoulder. The Rod also comes in 2 damage mode in RP - Sword and Slave which ever is more applicable, so there is a choice.

Grab this fantastic fishing rod from LR at The Secret Affiar event:


Brii Jurandira

The Jurandira from Brii Underground Wear is a prize item in the Brii I Love My Mesh Body Hunt:

It is a complete outfit with 3 pieces that comes in 4 color each, giving you a choice of quite a lot of option. It is easy to configure as it is build for Mesh body and it comes with its own HUD applier.

This is a casual and fun outfit which is very cooling and sexy and highly recommend that you find this item as it is only $1L in the hunt. Of course, do pay attention to other fantastic outfit along the way.

Hunt down the Jurandira at Brii Main Store:

Brii Jacirema

Brii Jacirema is a prize in the Brii I Love My Mesh Body Hunt:

All the prizes are Mesh and this is no exception with support for Omega and Slink.

The top and pants comes in 4 colors and you are free to mix and match them to your fancy. Even the shoe comes in 4 colors and you can use any or all of the outfit together as you see fit.

This is one of Kitty's favorite combination and don't you like the textures on the outfit. This is a great cooling outfit for the summer!

Comes find it at the Brii Main Store:


Bare Rose Batux Lady C2

The Batux Lady C2 from Bare Rose feel like a nice dress made for the nobles and Kitty feels it has a hidden taste of a nice tempting vampire succubus in it too!

So, Kitty put on her Morrigan Wings which doesn't comes with the outfit, but no doubt it does fits the outfit perfectly and instantly transform Kitty into a noble vampiress! You should not have problem finding these wings on the market place.

Like other Bare Rose outfit, the texture is detailed and feel realistic and it fits perfectly. And in almost any position too. Look at how cute Kitty is even when sited with the Batux Lady C2. The red blends perfectly with her wings and hair as well as the background.

And special efforts were put in to make the dress pretty and bat like as you can see from the back how the pieces of the dress looks like wings of the bat. And not to mention there is also a nice leather high boots with go with this red outfit.

Come feel the temptation of this fantastic outfit at the Bare Rose Main Store:


Bare Rose Milkyway

Milkyway is a new release from Bare Rose that is a fantasy based outfit and is it like nothing else and simply out of this world! 

The outfit is in bright yellow and purple and it has even includes a Hagoromo which are the flying silk robes which is generally featured in Eastern goddess. Milkyway is definitely the look of a modern goddess with the mini skirt, robes, ribbon and a tiara to top it up.

Here is a close up of the sparkling look of the Milkyway. You might want to put on your shades because it is so bright and shiny. Ever wonder how it feels like being a Chinese Fairy or Japanese Goddess? This is your chance!

This is a view of the back of the Milkyway where you can see the nice yellow ribbons with transparency over the purple silk robes. Don't you think the back of the outfit is already enough reason for you to stop and look! 

This fantastic goddess outfit is available at Bare Rose Main Store:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.