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Bare Rose The Lonely King and the Dragon Hunt

The new Bare Rose Hunt has started and this time it is an interesting story about a King and a Dragon. There are lots of prices in this hunt including 3 complete Avatars and 1 of them are avaialble in both male and female versions.

Kitty has always fancy sitting on the throne on day and today she has her wish granted. Even though there isn't a thousands swords on it, this throne definitely feels a lot better. Do you notice that 
Kitty is wearing the King's Armor Female Version?

Even the bravest of the kings (or queens) will experience Dragon Fear. It comes from the magic and the size of the Dragon. Kitty finally had her chance meeting one today at the hunt. Fortunately it will not be a fatal encounter.

There is yet another outfit name "Dress of Scholar" and it comes in a complete white silky outfit and even comes with a wand to go with it. It is not just beautiful, it is very elegant. Kitty loves the horns on the outfit!

The King's Armor comes with a beautiful sword and you can be sure that Kitty will stop anyone evil that comes to harm! Talk to my sword! 

During the hunt, you will visit many beautiful places. Even the tombs of the First King seems so majestic that Kitty can't help feeling stunned.

There are lots of treasure and you must be guessing what is the 3rd Avatar. That is a mystery that Kitty prefer you to solve on your own. But the hint has been shown above.

Enjoy you hunt and remember to go for the final extra hunt in order to get the weapons and extras.
There is also a story book which you can fill up with pictures. You can even make one for your friend!

Start your hunt at Bare Rose:

Brii Aeron Red

The Aeron is a casual style red mesh dress from Brii Underground Wear and it comes complete with make up, rings, sunglasses and a pair of peep toe shoe for Slink High.

The outfit might look cute and so totally designed for the outdoor, but it doesn't mean you can't go into the kitchen with it. Just maybe the sunglasses is not so great indoor, but its always a girl's birth right to wear what she pleases.

And if you wonder how does the mesh dress looks outdoor, here it is. Even little giraffe think it is cute and sexy and is whistling in joy. Now, Kitty is really glad there is a sunglasses with it because the sun can be sooo bright in the summer!

This outfit is free now, but you have to be lucky to get it on the Lucky Chair now:


PrimPossible 1 Prim Infinity Kitchen

Kitty is going to introduce you to yet another fantastic deal from PrimPossible. This 1 Prim Kitchen comes with 900 animations and you actually gets up to 24 designs with many combinations.

There are lots of accessories that comes with the kitchen and in fact more than 100 of them. Here are some of them displayed for you pleasure. Shh... No eating of the watermelon while Kitty is taking photos! No, not after that too!

There is a nice island that comes with the kitchen and in itself, there are some addition animations. It is always good for chit chats with friends or when updating the latest gossips with neighbors.

Do not think the island space is actually too small. As you can see, it is big enough for 2. And lots of things can actually happen if you let it. But otherwise, a flat marble tabletop is always welcome for a Neko like Kitty.

Of course there can be plenty of Kitchen RP too and in fact, there is a build in sequence for that which plenty of animations and possibility of playing though it over and over again. Even Reiko is impressed with all the new toys that comes with the kitchen that she said she would come over to cook sometimes. Free meal. Yeah!

For those who like some romance and all, there are plenty of that in the Kitchen set and in fact if you buy the adult version, there are a LOT of it! Those, Kitty would keep her mouth shut and let you discover it with someone you love!

Kitty is telling Reiko how this is so low in prim that she would keep it in her Linden Home. And it even comes with a fridge where Kitty can keep all her favorite food too! It's time to hit the Supermart for more food!

Buy it from the marketplace:

Brii Mystery

The Brii Mystery is a black and red long dress which looks very mysterious indeed. And Kitty is loving it! As you can see, even the panty is included in the outfit!

The Mystery outfit has it uses especially when the sun is not shining bright and all. It serves as a good evening dress for a drink, for a date or even for preying on the innocence blood if you are a vampire!

You might also want to put on your best shape and skin because there is plenty to show. Depending where you will be planning to use this outfit, insect repellent might be needed outdoor too. But for seduction factor, it is definitely a plus. Resistance is futile! Mwhahahaha.

You may expect such a pretty dress to cost a bit, and in fact it does, but now it is available at the Lucky Chair at Brii Main Store:


Petit Chat My Lady Bag for Sneak Peek

My Lady Bag is a new product from Petit Chat for the SneakPeek event of Aug 2015. This is a padded bag that comes in 2 texture : Silk and Satin and each 3 different variations. That is a total of 6 different combinations!

Whether it is for work or just a walk in the park, a girl should never be without her bag. Did you see how it reflect the light. Hint : Only the real stuff reflects light. Those knock off from Internet won't!

Kitty can never be too happy when she gets new bags to carry around!

The first bag introduced here is the Silk Skin which has a golden shiny tone and this does make the bag looks very expensive.

The Silk Rubis is a red magenta tone variations which looks elegant and very lady like. Kitty is going to be worried about getting it dirty on a country side like this.

The last Silk version is the Silk Cherry which is very red. Therefore, Kitty has chosen to take it in this very light. It has Yellow on the handler and bottom so it wouldn't seems so bored to be one color too. Now, this is not the time to wonder if the bag is waterproof...

The Satin Teal is almost like the color of water. Well, maybe not so much like the greenish water here, but this is exactly why Kitty took this picture. she wants to show you just how blue the bag is. Now, Kitty is really going to get wet if she continues this...

The Satin Poudre is almost like Pink, so it is the perfect bag to br bringing when Kitty is going to watch and enjoy the blossom of the Sakura. The simple Yellow on the handle and zip simply makes the bag looks so catchy. Kitty had better watch it closely at crowded places.

The Satin Pink is the real deal when it comes to Pink. And there is nothing more perfect then to take a walk in the lavenders with it, where the color blends in without a doubt. The bag is not only a piec e of accessories. It carries a whole lot too. Kitty is going to fill it up with candies and sweets as soon as she get a chance!

Grab you very own My Lady Bag from the Petit Chat booth at Sneak Peek:


Sisters of Battle

In the far future, there is nothing but war! Kitty is Canonese of the Sisters of Battle, the ultimate kickass all girls team of humanity! And it is time to set off to explore an abandoned space base for heretic and infestations!

The best advice is walk softly... and carry a BIG gun. Good advice that Kitty is going to take!

"Who's there?" Do not expect Kitty to be merciful when the trigger of this big canon is often loose and fires before Kitty can say "Arnold Schwarzenegger" (That is actually a few seconds :P)

Looks like this base is cleared. No aliens eggs and no heretic corruptions. If you see anyone warped, you better be the first one to tell Kitty or any of her sisters! Meanwhile, let's think about what is for lunch!

This is a hard day of work. Especially when it is so boring that Kitty did not even have a chance to fire even 1 shot after putting on so much armor and all. Kitty is going to make sure she pays the aliens back in double the next time she meets one. Looks like its time for lunch then! Really, you know of a space rest point where they give discounts to the men and women of the imperial? Great, what are we waiting for?

This cosplay is just totally for fun. The REAL Warhammer 40000 universe is never really as cheerful as Kitty make it to be. In fact, it is pretty grim where human are against everyone else and there is almost no hope for humanity... But Kitty decide to just make you smile today. She hopes you enjoy this cosplay as much as she did!

Petit Chat Bubbles

Petit Chat has another swimsuit for this summer and it comes in 4 fabulous colors for the Apply Me Event. It comes in both mesh body appliers as well as layers for non-mesh body. Mesh body supports includes Slink, Maitreya, Belleza, TMP as well as Omega.

Kitty can't wait to try the swimsuit on her latest sports! Surfing! And guess what? The swimsuit is waterproof!!! (Which isn't?) Well this is the first green with red shoulder straps version known as Malachite. 

It could be the color, or how tasty it looks to the shark, but Kitty definitely looks good in this swimsuit, food or not. And do not blame the poor shark because it only thought Kitty is fish food! Look at that reflection in the sundown, no wonder it attracts the attention of the big predator.

A second variation is the red with cyan straps version call Strawberry. Well it sound tasty too and it is really flashy. Can you see the water droplets on the swimsuit? That is proof that it is waterproof! Not to mention this is a full swimsuit, but yet it still has the sexiness of a bikini right?

The good thing is that Bull do not live in the ocean. So you are perfectly safe in red with this Bubbles swimsuit. Kitty is so relaxed she is practicing her songs on the float going to nowhere. Do you see the details of the foldings on her waist. Do not envy, you can have it too on your swimsuit.  

Another variation is one of Kitty's favorite in this series. It is call... Lemon. Yes, yet another tasty name. Kitty wondered if her friend were having a fruit platter when she was creating all these swimsuit. But never the less, no only is this swim suit not sour, it is so sweet that you want to sit right beside Kitty right? 

The yellow Lemon is simple and yet pretty in its own way strap is a simple way to give this simple swimsuit some life so that it doesn't just look like it is single color. And since it works well with all the mesh body like Slink which Kitty is wearing now, it is a good way to show off those details.

Even if you do not plan to get wet, it is still a necessarily to wear something right. For example, sailing. Kitty is dressed up in the last variation call Cornflower. It is a blue swimsuit with yellow straps and never has it fit mesh so well. Kitty is really relaxed and enjoying herself because the swimsuit feel comfortable and it allow Kitty to get more of the sunlight!

Speaking of sunlight, don't  you want to be in a nice swimsuit to get some tan? Bubbles is definitely one if you do not plan to have too much tan since it covers a great deals of skin include your waist and tummy. Otherwise, you can always consider a Bikini! There is no excuse of not having some fun in the sun and water with a Bubbles swimsuit this summer!

The Apply Me even has ended, but tell you a little secret... there is still a free blue umbrella there if you are fast enough!

Grab the Bubbles swimsuit at Petit Chat's Main Store :


Brii Engracia

The Brii Engracia is one of the prize of the Brii Hunt August which Kitty had talked about at:

It is a nice silky white dress with flowery folds and top. And like most other Brii's outfit, it comes with a pair of shoe for Slink High.

Summer is a time for camp fire and nice cooling flowery dress. This is one where you can wear it without feeling guilty of over exposure and yet still fit for the heat. Of course, Kitty is not planning to test if the dress is fire proof. You are also strongly discourage from doing so. :)  

The flowers on the dress is a attractions to butterflies and you can tell from the trails of them. So this is probably not a good dress to play hide and seek in, but still, look at the texture and you can understand why butterflies mistaken them as real. The dress has a high detail mesh that confuses even the wisest butterflies.

Grab the Brii Engracia at the Hunt at Brii Main Store:

Brii Hunt August - White and Flowers

Brii has another hunt online and it has been running for a while. Kitty has to tell you all about it before it comes to an end on 31 Aug!

This hunt consist of 10 items and mainly based on what with some variations, but all flowery! And all it cost is $1L each with a total of $10L. Yes, Brii hunt is never broken so far, so all the prizes are there.

Start this hunt today:


Crazy For Kawaii! Hunt

Kitty has completed this and it may be a bit late on the post too... But still if you are interested, let's not miss the hunt next year!

There is a errata on one of the LM:
35. IT! (Indulge Temptation!)

Hints and LMs:

Prize Preview:

Erotigacha 2015

What happen when you put erotic and gacha together? This is what Hard Alley had been organizing for years. It is the Erotigacha!

This year the theme is Hollywood and you can see the stores had put in a lot of effort into making it into the theme. Now these are 2 great stores for poses. Hollywood style!

Look at this booth? Isn't it awesome? With monsters and flying sacuers! Kitty feel it there is a sci-fi award, this store should win it!

Like to be in a poster or even cover of a magazine? You need to check these out. Plenty to satisfy you stardom craving!

Check out the Erotigacha blog at:

Visit the Erotigacha for all the naughty gachas at:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.