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Bare Rose Lady Thorn C4

When a item goes into version 4, you can be sure it is popular! The same can be said for Lady Thorn C4, which of course had undergone C1...C3 before. And this time it is in a pink / magenta color with a high detailed ball dress. 

Going for a ball dance or nobles fair soon? The Lady Thorn is definitely going to make an impression. Why this is call Lady Thorn could be that it got inspiration from the Rose. That is Kitty's guess anyway. But notice the thorny vines on the dress, it does makes Kitty look like the most beautiful rose in the garden.

There will be no justice if Kitty does not show you a close up of the sleeves and beautiful texture on the dress. So here it is. Does the dress feel like petals of a Rose?

Speaking of Rose, do you notice there is a big Rose right in the center as the chest piece of the dress? Guess that literally makes Kitty the Rose Princess. not convinced? The cute tiara on Kitty's hair should be enough an evidence.

The Lady Thorn C4 is available at Bare Rose and although this is not the Mr version, Kitty had it on her Maitreya body, so it would work, rest assured. Grab it now:

Petit Chat Flash Group Gift

On 28th and 29th... If you are a member of Petit Chat, you actually can get the Vision gown free. It comes with a fantastic long gloves which you can wear separately and there is a mesh comb that goes with it.

The group cost $50L to join and if you are interested, it will only be for 2 days at:

kitty had blogged the Vision Gown in another post:


Free Dove Mini Hunt 2018

Free Dove is holding another mini-hunt for Jan and there is only a few days left. Kitty had a chance to visit it and there are 30 items which can be found. There are 3 makers for the hunt, but you wont find all the items in the main store. Find the first 6-7 and the rest are all in their respective store, giving a total of 10 from each store.

This is one of the hunt which is really free, but you need a group which is also free. So no cost is involved. Well check out the freebies at Free Dove too, some of them are quite good in fact.

Start your hunt before it is too late as it will end on 31 Jan 2018:

Bare Rose Battle Sailor

The Battle Sailor is one of the latest release from Bare Rose and it is a combination of a sailor school uniform with a battle outfit. It comes in 2 colors as well in the same package.

If you first impression of a battle outfit is going to be bulky, ugly and such, you should be surprised here because it has all the cuteness of the school uniform from high stockings to cute ribbons from head to...,well not toe, but at least to the kneel.

The Battle Sailor also features very high flowing dress which makes it easy to move around in sporty activities. However, Kitty find that it can be really sexy too at times. Especially on a windy day.

What is battle without the weapon. Kitty had decided that posing with katana is a good way to show you how the outfit is going to look and it is a total killer, literally. All components you see here are in the outfit, except the katanas of course.

There are 2 version of the outfit, one in purple which you had seen above and the other in red here. Look at the huge ribbon. I bet you have the urge to pull it, but do remember this is the Battle Sailor... pull at your own risk.

You can find the Battle Sailor at Bare Rose along with other variations, such as for LOLA, flat etc:


Petit Chat Jane Glasses

The Jane Glasses is a new release from Petit Chat for The Underdog Event and it is a generic sunglass which you can bring along any sunny days!

The HUD include allows you to customize the metal and the color of the frame of the Jane Glasses and you can even change the opacity of the shades too.

This is the first customization by Kitty which is not all dark and you can see her captivating eyes even from the 50% lens. Do you like the pink and black combination on the frame? 

If dark is your think, you can always try 0% and you can get a really opaque shade on the Jane Glasses. Kitty tried another combination with the frame. Do you prefer this more?

The Jane Glasses is available at The Underdog Event from now till 16 Feb 2018:


Bare Rose Ouhirume Mr

Once in a while, Bare Rose will release a fantastic oriental goddess outfit and the Ouhirume is the one for this month. There is something really special about this outfit... Why go to the shrine when you can bring the shrine to you? There is a full environment of shrine and artifact that accompany wherever you go to!

This is the full set of accessories, complete with Maitreya Autohide is you are on the Mr MESH edition. Just the environment is already so impressive it is the center of attraction.

The outfit comes complete with everything you see here from the head to toe and even the rotating aura is part of the outfit of Ouhirume.

Here is a more serious look of the goddess and you can tell how much details there is on the outfit. Is Kitty the goddess you had always wish to meet?

The Halo rotates on its own and it is so bright that the night will never be dark again. Also notice the nice great ribbon which is both cute and so iconic of Japanese outfit. If you look close enough, you might notice that Kitty is still the cat in a goddess costume though. But You won't mid would you?

Get the Ouhirume and be the goddess you always wanted to be today from Bare Rose Main Store:

Bare Rose S.L.Raider Lady Mr


The S.L.Raider Lady is a new release from Bare Rose that comes in two colors Blue and Red in the same package and it doesn't cost you extra. There is even a pair of sunglasses with it to add to the coolness.

The Blue Raider Lady fit perfectly with most cool scene. Kitty is posing with her cool pink sport car and this is definitely the way to look cool even in this winter.

A close up of the outfit and you can feel the texture of the premium leather and the nice fitting pair of high boots that comes with it. Care to buy a drink for Kitty?

The view from the back shows how well the high boots goes with the overcoat. There is just enough exposure to show off your sexy legs, but not too sexy. 

If Blue is not too exciting for you, there is always the Red Raider Lady to turn up the heat and Kitty believe that she might like the Red version more. What do you think?

Get the S.L.Raider Lady at Bare Rose Main Store today:


Petit Chat Flakes

The Flakes is a set of jewelery consisting of earrings, necklaces and a pair of bracelets. 

Here you can see the necklace and the earrings which can be customized using the HUD provided. There are in fact two colors to be chosen for the flakes alternating so you can mix and mix the colors to give you a lot of choices. But Kitty really love the pink. They are so cute.

The Bracelets are the matching design and can be customized similarly as well.

The Flakes is available at the Petit Chat store at The Project Se7en until 20 JAn 2018 so hurry before its gone:

Petit Chat Carly Bracelet

The Carly is a unisex bracelet where there are 3 components which can be customized and you can make different color combinations for them.

The HUD allows you to make changes and since the bracelet comes with left and right, you can make changes to them separately. Look at the two different colors Kitty made for each.

Here are the 2 bracelets. Can you see them differences in color now?

The Carly Bracelet is available at The Chapter Four event now until end of Jan 2018:


Brii Winter Coat Hunt

If the weather getting cold? Well its time for some Winter Coat! Brii is having a hunt with 15 items (technically 16, but there is 2 item side by side which is repeated...) at $2L each.

Come check the board and start searching for the red coat:


Kiyomizu Winter Treasure Hunting 2017-2018

Kitty has done it again. Once again the Kiyomizu Winter Hunt is completed. Kitty started late, but this hunt is like forever changing, the numbers of cats is based on the current available. There could be more or less so remember to come check it.

Kitty came up to this time! Yeah. But take note. Store #76 has only 1 cat, not 2!

Need help in the hunt on how to talk to Mr Ghost? See Kitty's Guide to Kiyomizu:

Start your hunt at Kiyomizu now:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.