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Burlesque vs Steampunk Hunt Part 2

Here is the second part of the hunt as promised and it will concluded with the rest of the outfit Kitty had tried out for you!

I know you won't believe this, but this simple dress is only 1 piece and it does looks a lot better than many out there.

Let me show you to your table! Kitty is the Mistress of Ceremony tonight!

Ever dreamt of dancing it out on stage in a fluffy dress! Tonight is your chance! Well, at least get your outfit first!

There is a reason why this is Jello Pink. And Kitty can be sure the tip jars is already filling up just be coming on stage with this cute pinky steampunk outfit. (Seriously, this is a steampunk outfit!)

As Kitty had always love, black on red, it works before and it works on this outfit now. Elegant, sexy and mysterious! You better be watching your chips than watching Kitty!

There is always something even for people who love corset with less shiny colours such as this violet shaded one. If you just want to attend a function and would not want to steal all the attention, it is always good to lay low and yet still look good in it!

Originally, there was a broken link in the blog and LM list on store 45 because they had moved, but after leaving a comment on the official blog, I soon received and update that the page was actually being updated when I was doing the hunt. The store had actually moved. If you are using a old LM list, do make sure you check back on the blog for this store! Seriously, this is one of the rare time when the blogger actually responded and fixed it! I wish more hunts were like this without having Kitty scratching her head each time when she could not find the item...

Good job and great hunt. Even though it cost $1L per item, expect to spend all $52L, but judging from the outfit, don't you think its well worth it? And then there were other stuff like clock to necklace and furnitures to top it up.

What are you waiting for?

Other prizes:

Hints and LMs:

Burlesque vs Steampunk Hunt Part 1

If there is a a good hunt to do in August, Burlesque vs Steampunk is definitely one of them. One good thing about this hunt is that you will definitely be stocking up on your corsets and well a little bit of steampunk stuff. As usual Kitty will show case the outfit and leave out most of the furnitures.

Lets start with a more casual pants with jacket over covering a nice striped. This is good for most everyday travelling around except than the Arctic.

Then there are more steampunk like dress like this one in full red and a pair of glasses which make Kitty so totally steampunk (and nerdy).

Red top and nice stockings is another outfit here and what is special is that this steampunk room which looks like mad professor's work place also comes with the hunt with 4 poses.

What is a Burlesque hunt without a nice black lacey corset? 

Which the dress is perfectly stunning in golden yellow, the top hat with goggle totally steal the attention.

Don't like all dress, then wear a short! Yes, we do not see these around much, but definitely a nice combination in black and white!

Bring out the sexy Burlesque in your with this nice corset set with matching stocking and heels. There is even a hat to go with it, all tinted in blue highlight.

Because there are quite a lot of outfit for this hunt, Kitty will showcase the rest in yet another post.

Other prizes:

Hints and LMs:


If we hold on together ~ Diana Rose


Don't lose your way
With each passing day
You've come so far
Don't throw it away
Live believing
Dreams are for weaving
Wonders are waiting to start
Live your story
Faith, hope and glory
Hold to the truth in your heart

If we hold on together
I know our dreams will never die
Dreams see us through to forever
Where clouds roll by
For you and I

Souls in the wind
Must learn how to bend
Seek out a star
Hold on to the end
Valley, mountain
There is a fountain
Washes our tears all away
Words are swaying
Somebody is praying
Please let us come home to stay

If we hold on together
I know our dreams will never die
Dreams see us through to forever
Where clouds roll by
For you and I

When we are out there in the dark
We'll dream about the sun
In the dark we'll feel the light
Warm our hearts, everyone

If we hold on together
I know our dreams will never die
Dreams see us through to forever
As high as souls can fly
The clouds roll by
For you and I


Reef's Colors Fair Oceania Plushies

Once again, another nice fair, this time showcasing Reef Colours and therefore 3 new plushies from Oceania with nice colorful texture for the fair. Each avatar is limited to one and you can freely trade it around. Let's see what Kitty had got there.

This is the Reef Dyed Octopus. Isn't it a cute little fellow?

The Reef Dyed Whale feel good any time for water sports. I am not so sure about Kitty's headphone though...

Don't worry, the Reef Dyed Shark is harmless on land. Kitty is just gotten to put it here while she suntan... Where is the Shark now?

Thanks to all my friends who lend me their plushies for the photo!

Visit the Reef's Colors Fair and remember to claim your plushie from Oceania's booth:


Petit Chat Art Gallery

I went to a art gallery today and it is not just another art gallery, but one from my friend at Petit Chat. I had a preview of this place before it was opened and I feel really bad not having to come sooner to cover it in my blog. 

There are lots of impressive artworks here and as much as I wanted to take a photo beside each and every one of them, I do not want to do that. I DO NOT want to spoilt your fun to visit this place and therefore I will only cover a few photos of the pictures that Kitty love or if it meant something to Kitty.

It is a bit dark as Kitty had chosen to visit the gallery at night, but its not how Kitty looks that is important, rather more of the artworks.

Kitty love this one. Because it remind her of something she love. A dark and distant past, gothic and beautiful in a forlorn way. 

There is even a telescope upstairs where Kitty can look at the stars.

If only every waiting at the bus stop was like this. Kitty probably wish the bus would never come.

There is also a guestbook just like a real art gallery and seriously, this is a really enjoyable and soul searching place to visit. Bring a pal along today!

Make sure you grab a copy of the catalogue, because... You will not regret it!

Plushies from Plushiecraft 2: Return of the Plushie! Part 3

I wasn't expecting a PArt 3, but last minute, I manage to get more help and almost completed the hunt with all the plushies!

Faerie Shark Petite

And here is the Leprechaun version of the octopus - Elphabapus

And Mr Wise Crab is a unique shoulder plushie, which is rather small, but nevertheless cute.

Zomebie Leopard is one of the 2 Zombie shark plushie in this hunt.

Country Shark is the plushie for a lazy relaxing day

And here is the big version of the Faerie Shark

I would love to thanks all the folks from the Oceania group with assisted me to get this far. In the 3 parts posts, I had covered all the plushies for this event, except the following:
  • Santa Penguin
  • Zombie Tiger

Medieval Fantasy Mesh/Sculpt Hunt

I came upon this short hunt and to my surprises, it comes with 2 rather cute pixie / fairies outfit.

The first one is a flowery looking fairy outfit where there are flowers instead of your normal clothes of leather. Do not be fooled by the lighting, it is a very bright and cheery outfit.

The second if one named "Fayette" which is a simple, yet detail pixie looking outfit with a pair of dragonfly wings. 

There are only about 17 stops in this hunt with some dead links as well, so it should not take too long. Give it a shot!

See the hints and shops:

Sex Appeal Hunt Female Path

Recently I came upon a less publicized hunt with 2 unique path, one for male and female each, but there is almost no information on the prize item. So, I decided to give it a shot anyway

This is the Waved Hottie Skirt which comes in Black and White, but knowing Kitty, BLACK is always the choice.

The Corset set named "Aretha" comes with a nice blush top as well as a match pants.

Its a great time to look sexy in this purple corset from DemotiK which also comes with different sizes and 2 pose stands if you have not gotten one.

The Dotty Jumpsuit is a nice tight fitting outfit with lots of black dots on a pink background. 

Not every outfit in the Sex Appeal Hunt has to be drop dead sexy. There are casual outfit such as this sweater and pants set which is good for any casual outdoor activities.

For some reason, RED is always considered sexy and it is, in this case for a shirt and halter set.

And how about another red and black combination? That will work for sexy as well.

Tired of corset? How about a nice black swimsuit with a jetski? Yes, the jetski comes with it and the color can be changed too!

There is a nice brown cocktail dress as one of the prizes too.

Or just something simple like this grey dress with "anchors" all over it. I bet the sailors are into this.

As usual, there are other items like animations or furnitures, which are not covered here.

Plushies from Plushiecraft 2: Return of the Plushie! Part 1

Kitty had tried her best and all thanks to her many friends, with borrowing and trading, these are the plushies she manage to get hold of and take a photo for everyone!

Black and White Harlequin Shark

Black Sugar Shark

Black Webbed Sugar Shark... But Kitty love to call it the "Black Spidey Shark"...

The Blacktip Reef Shark, one of the more "normal" shark around...

The too-cute-to-describe "Faerie UniWhale"'

The "Ghost Crab" is a very unique plushie that you do not hug...

Home Sweet Penguin

Lepreshark. No, Kitty did not find it under the rainbow.

Merguin Female

Merguin Male

There are too many plushie to keep in one post, so there will be a second post to cover the rest...


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