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SL12B Nano Hunt

SL12B is the event to celebrate SecondLife 12th Birthday and there is a huge 90 stop hunts going on. But on the sim, there is a Nano Hunt with 12 boxes to be collected. It is so easy as all of the boxes are in the same tower!

Go grab yourself some free gifts today!


Brii Anuket

Anuket is a nice mesh complete outfit from Brii Underground Wear and it is available on the Lucky Chairs now!

Brii is fully complete Mesh outfit consisting of multi pieces including Tuxedo, Waist Shorts, High Booots and make up. Kitty did not put on the make up, but otherwise you can see how nice the Black outfit looks on Kitty. It is extremely sexy too, don't you agree?

The high boots with stockings is great for any occasion and it score really high on the 绝对邻域 in Japan :) Its a measurement of stocking!

Here is a bright image of Anuket. It looks good in daylight too, so its not just for the night party. Well, I am sure it would look good on you too, day or night!

Grab it at the Lucky Chairs at Brii Main Store:

Petit Chat Nonsense for Sneak Peak

Petit Chat has release another green dress for the Sneak Peek event and Kitty has the honor of wearing it and showing it to you in advance. Here it is anyway.

Green is one of the color Kitty feels she never do well in it ( plus, she dislike Green actually ). So Kitty is just going to be shy for the first picture, showing the back of the dress as she play piano for you. Hopefully the music would distract you... :P

Well, the one word that come to mind to describe this dress is "Wavey". Well, that is actually no such word as Kitty found out about a minute ago when it was highlighted by the spell checker. But it does feel like you are dancing in the green warm waters in the tropical wearing this dress. In fact, the flowery head dress adds to this feeling. Almost like Hawaii, but with a little less aloha in it.

Why is the dress call "Nonense"? Kitty had wondered as the texture is highly detail, like waves and water. But it is in Green. Perhaps that is why it is called Non - Sense. Water should be blue. ( Well, to be honest, Water is indeed green in some part of Japan due to the back lighting from the sea weed ). But as you can see from just 3 picture, the dress is obviously not nonsense as it can be worn in official parties and many other occasion. In fact, Kitty showed it off during one of her Disco Dance Party at Kitty Cat Box.

This dress is Petit Chat's showcase at the Sneak Peek, so you are encourage to grab it there while the even is on. After which, it may be available at the Main store, but I would not count on it. :)

Grab this Nonsense at this at Sneak Peek :

Kiyomizu Summer 2015 Treasure Hunting

The Quarterly Kiyomizu Hunt is on and there are 80 Stops (as of now) with some skipped with a possible of 75 Ninja Cats to be found.

As usual, Kitty can't wait to complete it.

Kitty is very happy to get most of the cats now. Do remember to check back for more updates.

And do not keep Kitty waiting...

Start your hunt by finding one of the cube:

Kitty's guide to Kiyomizu Hunts:


Free Bird Meditative Rock Collection

Free Bird Free-For-All now are giving meditation stones with a option garden where you can lay 8 stones together.It will run till 26 Jun and this time is 2 hours per avatar.

Good luck and hope you get the stones you like at:

Memory of the Wind 風の記憶 ~ 熊木杏里

青い地球が 私の胸に
夜に浮かぶ 満月をくれた
大地の花が 私の胸に
沈まない 太陽をくれた

人と出会う横には いつもある
いつか別れに変わる 夕凪が

風をくぐって 海を越えたら
君が 宝島になる
群れを帯びてる 魚のように

明日の上を 鳥たちが飛ぶ
夜明けまでに 間に合うように
船の汽笛は はじまりの音
見えない矢印を 浮かべて

君と過ごした 短い記憶が
いつか長く伸びて 迎えにくる

風を頼りに 目を閉じたとき
珊瑚のように 波にゆられて
気がついてゆく 季節
ひと続きの この旅

Kaze no Kioku (Memory of the Wind) by Kumaki Anri

The blue earth planted in my heart
The full moon floating in the night sky.
The flowers of the earth planted in my heart
A sun that never sets.

Whenever I meet people, along with that, always
is the twilight where we will someday part

If I pass through the wind and cross the ocean,
You become a treasure island.
My fragmented dream scatters
Like goldfish, scattering when the water ripples.
With the passage of the seasons
Passes the miracle we could have realized

Above, the birds will fly by tomorrow
To make it before the dawn comes.
The ship’s whistle, blowing for departure
Makes an invisible arrow

One day, the memories from that short time we spent together
Will come back after a long, extended time

When I let the wind close my eyes
You become a treasure island,
Decorating my dream
Like a coral sea, undulating with the waves.
Aware of the seasons that pass by
I continue this journey, alone


Brii Cindera

Brii is giving away a very pretty dress now name Cindera and its one of its kind now in blue complete with accessories including a huge bow for the hair as well as a nice little black choker to go with it.

The white stockings with shoes are perfect for any girls with long girls like Kitty. If you use slink, you will be delighted to know that not only does the stockings works with it (avatar and feet), even the silky white gloves works with the Slink hand. But ensure you enable the Tattoo layer in your Slink HUD!

The blue dress is cute on Kitty, it will look good on your too! This is the time to look cute!

Who said it wasn't possible to go cycling in mini skirts. Well, Kitty done it. The Cindera dress is cute enough for anything! But be sure to bring an umbrella as it looks like its going to rain.

Grab the Cindera dress at Brii Main Store :


Brii Celine Acqua

Celine Acqua is one of the newest free gift at Brii Underground Wear and it has a cheerful Cyan dress with a black top to brighten any day or night.

The dress is a comfortable wear and there is nothing better to be in relaxing in the morning sun. The soft cyan dress feels really smooth too! Yes, and there is a nice necklace piece to go with it too. It is surely going to get a lot of attention.

Take a walk down the stream and you can feel so carefree and relaxed in this casual little dress for almost any occasion. 

Grab this gift now before everyone else are wearing it:

Brii Mermaid

Brii Underground Wear has an outfit named Mermaid at the Lucky Chair. Although it doesn't come with a tail, it is a nice brown bronze dress with a shiny gold set of accessories to go with it.

There are earrings, necklace as well as bracelet to go with this nice outfit. And the accessories are named Hurricane. How cool that it?

The Bronze Mermaid dress not only look nice from the front, it is nicely cut from the back and is great for any evening events or fantasy backdrop.

Grab it while it is still available at Brii Main Store:


Brii Metroid

In a galaxy not so far away, Kitty is wearing the latest Brii Metroid which she has gotten from the Lucky Chair at the Main store. Well, it is a tight fitting cyan jacket and pant set which is perfectly suited for the future as well as space travel. 

In the future, everyone dress up sexy, so how could Kitty not be. There is no better outfit than Brii Metroid for it as it fully take advantage of your great body, while protecting you from unwanted attentions with the holstered pistols. Do not even doubt Kitty would pull the trigger! Even the mechanic at the work shops are pretty sexy, don't you think? Well at least Kitty outshine her with her bright colors.

The Brii is comfortable and fit it perfectly for all sort of interstellar roleplay. While Kitty is waiting for her starship to be repaired, why not drop by Brii and see if you are lucky to grab a set of this wonder Metroid outfit?

Try your lucky at Brii Underground Wear:

Brii Mystery

Brii Underground Wear is having Mystery as one of the item available on their Lucky Chair and Kitty is pretty lucky to be able to get it and showcase this wonder black and red coat for you!

Red and Black and Sexy about sum it up for this wonder dress. There is a detail belt and a matching pair of panties to even go with it!

While it may not had been designed for, but Kitty feels perfectly at home in an Asian sim. The design seems to go well and Kitty did not feel out of place.

The close up also show you that the outfit gives you feel opportunities to show off your wonder body curves especially after you have spend so much on that MESH body. Well, Kitty can definitely say that this is the gown for that special someone when you feel like being sexy.

Try you luck at Brii to grab this for free :


Birding Botanica Hunt

Botanica has another hunt running now and this time you are going Birding with Kitty! 

There are 14 birds to be found and you have a camera to guide you showing you the picture of the bird you are suppose to find. The HUD also will display those bird you found like the poster above. So, grab your gear and hunt for these 14 birds.

After getting all the 14 birds, remember to return to the server to claim your grand prize here.

Kitty had great fun flying in the Grand Prize and you can even bring 2 friends on it!

Start the hunt at Botnaica:


Domain Change 2015

It's another year down and it's time for domain change again.
Well, kind of anyway. Kitty manage to get back the old domain so she is moving back. :)

Change your bookmark from:


in about 2-3 days time. That should give everyone enough time for all the administration.


Brii Marg Loisirs

For the 15K members, Brii is giving away the Marg Loisirs Style black and white version. But this will be only available for a limited amount of time!

The Marg is a casual looking outfit consisting of a bustier and a wasit pant. It would be using the black and white contrast to produce a maximum outlining effect. As with other Brii outfit, it comes with accessories including bracelets, ring, shoes and sunglasses. So a relaxing day at the beach would sound extra great in Marg.

The shoes are made for Slink high feet and it is the normal heels for most occasion. Kitty love black and this shoes in fact would be handy when she is stuck with another outfit without a pair of slink shoe. The nice white cloth belts does make this outfit look extra cute, don't you think?

Grab yours before its gone:

Brii June Hunt

Brii June Hunt had started and as usual, we could buy 10 outfit at $1L each from Brii Underground Wear. This month we are having a lot of colorful dress in the hunt and I am sure Kitty would love to show you some if not all of them soon.

Start your hunt at:

Brii Debora Black

Debora is another one of Brii Underground Wear out fit in the Post Apocalypse Collection, but Kitty decided to use it in a medieval context just to show you that you do not necessary need to wear it only when the world is over.

The outfit is sexy, black and made of good leather pieces covering where it should. It comes with many sizes for all pieces and should not have an issue fitting anyone out there. It is also fully Slink compatible.

Look at the detail of the leather and belts and its joining. All of the top grade handicraft. There are also shoulder bands and bracelets to compliment this really sexy outfit.

Here is a close up of the armband and if you notice Kitty's earrings and her headband, those are part of the outfit as well. It does look pretty good on Kitty and I am sure it would on your too.

One of the best part of this outfit is the tall boots which has very nice laces on the back. Leather and laces always goes very well. It just takes a little longer to put then on. :)

Grab this sexy Leather and Lace combination at:


Brii Cryo

Kitty always want to be a badass Zombie killer or something and the Cryo is just the right outfit from the Brii Post Apocalypse Collection that can fulfill this dream.

The outfit is aim to the tip with pistols and all and all black from top to bottom for maximum stealth. You are going to need it when creeping up on zombies. Have you seen any around?

The leather is detail and strong. I suppose it would protect against most attack. But a playground with nobody around... Kitty best advise would still not to hang around when dark and find out.

Its a pity that Kitty is all dressed up and she could no find any zombies to kill. I guess the town is already cleanup. What? Where Behind? Its time to put Cryo into action! The outfit is great for running (Kitty hopes).

Join Kitty in a Cryop outfit at:

Free Bird Rustic Barnyard Outdoor Gacha

Free bird is having another Free-For-All event and they are giving away a Rustic Barnyard. Well you never know when you might need one of these. Grab one at every 6 hours as usual and there are 8 designs to be collected and traded.

Grab your today:


Brii Crescenzia Rocker

Crescenzia is a black latex suit of the Post Apocalypse Collection from Brii and it is a must for all latex lovers because it shines so well in the light!

As usual, its a full outfit with everything you see on Kitty, except the cutie pink flower. Well it does even comes with sunglasses for those sunny days when you feel your eyes hurts. Nobody said the sun will be gone post apocalypse. 

From behind, your slender back will be exposed for a sexy touch and you can see that it has a pair of matching bracelets as well as a ring for total awesomeness. Again, did  I mention the shine? Maybe that's why you need a sunglasses!

Grab this at Brii main store:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.