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Bare Rose Dread Takosan C2

The Dread Takosan C2 is another recent release from Bare Rose which is in magenta just like the Pirate Mistress C2 and Kitty is loving it. Kitty decides to show you what this outfit could be!

With such a flashy look and high detail texture on this mesh outfit, there is no better way to show it off at a dance! Look at how the leather and laces sparkles under the dance lights!

The outfit is perfect for a modern or futuristic setup and in fact Kitty had to sign this night and she is enjoying it in the Dread Takosan C2! Look at those ribbons flies as she swings around.

This outfit is available now at Bare Rose for $210L on the Female Mesh Wall somewhere slight halfway up. There is also a Red and Black Dread Takosan as well:

Bare Rose Pirate Mistress C2

The Pirate Mistress is a mesh outfit from Bare Rose which features bento fingers and well, if you prefer there is also a hook instead of your right hand.

Let Kitty try this out for you. She is using the Maitreya mesh body and tehre is no issue with the outfit, just need to hide some parts away if they do pop up in some really gymnastic poses. In fact, the whole magenta look goes so well it seems like the ship was made for this outfit. 

Here is a closer look at the outfit. Can you smell the leather on the high boots? There is a matching eye patch as well as a magenta colored hook too. Life doesn't get any better being a pirate like this right?

You can get this outfit at only $210 and it comes with all the items shown. To locate this outfit, it is near the top on the Mesh Female wall. While you are here, you can also check out Pirate Mistress as well as the C3 (Black) version.

Go to Bare Rose today:


Petit Chat Fanny Earring

There is always a time you want to bring put on a earring fast and quick and you do not want to mess around with it for too long, then the Petit Chat Fanny Earring is the answer to that.

The earring is simple and yet very visual. In a way, you can even say this coin like earring is perhaps the most fitting for Kitty's pirate outfit.

The HUD that comes with it consist allows you to customize the 3 components of the earring and also in each components the various colors.

You can see how the gold and silver based colors would probably be the favorite of this Kitty pirate, but of course you are free to choose otherwise.

This item is at The Hidden Chapter event and well, it is not so hidden if you want this, but you might have to go further in to find it, but it will only be here too 30th Sep 2017:

Brii Burlesque Girl Hunt

The Burlesque style is something I think most people would like or at least at some point of time would love to try out. Now you have a chance to get some of these from Brii Underground Wear through their monthly hunt.

There are a total of 10 hunt prizes at only $2L and in fact I can forsee some of them are even suitable for the upcoming Halloween.

Join the Burlesque Girl Hunt at:


Kiyomizu Autumn Treasure Hunting 2017

The Kiyomizu Hunt had started for Autumn and this time it will last until 9th Oct 2017. But as you know the ninja cats may disappear from some stores sometimes. So do come early to start you hunt.

Kitty has finished all 56 available ninja cats for now, but somehow only 55 is shown on the Hunters board.

Start your hunt today at:

For instructions, you may refer to the post Kitty made in 2015:

The Arcade Freebies

There are a big bunch of freebies at The Arcade Event and it is all located in the big cake in the middle of the hall.

Do hurry as Kitty is not sure when they will be closed:

Petit Chat Believe Necklace

The Believe Necklace is another release from Petit Chat that is being shown at the InspirationSL event which runs until 1st Dec.

The Necklace comes with a HUD that allow you to change the various parts like laces, leather and even the string colors on the necklace It is like buying many necklaces with different color at one single price.

Kitty like this necklace because it is thick and has nice lacey textures which comes in various color. Here is one example that Kitty made, which is mainly in pink. The beads also do look very much like an ancient amulet which server to protect you from evil harms.

The InspirationSL event will run from now until Dec and PEtit Chat will be there selling the Believe Necklace:

Petit Chat Happy Briefcase

Ever fancy going into work, I mean, in SL? Well, there should be a cute briefcase to go with that. That is why Petit Chat has a Happy Briefcase for this!

Well, the next thing you would expect is customization and this Petit Chat has always provided a good HUD for it! In fact, there are 2 variant of the HUD, which you can choose from!

Kitty try on a blue color themed with a slight magenta look. Do you think it looks good with her kimono?

The Happy Briefcase is available at The Chapter Four event at:

Petit Chat Lock Me Necklace

They say there is always a little lock to a girl's heart and you just have to find the key. That is exactly what this necklace from Petit Chat shows. Fortunately the key is not included.

As with all other recent release from Petit Chat, there is always a HUD which give you lots and lots of customizations to change the various components.

Look at how it look on Kitty. Even despite the flashy blue kimono, the little red lock still can be seen clearly. Of course, if you want to unlock Kitty's Necklace, you will have to find the key which she might have throw into a multi dimensional portal somewhere.

This is a feature product at The Darkness Monthly event at:

Bring a torchlight and get yourself locked with the Lock Me Necklace today!


LR Mb Bow

LR is once again at the We Love Roleplay event and they have showcase a new bow for this month named Mb Bow.

Before looking at the bow, let's examine the quiver where all your arrows are kept. They are place nicely in a pouch on your thigh firmly. 

The bow and arrow will feature all the anti-cheat system from LR as well as low lag and 9 banks of memory for you to customized your adventures.

There is always no lack of customization from LR since you can have many changes to colors and textures of the various components on the bow. I am sure from the HUD you are already excited about getting your hands on this nice bow.

Since it is at the We Love Roleplay event, you can really get 25% off this fabulous bow now!
Hurry up, the event will not last forever (Till End of September) :

Well, if you missed it now, you may still be able to try finding it at the LR Main Store:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.