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Steam Hunt IX

I am not sure if I had been missing long enough to miss some really good hunt, but Steam is one of them I would not want to miss. Not only because Kitty is really into Steampunk, but the hunt is usually really friendly and enjoyable with multiple mini hunts on some of the stops too!

There is only 1 stop that is down, which is 059. So if you are there and need the next LM, here is it:

Here is the complete list of LMs:

To see some of the items, you can visit the official Historical Hunt Ltd website:

Kitty will be showcasing some of the outfit soon, but tonight is just nap time after 126 stops... Meow. Kitty actually missed the last stop... Silly. :P

But before that, Kitty is still going to show you the outfit she gotten BareRose, which she used throughout this whole hunt.


Kiyomizu Spring Treasure Hunt 2014

Once again, its time for yet another Kiyomizu hunt and this time it last till April 6th. Although I had really started very late, but I was still able to complete it and find 73 Ninja cats. Well, if you know about this hunt, you will know that when it first started, you may be able to get more cats, but some store will either be broken or they have a limited number of gifts, so the total number of Ninja cats will reduce depending on when you join into the hunt.

I had previously posted about how to navigate the hunt LMs in:

But this time, I had found some small enhancement. Basically when opening the browser, use an external browser instead. In this way, you can visit all the LMs by copying the link and pasting it into your Viewer. That would be easy, butit would still help to come back to Little Cat to check your statues every here and then.

Anyway, enough talk, let's track down some Ninja cats!


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.