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Smooching Serpent Liana Lust

Welcome the jungle to your very own home now with the new tree from Smooching Serpents! It will change the way you look at trees forever!

There is nothing like a enjoyable time sitting just under the beautiful tree. Or is it? Kitty has a feeling that there is more than meets the eyes!

If you are not careful, you will be caught by the tree itself. This Liana Lust comes build in with the Forced EXP which does not even require the RLV to be enabled:
This means you are not safe even if you do not click on a poseball as the Liana Lust does not uses any poseball!

However, that means if you use it well, plant the tree and you might be able to catch a sweet little prey like this easily without even lifting your fingers. The tree comes with all the ropes so no additional equipment is required an it even attaches itself.

Well, they did said bad things can happen to curious girls who wanders off into the jungle. The Liana lust has not only 54 hot and some very hot action poses, it also comes with 2 chains of sequences to guide you along automatically. 

Not all the sequence has to be bondage and involving the tree. Some sequence just happens under the tree! And you never know, the unlucky prey might actually even fall in love with the tree's wonderful encounter.

The tree comes with various appearance to fix to the seasons and there are also multiple poses for relax and chatting so it doesn't have to involve a capture all the time. Relax and gossips with your friends (or after a very romantic encounter) and enjoy the stars under the shades of the Liana Lust.

Grab the Liana Lust at the launch promotion of $499L on marketplace:
Or visit Smooching Serpents and play with it before buying:

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