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Kiyomizu Winter Treasure Hunting 2015

The Kiyomizu Hunt is on again and this time there are 75 ninja cats to be caught (now). And if you read my previous post, it is about catching the little ghost for the webpage now.

Read about how to catch the little ghost and how to go about on the hunt based on the Autumn Hunt:

There are several places with a few items and do venture further than just the shop to locate some of these ninja cats!

Have fun:


Merry Xmas 2015

Merry Xmas! Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday full of enjoyment and laughter! The end of the year is coming and a new beginning will soon be here!


BareRose Mini Tresure Hunt - Memento

Bare Rose new hunt has begun and it is titled "Memento" with a very touching story for the Xmas holiday.

This is the story of how it all begins...

"During childhood, some people have strange experiences at least once or more. For example, you may have saw ghosts, monsters, had ESP and etc... Even when you remember it now, you think its existence to be unbelievable.

Marie is the same as you. She remembers a strange experience; because, her husband is missing in a maritime accident. No information about his whereabouts appeared yet. After her anxiety, she remembered a strange experience happened during her childhood.

When she lost her way in a snowy forest, she found a light in the woods. She went close to the light, and found a brilliant swan. After trying to get close to it, suddenly, everything turned white around her. When she returned, it was late and she found out her beloved Grandma passed away a while ago.

She said something... like '...Don't worry....' but Marie couldn't remember the other words or how she returned home.

Anyway, there was no way to tell if the experience was real. It's not like she could ask her Grandma, or tell her past self to tell her husband to not go to work that day, or find any way to help him.... She couldn't help or do anything, so, she decided to retrace her memory and find the brilliant swan for her husband."

Sound interesting already? Let's take a look at the grand prize you will get at the end of this hunt!

There are actually 2 version of the grand prize "Lake Angel", one lighter like this one above in full all white. It is like a swan... The detail of the wings and feathers is going to impress you.

If you can finish the final additional hunt item, you will get the alternative Lake Angel with the black tips. But of course, it is not always about prizes because there is a touching story behind the hunt to be discovered.

Start your hunt at Bare Rose Main Store :


Brii Underground Wear at The Wash

There are 10 fantastic outfit waiting for you from Brii Underground Wear at The Wash event. Although they are not free, but at $10L it is a really good deal! And I count at least 3 outfit with Slink shoes! Just think about buying a Slink shoe, which usually is not even possible at $10L.

Come check it out for yourself:

More discount on The Wash official blog:

X-clusives Animations at The Wash

X-clusives Animations is at The Wash event which is selling stuff at really wash-out prices. Yes, that would be about $10L and seriously, a fireplace or a sex sofa bed normally at $4000L. I would call this almost criminal. But since its legal, Kitty will have to let you know about it!

Come down to The Wash:

And check out The Wash official blog:

X-clusives Animations Xmas Deals

There are lots of offer and discount going on at X-clusives Animations but Kitty will show you the BEST deal there. Firstly there is this Advent Xmas Tree which you might miss. Each item here is $45L and can cost up to $2500L or more. You should visit this place first. Although the butler did tried to stop me, but obviously you had seen I kicked him off so I can get this photo for you!

On the opposite side you see the big wall with items and its the Holiday Doorbusters at $99L each item. But if you had listened to Kitty and visited the Advent Xmas Tree first, you might had gotten some of it at $45L instead! But of course there are lots more item here and some cost thousands, so $99L is still a steal, especially if you need something specials and different.

Xmas is coming (Yes, I know so is Winter, but Winter doesn't give you good shopping deals) so grab some romantic or sexy items for the holidays and share it with your friends over the fireplace:

Brii Hamadriade Special Edition Purple

The Hamadriade Special Edition is a outfit from Brii Underground Wear which is released this December and it is not a Xmas outfit, but a biker style outfit with lots of straps and belts. It also comes with a Slink Heels and Slinks appliers for socks, top and gloves.

The Hamadriade is made mainly from leather and metals on the belt chips and button and it looks really cool with the sunglasses. It comes in 3 colors and Kitty is showing you the Purple version here. There is also a Black and Blue version with slight variations. 

There is no doubt this outfit is suitable for biking because its comfortable and it protects you no matter in the sun and the rain. The many sizes will fit you no matter which body you might be using and in fact there is also slink for this outfit.

Get Hamadriade at Brii Underground Wear:

Brii Dzala

The Dzala is a red and white Christmas outfit from Brii Underground and it is a really hot and sexy outfit for this Xmas!

The Dzala is a simple outfit with a Iglo Jacket, a really small shorts, stockings with snowy imprints and a pair of tall red boots. You can clearly see the white snowy patterns on her stockings. Makes you want to lick them up? Not today. :)

As much as you did not believe it is possible anyone might want to swim in these cold weather, there are people who actually do. And having a outfit like Dzala is perfect even if you just feel like getting close to water but without getting wet. The nice Iglo design protects your hair and face from the strong winds and you get to be as sexy as you want to in the shorts. You will still get plenty of tan in this even in this little winter sun.

Dzala is available at Brii Main Store:


Brii Danu

Danu is another Christmas themed outfit from Brii Underground Wear and it is a tank top with jacket and balloon shorts and a pair of bute Christmas socks and boots for all the fun of this festival.

Feel like dressing up for the season, this is one choice that different from all the other overwhelming reds outfit out there. It has a good balance of white over the red and is neither too flashy nor plain for any occasions like party, or even a BBQ this winter.

There is no slink part for this outfit so it will not have any additional requirements. There is also a cute Christmas hat that goes with this outfit.

And here is a close up of the texture as well as a look at those cute little cherries on the hat itself. The makeup also comes with this outfit without additional purchase.

Get the Danu at Brii Main Store:

Bare Rose Yukiusa ME C3

The Bare Rose Yukiusa is a cute and warm winter overcoat that comes in red and green and is perfect for this holiday season. Yukiusa is literally Snow Rabbit in Japanese.

The Red Yukiusa is a Santarina look outfit with a nice hood to keep your head and ears warm, if you decide to keep them inside the hood. It comes with a pair of nice red boots. Perfect for climbing the chimney. 

Here is a close up of the Red Yukiusa and you can clearly see how detail and warm the outfit is even when Kitty is sitting on snow and she is not feeling a little cold on her bottom. But of course, let's not sit around whole day just because its warm in the snow.

The material is highly detail and you can see why the outfit is call Snow Rabbit from the back of the outfit. See the cute rabbit ears? Well, this year Santa is coming in a bunny suit.

Well, Santa can come in green too if thats a good surprise for you. You will get the green version too in the same package and it is flashy and cute too. But Kitty is always playful and the first thing she could think about this outfit is playing hide and seek in the grass field. It would be the perfect outfit for that!

Snow bunnies for anyone? Take a trip to Bare Rose and grab your very own:

Bare Rose Merry Simarika

Merry Christmas and Bare Rose has yet another Xmas outfit for Kitty to try out for you! This is the Merry Simarika and it is a nice outfit in red, filled with flaps and ribbons all over in candy-licious colors for this Christmas!

Kitty is always fond of mini skirt and this is one really good one which also has nice high stockings in black to go with it. This definitely scores high on the Zettai Ryouiki, at least a Grade B. The red flashy tops is filled with fun ribbons that resembles the candy canes color giving it a really lively and happy radiant over all. To top it up, you have a cute ribbon hat on your hair, just enough for cuteness and leaving you plenty of room to show off your beautiful hair and other hair accessories. 

This is a picture that show you more of the hair and can you count the number of colors there is? It is a lot of stripes on it and there is not just 1 riboons, but 2 huge ribbons on the little hat to give you the extra cuteness anyday!  The mini skirt is sexy, so do watch your pose, especially while sitting down. You would want to prevent some nose bleed I presumed. 

And guess what is behind the cute skirt? Yes, it is a huge ribbon with cap like flaps to give it a really like flow, especially in the wind. You can also see the little patches of black and cyan on the top that really makes this dress very color and of course cheerful. From the back, you can have a nice view of the pair of cute little shoes with golden heels. Now. is this the perfect Christmas outfit or not?

Cheer up and make some head turns with Merry Simarika which is available at Bare Rose: 

LR Vlacos Axe

The Vlacos Axe is a set of double Axe with a big thick wooden shield which is optional and is the ideal heavy weapon for almost everyone when might is needed. Unless you are with the hulk... But even he needs a weapon sometimes.

When sheathed, the large shield and double axe sits nearly on your shoulder which also acts as a protection against backstabbers. Kitty is almost covered all the way, where the rest is up to her nine tails to do so.

When drawn, the double axe is is fearsome pair which you prefer not to be facing in battle. While only 1 axe does the damage, the other could act as a shield to parry and there is a huge shield you will need to get through to harm Kitty. But of course Kitty will not tell you which Axe does the damage, although you should read the manual and you will know. :)

Kitty did not need to tell you how this Axe is similar to other LR weapons which feature low lag time and quick draw, plus multiple damage. But what Kitty is going to focus here is the texture and the details of the weapon .The rest will be proven in battle. There are lots of cool animations too when using the Axe. Just make sure you hold tight to it because when it hit, it is going to hit real hard like a Great Sword.

Enough said... Let's crash some Viking skulls, but first you need to buy the Axe to join Kitty :


Bare Rose Merry Hamsters

What can happen when you put cute hamsters together with Christmas... As strange as it sound, Bare Rose has a solution for this... This is an outfit call Merry Hamsters from Bare Rose! It comes in Red and Green

Kitty is covered from head to toe in hamsters. The huge ribbon on her head is the most catchy part of this outfit and it is just so cute... Almost enough to match those cuteness from the little white furries hanging on to the outfit. 

Here is a close up of the outfit so that you can see those little snowballs on Kitty and see the details of the 3 Christmas hamster in the chest pouch. Looks like the place is going to be nut free for a long time....

The Red outfit is flashy but yet it is also very fitting for the Xmas season. See how well Kitty blend in with the Christmas tree. Who says Xmas need to be sexy or formal. It can always be cute and fun.

Well in case Red is too common for you, there is always the Green version of Merry Hamsters also inside the pack at no extra cost. This is the time to look like the elves than Santa himself. Even the snowman agree Kitty is gorgeous in this!

Get Merry Hamsters at Bare Rose Main Store:


Brii Godiva Christmas Dirndl

The Godiva is something different from all the Christmas outfit based on Santa Claus Red. This is closer to the Christmas Elves outfit and is perfect for anyone who wants to be different. As usual, it has lots of attachments since it is from Brii Underground Wear and feature shoes for Slink High Feet.

This is a fun and casual outfit that Kitty is happy going with enjoying herself in the Winter Wonderland. See Kitty on the Carousel. The outfit is fitting and perfect for the Christmas theme. It seems like the Red checkered with green works very well for the holidays! 

Comparing to the Christmas tree, Kitty feels she is in the same color schedule but less attracting attention. Well, unless she wants to put a rolls of sparkling lights on herself. But never the less the stocking is long and tall, the ribbons are cute. This almost looks like a Oktoberfest outfit.

Well, want to have some fun in a casual dress, this is your chance with the Godiva from Brii Main Store:

Brii Rock Christmas

The Rock Christmas is a combination of Rock and Christmas culture together into 1 outfit from Brii Underground Wear and it is in Kitty's favorite color - Bed and Black and there are plenty of skulls on it!

This outfit is full of accessories including a hat with skull, armband with skulls, bracelets with skulls and belt... yes with skull too! This outfit totally rocks literally! But yet with a taste of Christmas with its red theme. This is definitely the outfit for you if you are a Rock fan!

Now, lets take a look what's in the Santa good and bad books. No matter which one you are in, you should be satisfied that you can get this fantastic outfit now at Brii Main Store as it is part of the Brii Christmas Collection series.

Get this outfit and rock your Christmas today:


KittyCatS and Friends Advent Calendar 2015

The KittyCatS and Friends Advent Calendar is up again for this Xmas and the clock is ticking! You can also get all the backdated gifts, but you can only get it once, so do not go finger trigger and click [NO] because you will miss that gift for good!

Go to the Main Advent Calendar:

But of course there are also a lot of them all over SL...

Petit Chat Winter Star for EVA Event

The Winter Star is a headpiece from Petit Chat Exclusive for the EVA Event and it is shaped like a Star on the Left Side of your head. Given such a nice shape, from far it can be seen as a flower or if you are on a mermaid outfit... it can be seen as a Starfish too! Aren't that full of imagination. But Kitty is going to slide her ear under it so that you get a good view of this one!

The Winter Star comes in 4 colors - Blue, Fuchsia, Mustard and Teal. This one is blue and it seems to radiates a really cool and refreshing feeling. Just by wearing this, Kitty already feel more energetic now.

The Fuchsia is a reddish color Star which goes well for most girl outfit and also great for red hair like what Kitty is wearing now.It looks pretty touch though, so do not force Kitty to take it off and use it as a shrunken. Just kidding. Red goes well on most Xmas outfit and should be a good accessories even for normal days use. 

The Mustard is of course Yellowish and stands out among all other color, especially in the snow scape which Kitty is in now. It almost feel like a crown and Kitty doesn't mind being called Queen every so and then too. But the most important thing is to have fun wearing it!

The last color is Teal and it is Greenish and again a perfect fit for any mermaid outfit again. It is good too if you are playing hide and seek in the greeneries... But not when you are wearing a Red hair like Kitty now. Although unrelated, the Winter Star seems to goes well with the Spruce Lady which is also sold at the same EVA event.

Here is a bonus picture to show you how well it looks with the RED Spruce Lady which Kitty had blogged at:

Get the Winter Star at the EVA Event quickly now before it closes on 20th Dec:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.