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Bare Rose Winter Treasure Hunt 2017

Bare Rose is running the Winter Treasure Hunt until 7 Jan 2018 and the prize is this totally stunning outfit which Kitty is trying out for you here. Both the male and female version (with optional flat, lola) included.

The hunt will bring you to 4 locations and you will meet fantastic beasts such as this dragon. Fortunately no fighting is necessary (but be quick on running though... you will need it!)

Fortunately Kitty is an angel now and now many thing can really be too much of a worries. The 4 treasure is hidden across various skyboxes which looks fantastic even on its own. 

If you think that you are to it, there is even a 5th secret box with the clue above. Since you are a good reader of Kitty's diary, Kitty will give you an additional clue : Open your World Map (Ctrl-M on Firestorm)

Start Winter Treasure Hunt at Bare Rose Main Store:


Bare Rose Chameal Lady Mr

The Chameal Lady Mr is the latest release from Bare Rose and it feature a angelic outfit with a powerful aura and all in mesh version. This version is made for the Maitreya Body Lara and Kitty is going to show you today!

The outfit comes with some very unique feature for those of you who ever wanted to be an angel. There is a halo, a pair of featured wings an a powerful angelic sword to top it all.

Here is a close up to show you the details of the wings as well as the halo. The outfit combines the looks from greek and oriental looks because it comes with the laces often seen in celestial beings. The wings are highly detail and if you search on the marketplace, you can find just wings alone which cost a lot more and yet not as detail as this. Just for the wings, this outfit is already worth more than it is.

Kitty may be too late in saving this world, but it is not too late for you if you get the outfit fast! See those majestic wings in action. This makes Arch Angel (from X-Men) looks bad. 

The Maitreya Auto Hide function implemented by Bare Rose is so easy to use that it is just a matter of wearing it and all the required portion of the Maitreya body is hidden nicely so that it does not mess around with the outfit. Anyway seen the bad guys around, Kitty is ready to give them a taste of the sword!

Get the Chameal Lady MR (and other versions) at Bare Rose Main Store:

Brii Night Hunt For Peace

Brii is having a Hunt for Christmas and there are 22 items at $2L each. However, if you have been hunting here often, you might find some repeats, do check before paying.

Start your hunt here:

The Fashion Loft Holiday Hunt

This is a 15 stop hunt at $1L, but only 12 is working.

These are the one without hunt item as of 25 Dec:

  • Heels - Sim is gone. It will be reopened on 26th Dec.
  • Jewelery by Jane - No item
  • Prey - No item
Get your HUD and start your hunt here:

eBento Advent Calendar

Click the number under the stars at eBento to get lots of gifts from 10-25 Dec one for each day. You can grab those even passed. Group required though.

Find it at:

Montecito Bay Adventure Calendar

A full shelf of Advent Calendar gifts awaits you at the Montecito Bay. These are gift made by different creators and I am sure it would light up your holidays spirits!

Come get this at:

Captivating! Advent Calendar

Another Advent Calendar where you can grab them all from Day 1 to 24 now from Captivating!

No group is require but do hurry!

Find the calendar at:

Buglets Christmas Gifts

Lots of presents under the tree from Buglets... But somehow... prizes from Day 19 on is missing... I hope everything is ok...

No group is required.

Come see (and take) them at Buglets:

Snowpaws Advent Calendar

Enjoy an array of 24 fantastic gift from Snowpaws on the Advent Calendar now! No group is required. Fantastic!

Click on the numbers though, not the square:


Monastery Advent Calendar

The Monastery Advent Calendar is featuring Beggers in the Christmas theme and there are 24 beautiful classic painting available if you want to decorate something with them.

Ho group is required.

Come grab and share:

Caledon Oxbridge Gateway Advent Calendar

Caledon Oxbridge Gateway is having a Advent Calendar where you can grab items related to this holiday's theme. No group is even required!

Comes grab those boxes around the clock:

Prism Design Advent Calendar

Prism Design is having a Advent Calendar that you can join group and grab them all. There are unisex items for both (good?) girls and guys.

You might even see Kitty at the Prism Design Shopping District:

EscalateD Advent Calendar

EscalateD has 24 gifts on their Advent Calendar and that means you cna grab them all at once!

Thats 24 Mesh Female hair!

Visit EscalateD now:

Petit Chat My Lil Comb Group Gift

If you visited Petit Chat recently you will find this little house... No, no.... It's not made of candies.... But it is still full of goodies inside. And there is a new item that had never been released before inside!

Can you guess which item is that? The most standing out item? Yes, it is the comb! Petit Chat call this My Lil Comb and it can be worn in various positions on your hair.

My Lil Comb also comes with many colors with the help of the HUD. Look at a purple one which matches the ornaments on Kitty's hair. You might have even think it came together as a set.

Although it is a comb, the surprising part is that when inserted in to the hair, it looks rather natural and have some part of it covered. Hmmph... You know this looks almost like a weapon.... Giggles...

Here is the HUD that gives it all the different look, with customizations to the metal, plastic and deco. Have fun with this!

This is a FREE item, but you need to find it inside the little house by checking for mouses (if you have the group) or hamsters otherwise. Hint : Those 2 on the Windows are NOT, but the hunt is working... Just not those two there...

Find them at Petit Chat Main Store:


Bare Rose Illuminator

The Illuminator is definitely a new way to redefine the Christmas lightings forever. Why put up lightings when you can BE the lightings!

Before we even go into the lighting, this outfit can also be worn as a normal outfit without flashy light. It can be a graceful white gown which makes Kitty (and you) look like a white swan over the lake!

There are 2 type of lightings that comes with the outfit, this is the mono white light which makes you really lights up the Christmas nights ahead. It consists of a full set of skirt, tiara and wings filled with bright angelic aura.

If you prefer colors, then you will live the Rainbow set of lights which rotates and emits a cheerful and warm colorful rainbow burst from head to toe. Yes, notice that there is lightings even on the boots!

Here is a close up of the Rainbow lights and you can see from this photo that even the tiara is filled with radiating lights.

Feel the cheer and light up your life with the Illuminator from Bare Rose:

Holiday Hunt

Kitty just finished this hunt and it was fun. But since you are here reading this, Kitty can give you some hint.

DO NOT follow the HUD. Kitty just visited the webpage and used the link there instead. Because many store on the HUD is actually not working or is not in the hunt in the end.

Also one of the stop, Sys, is really huge and you should check the sim out really because the 3 prizes are in other small houses.

Start the hunt at:


Clair de Lune Bracelet

The Clair de Lune Bracelet is Petit Chat item for The Chapter Four event and it is a cute little bracelet which feel so nature that you may not even feel it around.

There is 6 colors for the metal and 8 color for the strings, giving you 48 combinations for each of the bracelet on your left and right hand with the given HUD.

The little bracelet feel so light and gentle and even though it is so small, you can still feel the glimpse of the purple string shining in the sunny beach day.

Here is a closer look at the Bracelet and you can see the little beads on it so clearly now. They are cute and I hope the seagull does not think it is some sort of fruits because it sure look tasty!

Visit The Chapter Four today to get your own Clair de Lune Bracelet now:

P.S. There might be a little gift in your package for a Happy Xmas ahead!

Petit Chat Beads and Strings Bracelet

The Beads and Strings is a new Bracelet from Petit Chat series of Jewelery and it is the item you will find from the Inspiration Event.

There are multiple parts of the Bracelet which you can make changes to using the build in HUD and you can choose from a arrays of different color for each. This give you lots of changes to the Bracelet that you can wear it like a different bracelet each day. What is more? You have 2 Bracelets which you wear on your left and right hand and they can be customized separately giving you even more choices to mix and match.

Kitty has done up two different colors which is her favorite and you can tell very distinctly because of the color contrast. I bet you will find some color you like most too. 

Here is another view of the Beads and Strings Bracelet. Of course since they are separately, you can choose to wear only the left or the right bracelet as well. But the Beads and Strings itself feels comfortable and does not seems to steal the show from your outfit of course.

The Beads and Strings Bracelet will be at the Inspiration Event until March 2018 and it is being sold for only $135L:

LR Serpent Sword

The Serpent Sword is the other release for the We Love Roleplay event by LR Weapons and it comes with a huge shield as well for your left hand.

What walks quiet with a sharp sword and carries a huge shield? That is Kitty with the LR Serpent Sword!

The Serpent Sword sheath nicely on your thigh and the huge Serpent Shield feels almost weightless on your back when you carries it around. But at least it should prevent someone from taking a shot at Kitty from the back without warning.

The Shield and Sword get drawn together with one command and immediately , Kitty is in action. The Sword has dual damage and comes complete with sound and 17 animations.

Like most other LR weapons this comes complete with a HUD for resizing and coloring the items with the texture of your choice. Play around with it and you might find something that goes well with your outfit!

The best thing is that this is 25% off at the We Love Roleplay event and you can get both the Serpent Sword as well as the Serpent Bow together for a great price.

Visit the We Love Roleplay event:


LR Serpent Bow

The Serpent Bow is one of the item featured at the I Love Roleplay Event for Dec 2017 and there is another companion item at the event too! The bow has a smooth finishing and with Secure Code, it prevent cheating and even feature 9 bank memories. 

The Bow is one of Kitty's favorite and it comes with a very pretty leather quiver for both your back or thigh. Perfect for pulling the arrows in a quick situation. The back quiver feels like and has curving of the serpent on the fine leather.

The Thigh quiver feather the same quality and the bow itself is curve shaped, thus the name Serpent.

When not in use, the bow seated nicely over the shoulder on the back and it does not look awkward for Kitty at all. Seems like the perfect weapon for all situation.

The HUD allow your to customized the 4 components on the bow as well as the size and color.

Get the Serpent Bow at 25% off at the I Love Roleplay Event:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.