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Boo Bunny Hunt 2

The Evil Bunny is at it again! And this time you will get to catch him right in his secret forest at the end of the 90 shops hunt. There is only a few days left, so I won't delay if I am you.

Instead of showiung you some of the hunt gifts, Kitty is going to show you the final secret forest :)

Yeah, thats the Evil Bunny alright! And he has got lots of nice gifts for you in the forms of green candies!

Oh dear, the Evil Nurse is here too! Be careful of her! Just kidding. The graveyard is a nice haunt for all sort of danger, but since you had gotten though the hunt, you very well deserve every little bits of the rewards!

Start your hunt here at:

Here is the full hints and LMs:

See some of the gifts:



System Failure Horror Game

This is something that is somewhat different from your normal hunts. Instead, its a game with a story which you follow through and grabbing prizes along the way. The prizes are not necessary to complete the game. However, since there are a lot of prizes, Kitty, try to keep track of the prizes along the way and here are the number of prizes from each store. Kitty might have miss 1 or 2 though.

SN@TCH - 8
Pin Me Down - 3
Somnia - 17
The Stringer Mausoleum - 8
Cyrious - 2
HopScoth - 1
Goth1c0 - 8
Rue - 6
Songbird - 5
Infamous - 4
MV - 4
Sassy! - 3
Dragon Magick Wares - 3
Gauze - 3
Sakide - 4
Barely Legal - 2
Whims - 2
Fierce Design - 2
Velvet.Lnk - 1
Mesh Glam - 2
Discord Design -1
Auxiliary - 1

Together with the HUD, you will get a lab uniform that comes with the coat, the badge and ... well even a invisible alpha layer.

Queen of the Night comes in a few color, including snow, green, red and black of course.

There is even a evil bunny suit in the prizes.

And how about some nice dresses to wake the dead?

Think twice before you fall sick again or Kitty the Undead Nurse will be the one "treating" you!

There are plenty of furnitures, eyes, hairband and even poses waiting for you!

Start your trip into horror at:

Join their Facebook at:



Panda Love Hunt

Nothing like an alternative hunt besides than Halloween in the Oct and here is what we have. Panda Love! For everyone who loves and not really, it is a fun hunt anyway and it's free.  Let's see some of the gifts!

Here is a nice set of cozy outfit complete with a hat and of course fully panda customized!

For the cute and sexy, never fail to try out the Panda Giggles which comes completely with boots and well, maybe not the cat... But everything else is in!

The rest of the prizes comes with pictures and as far as Kitty had tried, all the intended links works!

See the LMs and Prizes:


Revenge Of The Toys Hunt

Another quality hunt from Crazy Bee comes in the form of Revenge of the Fallen Toys. :) 39 stops with some broken as stated and an addition #8 which is the wrong LM. Otherwise its a smooth sail on this one. However, please take note that the LM need to be collected at the post top left corner on the first link below.

Among the toys is an evil clown... But expects lots of other fancy gothic toys in this hunt!

Care for a ride on the monsterous coaster with Jester Kitty?

Start your hunt and collect the LMs here:

Botanica’s Corn Maze Hunt

Botanica is running yet another maze hunt with lots of trap to kill you over and over again. Don't believe me, see for yourself!

To be honest, Kitty looks good as the scarecrow. Just maybe not too good at scaring crows though.

The crypt trap with Guillotine is a close cut. Its great that Kitty is small sized.

This is definitely not like what happened in Spiderman. (Swinging broom madly!) Get off me you eight legged freak!

And after the hunt, you will get a chance to go claim your prize. You might get to choose between prize 1-4, but there isn't a prize 4 and Kitty had tested it, resulting in her losing the prize. And do not press cancel either, because you will lose the prize too. Luckily the owner had replace the prize for Kitty kindly and this is what she got instead. Isn't the beat so cute!

Official webpage:

Start the corn maze at:


Carrie’s Halloween Hunt

It seems like there is another hunt which also uses the skeleton HUD as described in my previous post :

Interestingly, this hunt is from Carrie and it comes with a set of Green Halloween outfit which can be use in several ways.

With the T-shirt on, the outfit is perfect for all activities anywhere.

With the T-shirt off, it is a casual outfit for walking around at home and doing most of your activities until bedtime.

Of couse the outfit can be yet used as a simple and sexy sleeping outfit too for just those hot nights without the cooling air. 

The outfit comes with a applier too. 
Grab your free HUD and start today:

Medieval Fantasy Fair II: CIRCUS

This is a very very late post and today in fact is the last day at the Medieval Fantasy Fair II Circus. But nevertheless, there should not be a reason why Kitty is missing it!

The first thing you will realized is that there is a very special way to enter the fair. Yes, via the cannon! And not to mention that you start on a flying ship in midair too!

There are lots of nice places to just stop and chill and it is a really beautiful sim.

There are lots to buy, lots of $L of damage expected.

Shopping and more shopping.

The whole theme is about a circus and all the nice shops are housed in tents. Aren't that cute?

And in every circus, there are lots of strange things and animals to be seen.

Kitty is so thrilled to be at the cirus. It must had been a really long time.

Even the entry to the circus is really unique with a nice wizard frog welcoming everyone in.

There are lots of rides and games too and Kitty love this one in particular.

Played with mirrors? Why not? While there isn't really a haunted house, this mirror booth is more than enough to kill the curious Kitty.

Lots of games and lots of prizes. Grab them while it last!

Visit the fair before its gone!


The SpooksVille Hunt

Here is a simple hunt to help a poor skeleton relocate all his parts with a free HUD and you can get 15 prizes in total including the grand prize along the way.

If you do not already have one, its a good time to grab your Ouija Board!

There is always a good reason to keep a Guillotine around in your house. Witch? What witch? The next person who say anything about witches ... "Off with her head!"

If the Guillotine doesn't do it, you are always welcome to Kitty's Bone Crusher. Yes. Kitty thinks its a pretty sight too, just that maybe a little more blood will make it looks much better.

After all the screaming and crushing, there is always a time to clean up and disposing the corpses is one thing Kitty doesn't like to do. Luckily, Kitty can always count on Kissy to do it. And please drain the blood too along the way...

You were saying something about my tree?

It's time to crush some pumpkins! And I suggest that you move away from the bottom of the cart... :)

Last but not least is the grand prize which is a nice motorbike made from bones!

Kitty skipped some of the prizes because they are huge and well, there is also one adult prize as well... But that's all for you to find out for yourself.

Start the hunt at:


Top Designers Halloween Hunt

This sound like a really excited hunt and it comes with 53 stops! However, to be frank, after Kitty finished it, she realized there were a large number of stores which :
  • No longer exist
  • Does not have the prize or prize cannot be purchased
  • Does not even have the poster
So, once again, Kitty had decided that this hunt is free and still worth a recommendation, but would want to save everyone some time but listing down those that failed for her.

The following stop does not work as of 3 Oct 2013:
  • 6
  • 8
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 15
  • 18
  • 20
  • 21
  • 23
  • 27
  • 32
  • 35
  • 37
  • 38
  • 43
  • 46
  • 49
For LMs and store list:

Start your hunt at:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.