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Petit Chat Heart Ring Set

The Coral version of the Heart Ring jewelery set from Petit Chat is a limited edition which is only available via the group gift for Feb 2017! It is free and joining the group is free as well:

The first thing you will notice is that the cute heart ring is visible even from very far and this set comes with a pair of earrings, necklace as well as bracelets.

The Coral color is outstanding and it shines like pearls on the necklace and the bracelet. Who said free gifts aren't great?

Get your own by joining the group at Petit Chat Main Store:

Petit Chat Healing Heart

This is the featured item from Petit Chat for the Pretty Things event and it is available in 5 metal colors : Brass, Copper, Chrome, Bronze, 4 Metals.

The set consists of a necklace as well as a pair of earrings, each individually on the left and right. So that means if you have more than one set of if you want to, you can mix with other earrings as well.
Here is a photo of the cute heart shaped earrings.

The necklace is small and elegant so it will not seems too big for some outfit and it goes well with almost anything because Feb, is the month to look lovely.

Get your own Healing Heart at the Pretty Things Showroom before 6th March:


Petit Chat Comfy Boots

The Comfy Boot from Petit Chat is featured at The Chapter Four event and it is like it said, a very comfortable boots which comes with a lot of color customization as shown above. 

Kitty will start from customization and this one one that is made of mainly red with other colors. Even the short socks can be changed. If you are on a good viewer with great graphics, you would be able to see the detail texture on this boot as above.

If flashy red is not your color, you can try this black shoe with yellow shoe from Kitty and it has a purple base! Kitty pretty love this color combination, do you?

Get your own Comfy Boots over at The Chapter Four event:

Petit Chat Grace Purse

The Grace Purse is a new release from Petit chat for the Marvelous Event of Feb 2017 and it is a cute purse which comes in 4 base color (indicated by the most bottom color). Why Kitty said that it is because the top, strap, hinges are all customizable and comes in an array of fancy colors.

This is Kitty's favorite base color - Red and this is the default setting when you get it. It comes with a top brown and black strap. Do not worry, Kitty is going to show you a customized Grace Purse soon enough.

This is the Black base version and Kitty had changed everything else to pink and red because it is just... cute! Well, that is like buying many many purse at the price of one and you get so many colors all at once. 

Since this is a feature in Marvelous Monthly, Kitty is going to get you there in a click:

LR Obsidian Staff

The Obsidian Staff from LR Weapons is the featured item for We Love Roleplay event for Feb 2017 and it comes with a pretty wings which is highly customizable with a huge palette of colors!

Beside than the normal resize, the staff can be made to fit almost any outfit, even the Hinaoh from Bare Rose:

You can see that the red color is specially picked to go with the outfit. Now finally we are one step closer to have fashion for weapons!

The staff is as high quality as other LR weapons and feature both sword and slave damage and it sling well out of the way on your back when sheath. I bet most people do not even suspect Kitty is armed and though this cute staff is part of the outfit!

And the friendly HUD made it easy to change color and size! Wow, that is a huge number of colors!

Get your very own Obsidian Staff ( and at a discount ) at the We Love Roleplay event:

Bare Rose Hinaoh C2Mr

Hinaoh C2 Mr is the mesh version of the Hinaoh C2 variation from Bare Rose and this version that Kitty is trying out today is the one for Maitreya mesh body!

The Hinaoh is a bird like outfit which is fabulous and majestic in the amount of feather like fins on the arm as well as the long dress which has both of Kitty's favorite color on it - Red and Black! As if the cute is not enough, there is a huge ribbon on the back to make sure of that!

This is the side view of the long sleeves with feather like flaps which make it look like a pair of wings. While this is a fantasy theme outfit, it doesn't look too out of this world though. So it is great even for more down-to-Earth events like tea party.

And here is the pretty front view. You will notice that there is a nice red ribbon on the head as a hair band as well. Of course, that is optional depending on your preference. The long sock and comfortable sandals also make this a easy and comfortable outfit to be in.

Get your own Bare Rose Hinaoh C2Mr and remember to check out the other versions of Hinaoh too:

Bare Rose Mixey Mr

The Mixey is a recent release from Bare Rose which is a fairy like outfit with petals wings. It is the perfect outfit to be dancing in the garden this coming Valentine!

The outfit comes with everything shown here from the hair band to the high silky white stockings. If Kitty can look so lovely in this, so can you!

The back view of the outfit will show you that the wings are in high detail and semi transparent. This is what high quality really it. As this is the Mr version, expect it to work for the mesh bodies like Slink and Maitreya!

Get your very own Mixey Mr at Bare Rose Main Store:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.