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Broken Links Everywhere

Kitty had start to notice that a lot of the posters of previous hunts, especially those dated in 2012 had broken links to the pictures all over and that was really sad. She would want to go back to fix them, but the hunt were over and it may not serve much purpose at all, planning ahead anyway.

She Kitty had decided that she will not link to any more of those hunt posters in the future. Instead, she would save them and post it as her own copy so that in the future, the pictures will remain intact. It is such a waste to let those great hunting memories become a broken link...

On the other hand, Kitty may be going less of hunts in the coming months due to her commitments to other events in both SL and RL, but she would do posts as muc has she could so that you will still eb seeing her in different outfits and places often. Well, actually one of the things on her mind is doing a SL travel programme, like introducing sims just like in Lonely Planet or something. It may or may not work out, but Kitty is at least commited to start on a few galleries and scenic locations. If you have a interesting sim and would love Kitty to visit it, do let her know. She may not blog about it 100%, but the least she would promise is that she would visit it and take a look.

Until then, there better not be anymore broken links from now. Yes, its an entirely different thing from the missing link. Kitty is kinda like the missing link between human and cats. :)


Boats and Bikini Blogger Prizes

At the Boats and Bikini Expo, there is yet another group of prizes meant for bloggers like me. I did not know what would be the best format I can run for these gifts, so I decide that I will put them on and showcase some of the Boats and Bikinis structures and scenes at the Expo at the same time.

KittyCatS has a FATPACK for this bikini named "The Wrap". It comes with multiple colours and shades, but Kitty has a liking for this one SOL Edition.

Beusy is giving away also a FATPACK with multiple suits of different colour to bloggers and this one is named "Crimson Red" for obvious reason. It's a good way to get some attention.

Starfashion has 3 outfit in the pack and this is one of them, a nice black bikini with cute ribbons by the side.

Another of Starfashio's gift known as Sequin Pink, which is a nice bikini, more for those who love tanning or prefer more attention.

Luas Urban Style has a nice dress named "Joana Dress Pink". Kitty guess Joana may had been a better model than her, becuase it kinda of look big on Kitty, but it is definitely comfortable.

Marilyn in Green is also another nice dress in the blogger gift. While it is simple, it comes with different sizes and there is one that will definitely fit Kitty.

Dead Dollz has a Marina Pink version in the blogger gift, similar to the one in the regular hunt, but in a nice pink color instead of black. Kitty looks good in black, but what do you think of her in pink? Yes, I know the captain command center is out of bound.... :P

Visit the Boats and Bikinis Expo now:


Boats and Bikinis Expo Prizes

Kitty spend a quiet Sunday morning at the Boats and Bikinis expo and she had a great time doing the hunt, collecting her prizes and plushies which she had showcased in a previous post:

But there is much more than just the plushies of course. There are lots of beautiful bikinis as well as items from furnitures to boats. But there is not like Bikinis which Kitty is somewhat new to since she had not really done much photo shots for Bikinis in the past.

There is a pretty purple bikini which is good for any beach activities including fishing.

The bikini can be combined with other shorts or overcloth and definitely does not look out of place even on a speed boat.

If its the more traditional swimsuit that you prefer, there is one that comes with a nice black shades. Kitty's favourite colour and easily fits any occasion at the beach.

There is yet another with a nice multi colour top and it definitely looks good with the pearl necklace which is also gotten from the hunt.

For those who would not like too much of black, there is a checker shaded full swimsuit too.

Kitty love sun tanning and there is no better bikini to be in then this pink butterfly knots bikini which cover only the very essentials, making your tan even and well distributed.

For those who love a bit of transparency, this is the choice with the translucent top. Hei, keep you eyes on the fishing rods!

Not everything is about sexy bikinis. There is a nice yellow white dress for the colder evening by the beach, being casual and yet warm. Ideal for any cocktail or beach party.

Visit the Boats and Bikinis Expo now:

Boats and Bikinis Expo Plushies

Once again, there is another expo from Oceania Breedables and this time its titled "Boats and Bikinis Expo". So, expect to see lots of boats (and ships) as well as sexy ladies in cute bikinis (including Kitty).

There are a few prizes from Oceania as well as other prizes from the hunt as well. Of course, for bloggers, there is yet another set of gifts. Kitty will cover them for you in the next few posts, but first, lets see the plushies from Oceania, because they are the cutest! (What? I am not allowed to say that? But it's the truth!)

Lets start with a "Captain Shark" which is pretty similar to one of the previous gift, but never the less, Aye Aye Captain!

Kitty had missed all of the previous octopus plushies, so she is back with a vengeance to collect them all in this event! Here is the PINK Octo-Sailor! Grab it at the store for Oceania Breedables!

And here is the BLUE Octo-Sailor, which is the prize item for the hunt from Oceania. Isn't it cute?

The YELLOW Octo-Sailor is the one which you probably could not miss because it is right where you landed on the expo! Now, let's find a HUGE bed for the Octos!

And yes, how can we forget the huge grand prize of the hunt? The Jumbo Chillin' shark! Remember to claim this item from the signboard of the hunt in the Oceania store! 

Visit the Boats and Bikinis Expo now:

Oceania Breedables @Food Fair 2013!

Oceania is participating at Food Fair 2013 and as part of the gift, they are giving away 3 different "cooking" sharks plushies! However, you will only get 1 random shark per avatar. Luckily, Kitty is able to gather some friends to help her with the sharks.

Here is the cute "Rolling Pin" Chef shark. Just watch it when the rolling pin is in action. You do not want to have extra bumps on your head! :)

The "Whisk" Chef shark is the one you will want when you are preparing your egg omelettes and baking. I can already imagine how smooth and silky the egg will flow when chef is done with it.

And who said its always bad when you are in hot soup? The "Hot Soup" Chef shark seems ready for serving any time. I wonder what is in the soup...

Go to the Food Fair 2013:


Dark Katz Hunt 4

This hunt was recommended to me by a friend. It is the perfect hunt for Kitty because the icon used is a cat, but Kitty is just wondering if the prizes are geared towards nekos. There must be lots of great prizes and fun goodies in this hunt.

While it is moderately long, it is fun and it will bring you to some rather nice and exciting stores with boards and chairs to win additional prizes along the way.

As Kitty is taking a short break, she may or may not have time to cover the prizes, but here is the hunt hints and good luck fellow Nekos!


Snowy Wear Gerd from SeVered GarDeN

It is time to take a break from hunts for Kitty and she came upon a certain shop named SeVered GarDeN which is very good and it was only within 5 minutes that she had bought a FATPACK consisting of 5 different colour winter wear named "Gerd". 

Not only does the winter wear comes with a nice cloak, it comes complete with a matching pair of boots too. There is even a snow breath animation as you can see here.

For those who love lighter colours, there are quite a few choice in the Fatpack. This is one of Kitty's favourite.

Of course there is a dark coloured one. And as usual, the black and dark padded coat looks lovely on Kitty. Don't you want to give Kitty a big big hug. Maybe not you, Mr Polar Bear. :)

There are altogether 5 different coloured pair in this fatpack and there is one called "Ice" which is a nice bluish cool wear for all your winter sports needs. It seems the colours were well chosen and they are designed with matching mix to make the coat looks really wonderful.

The whole winter wear is completed, well, except for gloves. That is probably the only thing else you can ask for from this outfit. 

Visit SeVered GarDeN:


Oceania Relay Weekend Give Away

There is yet another Oceania event going on now and it runs for... ONE DAY!!! OK, it may not, but you better grab it fast! Yes, please drop anything you are doing now and grab your free OceaniaRelay Weekend gift now!

There are 4 designs this time and Kitty have to borrow, beg and steal (ok, no stealing...) from all her friends to help out to pose for the 4 designs because each person is only limited to 1 plushie!

Credits to some of her friends and people who had helped made this possible:
  • Kissy
  • Lola
  • Chris 

Crappy Lass is a cute crab in red with a new and cute strawhat!

Fields of Hope Whale is a giant whale plushie that is pretty heave (for Kitty) anyway... But at least you must agree it goes perfectly with Kitty's outfit today!

Sunny Weather Shark is a yellow cheerful shark that brings your smile even in the darkest moments! Just remember to point the teeth somewhere you do not want anyone to get hurt (or do you?)

And the last one is a call WhaleBee which is more like a huge sunflower with a bee instead of anything like a whale. Oh, the yellow balloon? It doesn't come with it, it is the Hardknock Hunt HUD if you recall. :)

What are you waiting for? Fall in and move out!

Petit Chat's Fiaell

This is not a new release, but since I have not talked about it before, I thought I should show it anyway. Fiaell comes with a top, panties (yes, really appreciated), skirt and with 2 accessories, the choker and the bangle. In addition, there is a pair of matching eyes for this outfit.

The boots does not comes with the outfit, but the rest does. It is a little cute skirt that looks good on most body shape, including Kitty's.

A closer look and you can see the beautiful choker that shine. Oh, in case you realized the little star earrings, that also did not come with it though. 

The nice purple stripes fits the color of the skirt perfectly and it doesn't just look good standing, it does too while sitting. This is a really good addition to the wardrobe!

Look out for this upcoming outfit at Petit Chat's blog:

Petit Chat-Moumou's Square:

Demon 10 Souls Hunt

This hunt ends today and I had to document this because the prizes are quite worth it at $1L each, but you need to find a group to join in. The prizes are all around the welcome center and it is really easy. I hope this post is not too late for some of you.

Visit the Visitor Center to start:

See the prizes:

SL10B Mini Hunt at Inga Wind

There is a little mini hunt for SL10B at Inga Word, which Kitty was fortunate enough to complete even today. Although a small sim area, the hunt can be challenging as you go from prizes to prizes trying to link the message up to the final prize, which is a Marilyn outfit.

Although white is not kitty's strongest colour, it does look ok as sexy Marilyn. Well in each of the other 9 prizes is an outfit! That means this hunt with 10 nice outfit from Inga World!

Emily is a simple and yet pretty dress which comes in mainly a skirt and a top. They are red and laces. This combination simply won't go wrong.

Hazel is yet another red dress set with a skirt and top as well as a pair of shoes to match the outfit.

Louise is a set of silky black dress with shoes. Black looks perfect on Kitty any day.

Megan is a set of miniskirt set with jacket as well as a matching hat. This is a nice combination for a slightly more formal occasion.

Portia is another outfit with similar texture, but comes in a pants and shirt set, similarly with a hat as well as shoe. This is definitely more for the sporty type.

There are always times for more gowns and a nice silver ones is something you usually do not see so much of. This is the gown set named "Susan 2".

Violet 6 is yet one more skirt set with a different greenish tone. As Kitty wasn't very good with green, but she tries her best to look good for this outfit.

This is called "Wicked in Blue" and there is no doubt, this is a blue outfit with matching pants and shoes. This rather looks food on girls who are tall and slim.

Last but not least, is Sadie, a black leather miniskirt with boots. Kitty definitely would look good in this, especially on a bike.

Hunt location:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.