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A&A Achelois Hair Autumn Colors

The Achelois Hair Autumn Colors comes with 16 colors choices with a wide spectrum of colors for you to choose from and it is a easy fitting hair which goes well with most outfit.

The dark colored hair goes perfectly with Kitty's dark theme and you can easily see the curls and details of the hair even from a distance.

If you prefer something more colorful, there are plenty of options such as this magenta version which is fiery hot, especially in this winter landscape.

You will find the Achelois Hair over at the A&A Store:

Petit Chat Chambery Christmas Decors

The Chambery Christmas Decors from Petit Chat is compliment to the Seats and Tables set which is idea decorations for the coming holiday.

The Christmas decorations contains 3 items. There is a Santa display, a box of balls and a snowman snow globe. Which decorations do you like best?

The Chambery Christmas Decors will be on sale at the Snow Day Cart Sales and Hunt:

Petit Chat Calm Shed

The Calm Shed from Petit Chat is a beautiful outdoor shelter which comes with a series animations for single or a couple to enjoy.  It also comes with cushions which you can change the texture or colors easily by clicking on it.

The Calm Shead actually kind of look like a nice little shelter where you can be protected from the weather and you can see Kitty enjoiny a little shade from the sun while she is doing her thinking. This is a very low prim item which has only 1LI.

You can the Petit Chat Calm Shed over at the Evil Bunny Black Friday Bazaar 2 event:


LR Heilung Bow

The Heilung Bow from LR is a customizable bow that offer many texture options for the bow the bow as well as the quiver.
The HUD comes with the standard options of resizing as well as the various texture available.

When sheathed, the Heilung Bow sit nicely  on your back with the optional quiver which comes with unlimited arrows. It does not affect the performance of the arrows sas it comes with the LR quick draw and other options.

When drawn the Heilung Bow can be clearly seen with the spikey ends and high detail finish of the various parts of the bow which you can change. Kitty guess that Heilung must mean Black Dragon in fact and this bow definitely live up to the name.

Get the Heilung Bow on discount now at We Love Roleplay event;


A&A Carlotta Hair

The Carlotta hair from A&A  is a short hair that that comes in various different palette and packs to choose from. the hair comes with a simple HUD where you can change the color with a simple click.

You can always try out the adventurous  rainbow pack where there are many flashy color such as this magenta version which gives some fantastic colors to the dark outfit.

There is always the vampire pack which has the black and red color to bring out the darkness inside you.

If you feel just like just having the usual colors, there is always the choice of from the variety packs where you have all the usual colors. every pack is clearly shown and comes with its own set of colors to give you more options for this beautiful hair.

Get the Carlotta Hair from A&A:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.