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Brii Junina

This is a cute and color Caipirnha style outfit from Brii Underground Wear name Junina and it is mainly in red and fully loaded with flower power!

It comes with stocking, hat and a nice fitted dress and it does not even require Slink for the shoes at all! Because Kitty did not comb her hair down, so she would skip the cute straw hair for now.

Even with the hat, I am sure you can tell this is such a cute outfit you will probably not want to take if off soon and that is exactly how Kitty feel even when about to go for a nap. If you have Omega and Slink, this outfit does have some parts such as the stockings and panty for perfect fitting.

You should be able to find this hot item at Brii Main Store today:

Brii Jessy Black

The word Sexy is definitely underrated when used to describe the Brii Undergound Wear's Jessy. There are 3 colors and Kitty chooses Black again. Well she promise she will choose another color next time. 

Its sexy, but actually what needs to be covered is definitely covered, so there is no worry when going to sims with restrictions. The outfit comes with various mesh, so you will find the perfect size for whichever mesh body you might be using.

In a way,. this outfit reminds Kitty of Princes Leia's in Star Wars? Do you think this looks better though? If you got what it takes, then dress up and be proud of this Post Apocalypse themed outfit!

Get this at the Brii Main Store:


Brii Jada

The Jada from Brii Underground Wear comes in 3 colors and Kitty will be showing you the Black one which is one of her favorite.

The outfit comes ready for several mesh body and also features ninja daggers on the War Corset. This is literally dressed to kill.

Jada is nice fitting and comes with size or fit for most mesh so you will always find the perfect fitting. The Post Apocalypse outfit also comes with all the accessories so you will not need to spend a cent more to look like Dangerous Kitty here.

You will find this outfit in the new section in Brii Main Store:


Susan's Diary

Susan's Diary is a horror adventure and kind of a Treasure hunt, but more puzzle solving. It is highlighted on the Destination Guide of the inworld search.

A nun and some old photo, what could get into trouble?

Remember to search this place... before you start... This is the greatest hint Kitty is giving you.

Nice of them to leave a creepy photo out in the walkway, but luckily its still sunny... Or else...

Eeeps, what's his problem? Let me out of here... I have some serious issue with my roommate!

Told you its bad to drink and die...

As if a cramp dead end is not bad enough, there is a even creepier photo on the walk...

Yeah wheelchair! Save some trouble walking... Just have to find someone to push me...

Hmmpph, luminousness markers I see... 

Scary corridor and what is that on the floor? I hope its tomato sauce...

Candles, more nun photos and now I need to pay? I am so getting out of here...

OK, this is messy... no baths for Kitty... Not now.

Isn't it everyone dream to burn down your classroom someday.... No? Really?

Wait... How the hell did you get here so quickly again?

Susan must have lots of red paint... at the rate she is spilling them on paintings...

And all a sudden everything is in Black and White. Except Kitty.

Wow, Barbecue! Did you bring any hotdogs?

Serious spoiler here. But well... Its so creepy Kitty just could leave this one out. 

And there is a music box with a serene music to add to all these fright. Well this is the critical part where you decide if this is a adventure or a treasure hunt...

Start finding Susan's Diary before its too late...:


Petit Chat Lazare Blindfold

The Lazare Blindfold from Petit is a simple blindfold inspired by David Bowie and it comes in 3 colors for... whatever uses you can imagine.

Black is always sexy and mysterious and as a blindfold it totally work in block your eye sight. Careful where you walk with these though.

Cream is a nice color and matches most outfit seamlessly. And even though Kitty can't see, doesn't mean she can pretend to read something. And who said this can't be Braille?

White is pure and it goes well with almost anything. The playful holes in the eye may actually let Kitty take a peek at you, playfully.

This item is sold at the InspirationSL Bowie event at:

But you can always try finding this at Petit Chat Main Store too:

Petit Chat Secrets Jewellery

Secrets is a nice piece of jewelery necklace from Petit Chat for the EVA event and it comes in 5 great colors!

Teal is a nice cooling look with a matured touch to this modern jewelery piece.

Red is always welcome as a color be it for outfit or for jewelery. Doesn't the Red Secrets looks good for just about any occasion?

If you prefer something lighter in tone, there is always the Mauve which is less bright, but has its own subtle temptation that you cannot say no to. 

Brown gives a natural feel to the necklace and it is as natural a color as you can get. 

If its attention you seek, there is always Fuchsia which will always promise to turns some heads. It's a girl's right to have some fun teasing.

Grab yours at the Eden of Virtual Arts (EVA) Event:

Otherwise it would be available in the Petit Chat Main Store at:


Kiyomizu Summer 2016 Treasure Hunting

Kiyomizu Hunt is always something unique and you need to quickly do it in order to get the most from the ninja cats because after a while some of them just stop working (or has given out enough items). So Kitty is early this year, but still by the time she completed, 1 of the ninja cats are gone. It is likely shop #30.
All and all this was an enjoyable hunt except #70 POTETO Tokyo was was really a bump. The sim has somehow banned Kitty for no reason after she got disconnected and she can no longer go to the sim (likely for good) for whatever reasons. That totally sucks. And to think that Kitty used to be part of their group too... Well, I guess you get shitty sims all the time in every hunt, so this is no exception. Just watch your back when you reach #70. BTW, Kitty did not find the item which is likely place very far from the starting point or totally non-existence at all. 

 If you need help, you can refer to the guide Kitty wrote for Kiyomizu Autumn Treasure Hunting 2015:


Prim Possible Large Ottoman

The Large Ottoman Kitty is showing you today isn't a standalone furniture. In fact it is part of the  Prim Possible Corner Sofa Mesh and Kitty had not place it before but this comes with its own set of 40+ animations and it is perfect on its own or together with the Corner Sofa:

For a start there are 2 sections of the Ottoman and you can change them separately with a large variety of choices or you can select a top pick which has some paired texture. Feel free to find one that fit into your house.  

There are lots of poses including lying and sitting for both girls and boys and who could imagine you can have so much fun on a simple Ottoman barely this big. Well, this certainly is a good addition in case you have so much guest that you have to let them sit somewhere. And certainly not the floor. So why not a 1 Prim Ottoman from Prim Possible?

And there are also plenty of poses for just being lazy around. The good thing about this is that you can just leave it around since it doesn''t take up too much space or prim and it is the perfect addition to the corner sofa as well.

Now Kitty is going to take a nap, so you will have to go check this out on marketplace:

And that's the Adult version. The PG version was in the previous post.
Of course you are free to go try out the furnitures at the Prim Possible Store too:


Upgrade Web Cashier requires Firestorm 4.7.7

Beginning from Jun 15, you will no longer be able to make purchase using Firestorm Viewer lower than 4.7.7 because LL has upgrade the encryption to TLS v1.2 to make transaction more secure as it traffic through the Internet.

The full story is available here :

Please take note to upgrade if you have not done so.

Downloads for Firestorm is available via:


LR Ananke Bow

The Anake Bow is LR entry to the We Love Roleplay event and this bow is so packed with features that it barely fit into the poster. But Kitty as usual will concentrate on the looks and feel because it is what a picture can tell you.

There are 2 position to sheath your bow and one of them is on your butt back and another over your shoulder. Both looks impressive and the arrows are bow can be customized with a array of colors and texture which later Kitty will show you. Beside that, the bow is tied with a string grip and you can even tell the string of the bow is thick and strong so you can give it your best pull without worry of breaking it.

When griped the bow can be resized easily and from the look you can be sure the bow is tough as a staff so do not tempt Kitty to knock you on your head with it because it will really hurt. That makes this nearly as deadly as a melee weapon (in roleplay) anyway as a distance weapon.

The grip of the bow is good and it pulls easily. You can tell it is almost effortless for Kitty to use this strong bow. This bow is compatible with most system, has anti-cheat build in and lots of other great feature which can be found in the readme. And most importantly, it looks nice, especially with a hud that you can customized the bow, the band as well as the quiver! With a bow like this... Nobody is going hungry anytime soon... Giggles... Pun intended!

Looks at the choices you have and this you only get with this bow, unlike other generic hud such as arrow and LR HUD. Why get a bow that you need to fit into when you can get a bow that fit into you!

And another good news is that you can get this bow at 25% off now at the We Love Roleplay event:

Or pay the full price later on at the LR Main Store (but its still worth it!):


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.