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Love & War II Fair

This is a fair where there the 30L Event celebrates their 5th Anniversary. There will be lots of quality designers there! But the most important thing is that there is a Treasure Hunt, which not many people knows about. There are Easter Eggs scattered all over the fair, look for them and you will be able to find many great items from the designers.

There should be over 40 prizes to be found at:

  • Trees
  • Behind the Booth
  • At the store where holes are
  • Up at the top

Grab them while the fair runs till 5th April.

Bite Me - Apple Sexy Hunt

This is a short hunt and Kitty had completed all that she can. However, some of the LMs are not working and there is no proper links, so Kitty had to end up skipping a few... This is unfortunate because Kitty would had hope to complete them all.

LM and Hints:

#20 can be found using Search


Happy Easter Hunt by SG

From now till 13th April 2015, SG Design is hosting a store hunt where there are 40, yes, make no mistake... 40 eggs to be found. Inside you will find weapons, outfit and all from the store. While typically you will be expecting to spend about $600L for a DCS/Gor/GM weapon, here is your chance to get one at $15L or get all 40 items at $600L... Yes, you do not get this type of hunt everyday! Let's see some of the prizes!

Kitty is the Dragon Queen and the Defender of the Castle. 

If you are not convinced by her armor, then at least be fearful of her blades. And katanas are one of the sharpest blades in the world (and sl).

And not all outfit are tough and rough. There are some which are very suitable for gentle girls like Kitty... Oh wait, it also doesn't mean gentle girls do not carry a weapon!

There are a few prizes of sword and it ranges from the light and fast like this one... to other huge and heavy ones.

Kitty always love playing Assassin Creed. And there is just one that pretty much make that easy and possible. However, the sword might be a bit over doing it for an assassin. But nevertheless it does the job done.

Huge sword for huge for good reason. Such as protecting her horses from petty thieves. Kitty has no hesitation feeding her horse with fresh meat! 

Once in a while. Kitty could also dress up as a highway woman and making everyone pay the toll for the bridge in this outfit and sword which are the prizes from the hunt. 

Kitty heard that there will be a wedding here soon... There is no better way to crash a wedding with the giant axe from the hunt! What? We are not suppose to crash it? Are you sure?

Weapons looks good even when they are sheath. Sometimes the size alone gives you the protection. Tell me how many people would think about attacking Kitty from here. And both the armor and sword are hunt prizes as well.

Whatever it takes, Kitty will defend her prizes. And nobody is stealing them. Go get your own from SG Design.

Grab some weapons and stock up on your armory!

P.S. #37-40 are fixed now. #1 and #30 seems to be the same items, pending fix from owner.


Dust Bunnies Hunt

This is a short hunt, made even shorter by shop which had shutdown, non-existance prizes and prizes that cannot be purchased. Kitty can't even remember which since there are so many in this short hunt... but at least #5, #11 and one more shop has prize that cannot be purchased.

All in all, just make sure when you land you see the poster and the sim is correct. If not, use search to find it. And find the prize. Otherwise, just move on. Do not waste too much time.


Start your hunt here:

Quest Fur Cover Hunt

This is a hunt I suggest all Furries or Nekos should at least go through the stores as many of the stores sell really good stuff! Do not miss it as it is coming to an end soon!

All stores are working except one LM seems wrong and Kitty has found this for you!
26. Cake Fox:


Start your hunt at:

Dress Me Purple II Easter Hunt

Purple Moon once again has another hunt for Easter! And this time it is for Easter and all in Purple!
See the poster and you will be tempted. Come grab the 10 eggs and complete this hunt! I promise it would be EASY!.

Start your hunt for purple here:


Angelica Spring 50% Off Sale

Angelica (previously Rozena) is having a 50 % Off sale from 27 Mar - 31 Mar and all their skins and stuff are all in, except poses and gachas. Kitty also find that some FATPACK are not 50% so just be extra careful.

Visit it and grab your favorite skins!


Blast from the Past Hunt

Kitty just completed this 14 stops hunt and got lots of items from the past... literally. Well it is a Blast from the Past Hunt!

Do not underestimate it is only 14 stops. Some stops has both male and female items and Kitty actually skipped all the guys stuff!

Click on the #number LM and read the hints for the items:


Fashion for Life Hunt

It turns out that there is a hunt even at the Fashion for Life event. It is a simple hunt with lots of great items from various designers.

Start the hunt:

Petit Chat Entwined for Dark Wonderland Fair

Petit Chat release 3 unique and exclusive material enable dress for the Dark Wonderland Fair and there are variation of the beautiful Entwined. Can you guess that colors are they?

Pink is one of the colors that girls do not say no to. And Kitty looks totally stunning in the Entwined Pink, especially among the green.

Just look at the detail and the nice texture. Can you almost feel it on your skin? Under Construction or not, the sim is all ready to showcase this fabulous dress. 

Yellow is not a common color on dress, especially for girls, but Kitty is totally surprised at how good this looks on her. Rain or shin, Entwined Yellow looks good. Unless you are hiding from tigers, which might not be a good idea. :P 

Entwined is a dreamy dress with high detail material and it stands out on the Yellow more than other colors. Even the nice shine from heaven could not take away the attention from the dress.

If you like something more plain, there is always Teal. Yes, this is not green! And the mixed tone of blue makes it unique. How many dress do you have in Teal? Not to mention that it would be easy to wash even if you lie on the grass. Or water in this case.

Even the bird crowds around Kitty to admire her Teal dress, or was it because she look like food. In any case, the credit is all from the bright dress Kitty is wearing.

Get this from the Dark Wonderland Fair at:

Petit Chat Time Gatcha for Fashion for Life March 2015

Petit Chat has a Gatcha at the FFL event too and it is giving out a watch call Time.

There are 5 main style and 3 different colors/variation in each and plenty of nice ones! Kitty will try her best to show you one in each group.

The Pink Pearl is a stunning piece and notice how well it does with Kitty's pale skin. And do not even ask about the telephone booth. 

Although small, Kitty try to show you how well the Pink Chain looks on her hand. It is just the right size and right brightness for Kitty.

This is the RARE Steampunk Brass which really look good together with a steampunk outfit. It is a must if you like it!

Although this is the Tribal Men watch but it looks good as well for Kitty and it is pretty elegant and goes very well with the Solitude Gown don't you think? Kitty will probably not forget another appointment with such a big watch :)

OK, the gown looks really good, but please focus on the Red Colors timepiece which supposely blend very well with the phone booths (Yes, have you notice them? There are all over the river at the FFL event). 

Go try your luck at the Petit Chat Gatcha:

Petit Chat Solitude Gown for Fashion for Life March 2015

Now Kitty is going to show you the gown for the FFL event running now.

The gown is call Solitude and is a pale beautiful gown with material and in 5 sizes with options to show or hide feet via alpha. Let Kitty show you.

Kitty took this in a rather dim lighting to show you how it look in the contrast under less light and more light right at the legs of the dress. Also notice how beautifully it hides just enough of your beautiful figure and yet it is still so sexy displaying your nice back. It is perfect for dances and dinners.

On its own the gown is stunning in all aspect especially since it is material enabled. So make sure you get your settings up to enjoy the way Trinity had designed this for you. Kitty love the lone balloon picture on it and it perfectly fits the name Solitude!

Follow the instructions at the FFL Landing Pointing to get it from Petit Chat:

Petit Chat Entwined Dress for Fashion for Life March 2015

Petit Chat as usual is part of the Fashion for Life event is this time they are raising for the American Cancer Society. Petit Chat will be putting up 3 exclusive items including a dress, a gown and a timepiece.
This is the exclusive Red Entwined dress released for this event and comes in 5 sizes and as usual material enabled. The fabric is vinyl and metal so make sure you wear it in your best graphics settings to enjoy it! Let See Kitty in it.

The Red dress simply stands out in most case and as you can see in the above, it is the only thing most people would realized. They might even forget it is Kitty who is wearing it :) Well you won't would you?

This is suppose to be a violin advertisement supposedly, but I am sure you have missed it and saw something else... Yes, its how pretty Kitty is... NO. no no... Its the stunting texture on the Entwined dress.

Visit the FFL event:


Kiyomizu Spring 2015 Treasure Hunting

Once again the Kiyomizu hunt is back and this time its for Spring 2015! At the point now out of the 67, 1 prize is already gone!

 There is a total of 66 now and Kitty got all her 66 now! Yeah!
It wasn't so bad that at least Kitty came in fast to finish it. Some of the other players did manage to get 67 though...

Again, if you need instruction on how to go about the Kiyomizu hunt, Kitty blogged about it here:

Start you hunt today at:

(Well, not really, but this is a good landing spot... Look for the cube and the signboard just there...)


Latex Station & Friends Designers Hunt 2015

Firstly, this is a challenging hunt. To add to it, there are some potential pit fall, but luckily Kitty is here to help you through it. There are only a few store, but the hunt makes you skip though them in cycles. The unfortunate case is that you cannot skip any one stop because the next landmark is only reviewed in each of the item found. This is not typical of hunts nowadays because we know that people can mess it up and in fact they did.


Since no official hint is provided, Kitty will make up her own hint for this:

"Down and down goes the cat..."

There are other issue such as no item in all the prizes from Sassy if you are to do it now. Apparently they are not ready, but luckily at least they set up the empty prizes with the link to the next item. If you want to, you can wait to collect them later and do the hunt later altogether.

There is another thing which Kitty is seriously displease. Which hunt nowadays require to you go unpack that object in order to take out the LM? Yes, you guess it, this one! You will need a home or a sandbox to do it and don't try it at the shop or risk getting your item "eaten" by SL. Not to mention one of the shop actually counts the item and you are only allow to claim it once. Lose it and you are out of the game without a LM.

Last of all, this is a spoiler... Not all the 60 prizes are ready... The last few... Well you will have to find out for yourself... It is not a unpleasant surprise though, but rather you wish you hadn't done the hunt so soon...

Kitty will too not have time to check the prizes yet, but you can start the hunt now:


Medieval Fantasy Hunt 13

Medieval Fantasy Hunt 13 is open and it is always relevant for Kitty because she love the medieval outfit and all. So there is no reason why Kitty will miss it. And so she has completed it and verified that all of locations are working! There are 50 overs shops and each cost $1, so it is necessary to have the $L ready for this hunt!

See the prizes:

LMs and Hints:

Steam X - The Dream

Steam had always been a traditional hunt for Kitty and yes not Twisted because Kitty love to live a few more years. This year, Kitty is among the first 100 to complete it, well one of the store keep tracks of  number of people who got the prizes, so Kitty knew that. As usual, there will be mini games, some nice prizes and lots of fun. Kitty wish she has more friends to hunt with next year!


But Kitty has found that #06 #14 are not ready.

Start here:

Kitty is SuperGirl!

Brii Underground Wear celebrates Woman's Day with a gift of the outfit for Super Girl!
Visit here to grab it (Group required, now $25L)

So, this is Superman, how original...

And Daily Planet is a giant cage? Giggles. Kinky.

Who? Not heard of her... She does need more clothes though...

Watching cartoon in the Hall of Justice? No wait, thats a live feed?

Well, they say if you want to be a Super Heroine, you got to stand at the top of the world...


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.